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[NAZ4POTUS] Plans Are Nothing; Planning Everything

Tag 2,076, 21:05 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von Azazel Romanov

I know you all have been waiting with bated breath to know what my detailed plans for next month are. I had decided to hold several conversations and debate several hours about what I needed to say regarding the various departments. I must first admit that these are plans, and as I'm sure you've experienced with previous presidents, not all plans come to fruition or are fully accomplished as they are claimed. I would like to apologize first for that, and then state that I will do everything in my power to ensure nothing falls by the wayside, no matter what department it is. Even if I cannot accomplish all and be everywhere, I will ensure you know where I stand. I must also apologize for the wall of text that is sure to follow. I promised earlier plans to our problems relating to military, foreign affairs, and domestic policy. While I can't promise this is the right course, I will say they are decisions made with my best judgement and clarity. I apologize if you don't like my format, but I don't work well with bullets or PowerPoint.

Military Policy

Figured I would get the biggest discussion out of the way first. The USAF is the government funded military and lately has been getting heat and giving its opinions relating to problems of executive management and communication. I must first say that I do not have a radical solution relating to USAF, nor do I intend at this moment to dismantle or merge branches. I believe in attempting to fix the situation relating to the different branches before relying on grand changes, and I'm inclined to believe that problems themselves tend to be made greater than they really are, despite still being significant. USAF is not broken, we have branches that perform and meet their expectations, while in others we may be falling short or not reaching for full potential. I want to boost USAF, improve executive communication with leaders, increase recruitment for the branches that need it, work on the culture problems surrounding USAF and between branches, and set clear expectations and guidelines for each branch with the cooperation and contribution of COs and XOs. We must also ensure USAF officers are maintaining proper activity and responsibility, and are fit to perform, though this is not to say I'm targeting people for elimination. Although the Executive and Department of Defense directs and controls the USAF, we sometimes forget the contributions and commitments of its members in decisions about its future. USAF is required to follow orders, but the Executive has a responsibility to ensure USAF is operating at full efficiency and cohesion, and properly communicate with USAF regarding changes in policy or direction.

Relating to US-AIM and non-government MUs, I shall speak directly. I know each term since your inception or creation you are promised increased coordination and in most you have been met with disappointment. As a former member of the NSC staff and CoT military command, I know I may have personally failed in this. I could promise to keep you in the loop at all times and fall short, and I could demand you work with me and get shunned, so I will simply say that I will do my best to keep you involved, and that if I have limitations I hope you can meet me halfway. We desire the same greatness and success for our country and most of our allies, and we seek to gain from cooperation, even if we are hesitant to trust one another at times. We both have a responsibility to our country and citizens, and I intend to do my best to meet it and do all I can to ensure you do as well.

Our last topic on this, and leading to our next focus, is CoT and coordination with allies. Lately our military cooperation has fallen short, and I seek to rectify this. Out of personal experience I know how it feels when an ally is out of reach to help or desires priorities elsewhere, as much as I know how it feels to fall short somewhere and be blamed for not doing enough to ensure the win. I want to re-engage our military role with CoT and our allies on the outside. At current we are seeing cooperation knocking Serbia down, but it will take continued effort to turn a win in a battle into victory in a war.

Foreign Policy

Foreign affairs is also a hot topic lately. As many know by now, a new alliance had been considered this term in the form of Imperium. However, after much debate, speculation, and running around, the alliance failed to materialize. At current, this leaves the eUS remaining in Circle of Trust and in talks with our outside allies about future cooperation and coordination. Under Tenshibo we approved the CUB agreement with Croatia and Brazil, and before that we approved arrangements with Russia, now a CoT ally, and Albania. With or without leaving CoT, we have demonstrated commitment to these allies, given our shared history and previous work together. I understand the reasoning behind joining further with them.

However, many months ago we made a commitment to CoT. Despite the controversy of our joining, we submitted ourselves to a three month trial period and got unanimous approval from CoT nations to join, despite their reservations. We put on the line their relationship to TWO, and in the end, we are most likely to blame for severing that. Ignoring it does not make it less true. When the World War started we pulled CoT into the deep end with us, and alongside us, they have faced similar sacrifices in this war. Through the anger, discontent, and disorganization, we still remain an alliance, and once we have hit the bottom, we have only to rise from it. I'm not ready to close our ties with the alliance we have fought a worldwide conflict with, and I will do all that is in my power to maintain and rebuild our relations with individual CoT countries.

We must also recognize our responsibility to CoT and its governance. Aside from me and a few others, the eUS has not pushed for increased involvement at the upper levels of CoT, and we have not done all that we can to help HQ fix problems of coordination and cooperation. CoT is not dead, and it still has people that care for its survival. I want to help them. If in the end CoT ultimately falls, I do not wish it to do so without the full effort of the eUS to make it work. I will not abandon a friend in need, and although we do not always see eye to eye, I will not let our differences make me lose focus on our shared path.

Regarding new relationships or allies, the eUS will pursue what it can. Any nation not wishing to bring harm to the eUS is welcome to open relations, and any nation willing to end hostilities may do so as well. I know where my feelings lie, but I am willing to consider many options if it will benefit the eUS or its allies. I could list potential candidates, but to be fair, this up to the world as much as it is up to us.

Domestic Policy

In order to save you from sleep or distraction, I will combine Interior, Education, Media and DHS into a singular focus to lighten the load. I have had discussion with people in this field because my experience is admittedly limited in this area. Despite that, I do not wish to see it go without a plan. Interior runs vital programs of supply to new and old citizens alike and I wish to see these properly managed. I have also been in discussion about the creation or reform of programs relating to increasing the strength of our population. Interior also initiated a new program this term to lighten the costs of increased moving due to our occupation and the increasing instance of mobile fights around the world. All of these cost money, and Interior runs on a donated budget, so I would seek to ensure that Interior has a steady supply of donations and media promoting such should the need arise.

Relating to Education, this also took some thought from me. Although I am unsure of its final form, I would like to see more cooperation between Education and Flight Training since one has the job of educating citizens while the other educates and prepares our government soldiers. We have a responsibility to ensure they are properly retained and informed, and more work could be done to ensure this. I also wish to have education maintain a steady media presence, to ensure new players or old folks needing a manual can readily access it. The mentor program is frequently brought up and often in a state needing repair, and while I can't promise a full revival, I will see what I can do to lift the program up or ensure a plan is in place to be properly executed and maintained.

Media is apparently something I do have experience with, and I'd like to keep it something I'm good at. I could pledge and promise to write an article everyday, but I'd rather stay realistic with you and myself. I will do my best to keep you informed with the work of the administration, and keep the WHPR in circulation throughout the week. eNPR has also lost traction this month and needs to be revived, and I would work to reestablish that part of our media outreach, and might even show up for a show or two. I also want to make sure the work of our departments is publicized, whether through me, the WHPR, or their own publications.

Finally we have DHS and unity. I know many will tune me out at the mere mention of those two words, but I ask that you stay for awhile to listen even if you disagree. At this point, no one admittedly wants unity or ATO, but many still agree to participate. I am one of those. I accepted, if required, to still operate and run under a unity system for president. I want to see the last legs of the PTO removed from the Top 5 parties, and once we have finally pushed them down, I will do my best as president and as a citizen to advocate for a close to unity. You are all done trusting people who say "next month" or "soon". Which is why I say make it this month. Make August the last time we use unity as a dirty word. I already stated in my announcement that NEW AFA as promoted by the usual suspects needs to be pushed down and out. Make sure that by August 25th we have no harmful candidates for congress that can bring back more support. Make sure by September 5th, if not this month, that someone can run for president and be fully challenged in game. I will do my best that DHS is prepared to finish the fight, but we will need the cooperation of the parties and the individuals.

And so I suppose this ends my detailed or not plans for next month. I want to close with something that isn't necessarily a plan, but rather a desire. I know I've harped on this before, but it should be repeated until realized. As a country we have a lot of work to go before we can truly say we are great again. Whether you are a meta player, a mechanist, a two-clicker, an anarchist, or a concerned citizen, we all have the same desire for greatness in ourselves and for our country. I know it sounds like high rhetoric for a browser game, but we've all dedicated some part of ourselves to play it, and remembering that a face is behind the text could go a long way in improving how we communicate with one another. You may not agree with my politics, my ideas, or my involvement, but we can learn to respect one another regardless.

I hope you enjoyed my platform and ideas, and I would be happy to answer any questions dealing with it.



Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Tag 2,076, 21:07

First reserved for walls of text

Haktan yana Tag 2,078, 00:16

Kommentar gelöscht

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Tag 2,076, 21:09


Shoi12 Tag 2,076, 21:10

Needs moar Canada

I likey the blocks of words though ♥


Ludonarr Tag 2,076, 21:11

Substance > Style

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Tag 2,076, 21:11

gogo wall o' text!

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Tag 2,076, 21:15

Good to hear that.

Zoli Tag 2,076, 21:28

1. i see no plan for liberating all the regions
2. imperium has never invited America to join

Oblige Tag 2,077, 18:37

The US wrote the charter for the Imperium. We need better trolling Zoli.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 2,076, 22:12

Why don't you worry about real problems, like the US being territorially raped for months, instead of imaginary ones.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Tag 2,077, 04:00


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 2,077, 05:23

You have a deep seeded need to be whipped and punished, did your mommy not breast feed you; or did she just simply hate you...?


Talostastic Tag 2,077, 19:31

Why haven't you addressed that members of your party have been supporting the "territorial problems"?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 2,077, 23:07

Says a PTOer

Talostastic Tag 2,077, 23:24

What a well-crafted, verbose, obviously true response that answered my comment fully and completely. /applause

Haktan yana Tag 2,078, 00:16

Kommentar gelöscht

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Tag 2,078, 08:39

He totally destroyed you with facts there.

StrahmDude Tag 2,078, 08:40

We are actually recovering territory right now. So we need to put more focus on getting Serbian spys out of our country.

Synesi Tag 2,076, 22:16

Very nice.

crashthompson. Tag 2,077, 06:37


Good stuff.

GaiusGuy Tag 2,077, 07:57

Lot of interesting stuff in there. Good luck.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Tag 2,077, 07:59

Unity...August...last time...blah blah blah
And your foreign policy is about CoT this, CoT that.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Tag 2,077, 08:40

Naz is the best

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Tag 2,077, 12:06

I disagree with your assessment of what needs to happen with the NSC and with CoT. It is a useless alliance that only hinders progress.

But I do believe you would be a better choice than the others.


Cubby Tag 2,077, 13:22

Simple solution to DoD/USAF funding problems:
Cut most of it.
Move all money to Combat Orders, Arm America, Noob/Training programs.

The tax payers are not currently getting the best bang for their buck.

On another note, UNITY is FOREVER.

Kody5. Tag 2,077, 23:30

Yes, unity will never end 😃

BeJIuKaH Tag 2,077, 15:13


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Tag 2,077, 15:34

"Although the Executive and Department of Defense directs and controls the USAF, we sometimes forget the contributions and commitments of its members in decisions about its future. USAF is required to follow orders, but the Executive has a responsibility to ensure USAF is operating at full efficiency and cohesion, and properly communicate with USAF regarding changes in policy or direction."


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Tag 2,077, 15:36

This is a good article.

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Tag 2,077, 16:02

Voted! Change can happen, but it will take a whole cooperation between just us citizens of eUSA, Furthermore it was a great article, and good luck mate!

olivermellors Tag 2,077, 17:15

Can you clarify the issue of money a bit please.

At present, without an in game congress, is there a way to use the eUS currency account? i.e. can the President take money out of treasury without a congress?

If all the currency in treasury is "locked", how much other money is there available to the President, where is it and how does he access it/ how should he access it?

Understanding money is indeed important.

kind regards

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Tag 2,077, 17:30

The president and CBO have access to organizations holding currency reserves, far extending beyond the needs of one month. As for an exact number, I'm not fully aware, but I do know enough to keep things running this month and several if needed.

Haktan yana Tag 2,078, 00:16

Kommentar gelöscht

Gnilraps Tag 2,078, 04:21

Very good article. Very good candidate.

don hrleone
don hrleone Tag 2,078, 08:02

Very good article. Very good candidate. x2

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