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[PoP] Cabinet & General Updates

Tag 1,846, 16:47 Veröffentlicht in Pakistan USA von TheJakal

My Fellow Pakistani's,

First of all, I would like to apologize for the long delay in getting an article out after winning a second term.

I was supposed to attend the 2012 Official Summit but unfortunately due to bad weather conditions, mix up in my wife's visa, we got stranded in Zurich, Switzerland. I had to pick between going on to Romania or stay with my wife and naturally if I ever wanted to run for Country President again I stuck with my wife.

This month, I've shuffled my cabinet slightly, keeping in mind our strategy to get ourselves sorted out domestically, in terms of communication and organization.

Sparkfyre - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Alexander_Auctoritas - Minister of Defence
Minister of Finance - St0l3n1
Minister of Community - Muz1
Minister of Education - Kismat

Sparkfyre is the first female in ePakistan to become the Minister of Foreign Affairs and although this is her first time as a MoFA, I have no doubt that she will set higher standards for upcoming Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Aleander_Acutoritas is old school, he loves his forums and was formerly the MoFa in the previous government. He will be rallying soldiers of Pakistan and establishing military links with various international Military Units.

St0l3n1 is the number crunching guy, ensuring we have enough money in treasury to sign MPPs and keeping track of our expenses.

Muz1 needs no introduction, this is his 5th term of running Ministry of Community, basically if you want free stuff, than his competitions are the one to play.

Kismat is the teacher, ever since Sparkfyre took a break because she had exams, Kismat has been posting tutorials, this is also his 5th term as an MoE and he's getting better at it.

This month, I will have not appointed a Prime Minister as yet and I am looking for a new player who has never taken any active role in government affairs to apply for this position. I will teach you everything I have learned.

So where do we stand? The Baby Boom last month was unsuccessful and because of my failed visit to Romania, the plan is uncertain. I still think facebook is the best medium to attract new players. The players that were recruited have gone inactive and hence our population drop, the good news is that we have been inviting Dioists back into ePakistan so our fighter count and overall influence is increasing.

The focus again will be more on domestic affairs and less on the international front. Citizens of ePakistan need to step and participate, criticize and troll. On this note, I bid farewell to Policy. He was fun to have around, drove most of us mad and now he's leaving but he set an example that one "thing" can rattle the government and can provoke them into working harder. On Tuesday the government will cut electricity to Policy's bunker which will become his resting place till he awakens again.

The problem in ePakistan to which there is no solution as yet is money. So everyone needs to now start thinking Pakistan first. We have many citizens who have run away to foreign Military Units, eCountries seeking political asylum. So I invite you all to come back, whether you are in favour of this government or not, it should not stop you from participating and contributing.

So our current income average over the last 30 days has been approximately 400 PKR which is 12,000 PKR per month. That is the total income of ePakistan. We have low taxes, low income taxes and many prefer to buy from international markets where most of the times the price is cheaper.

I have ordered the Minister of Finance to find a solution to this so that our citizens are able to purchase goods at comparable prices.

In terms of foreign affairs, our strategy is to continue building up strategic alliances. We participated heavily with Chile's war against Argentina and Australia and we have been supporting the US in their push in Republic of China (Taiwan) which is beneficial for us because it might put them directly against China which is the shadow headquarters of EDEN. Once China goes down, EDEN goes down.

I have reduced communication with China over the last few days as it looks highly unlikely they will give us our region back or compensate us. They have us by the balls in the NAP agreement so those of you who are happy with just having Balochistan than continue doing what you do and those of you who are sick and tired of just having one region, go into "crazy" mode, invite your friends, train daily and fight daily and when you do come on-line and play make sure you join the chat.

Tomorrow I am attending the Malala conference at UNESCO in Paris, France. Its remarkable how a little girl can stand up, all she did was raise her voice, gathered her friends and activated faith, unity and discipline. She was subsequently attacked but that attack didn't defeat her, although she almost died. It made her stronger.

ePakistan is much like Pakistan, there are some of us who try to control the system to gain personally and constantly tell each other that there is no hope. Than there are those, who hope, who want a better ePakistan/Pakistan but don't know what to do and get shot down by the system. Most of you are in the second category and all it takes is effort.

So let me SUM it up with simple maths. If each of us can recruit just one person per week and assuming their are 50 active players in ePakistan than by next week we will have 100 players, the week after 200 players, so on so forth.

I end my long and perhaps boring speech to some of you to get some rest, to live and fight another day for Pakistan because no matter where I live in this world, no matter what language I speak, no matter what clothes I wear, no matter what citizenship I acquire, I will always be a Pakistani.

Kind Regards

Country President of Pakistan

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Arfan-Khan Tag 1,846, 17:14

Voted, great article.

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Tag 1,847, 00:22


somaka Tag 1,847, 00:41


kirintaimu Tag 1,847, 01:16


Almandro Tag 1,847, 02:41

Sparkfyre was a girl 😮

And I would like to take an active role as a politician so I would like to run for the prime minister 🙂

touseef haider
touseef haider Tag 1,847, 03:29


TheJakal Tag 1,847, 04:47

Almandro, please get in touch with me in-game or on IRC so we can discuss further.

Waruda Tag 1,847, 11:02


bozli Tag 1,847, 12:57

I have invited few more buddies to rejoin paki, wondering how many play still :3

Cthulhu.. Tag 1,847, 19:39



RL Pakistanii
RL Pakistanii Tag 1,847, 20:22


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