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[MoHA] Guide to... Value for Money when buying Food and Weapons

Tag 1,883, 22:27 Veröffentlicht in United Kingdom Großbritannien von eUK Home Office

Oh Hai There!

Welcome to yet another Ministry of Home Affairs Guide 🙂

Today we’ll be working out which Quality Food and Weapons are the best value for money.

I’m going to try to make this guide as from the basics as possible so don’t worry if you’ve just started and think you’re not ready for a guide about the marketplace yet. I’ll try and not rush through things too much nor bore you to death, but it’s best to know not just which product is the best value for money but also why that is.

So first let’s talk about the most staple of eRepublik products... that’s right Food, Glorious Food!

Food is used to regain Energy, which is spent on working, training and fighting. With working in your job, working in each of your own buildings, each training centre you use and every Hit you make (not the same as Kill, some enemies take multiple ‘hits’) costing 10 Energy.

Under your Avatar and Citizen name on the left hand side you will see this:

As you can see I could do with eating a bit of food myself!

The Bright green represents the 220 Health I currently have, The lighter Green represents health i can currently regain if I eat some food. Every 6 minutes, if you aren’t already at full stored energy (full health and full health ready to be regained again), you will be able to recover another 10 energy.

Right let’s go to the marketplace and see about getting some energizing munch shall we?

To get to the marketplace to buy products, hover over Market and Select Marketplace

As you can see there are 7 different types of food, Known as Qualities or for short Q. Ranging from Q1 to Q7, The higher Quality the food the more energy it will give you... Though of course as is life, the more it’s going to cost you as well.

So you want to make sure you’re getting the most energy for your money. To do this we would divide the cost by the amount of energy given. WAIT! Don’t get out the calculator... at least not right now, Because here are the current prices on the market and the cost per energy already worked out for you 😉

current eUK market prices day 1884

Q3 food is currently the best value for money when it comes to Food at the moment, With 1 Energy costing just 0.01333 which is 0.004 better than the next cheapest option (that being Q2).

Now while I’d heavily suggest buying Q3 if you are able, You should bare in mind that as a new player you will only have Storage space for 1,000 goods... Which may sound like a lot but you will very quickly find out that it’s easily filled. And so if you’re starting to run low on Storage and don’t have anything to sell to free up space, you may want to consider buying a slightly higher quality food in order to save yourself some space.

Right then let’s take a look at some weaponry shall we?

Fighting is an important part of eRepublik (in more ways than one xD) and because of that so are weapons!

The way weapons work is ever so slightly more complex than food. Each Quality of weapon has two statistics: Durability & Firepower

Durability is the amount of Hits a weapon can make before being discarded, Q1 having just one use whilst Q7 has 10. Firepower is a measure of how much damage the weapon will inflict, or more precisely what bonus it will give to your existing damage ability (which is defined by your Strength). With Q1 giving a 20% bonus upto Q7 which gives a whopping 200%.

Fighting unarmed actually negatively influences your basic ability to cause battle influence (or ‘damage’), However if you are trying to build up as a more economic player then you might like to fight unarmed in all but the most important battles in order to save some extra money.

But of course if you can afford weapons then you should use them! But don’t be foolish when choosing which weapon to buy.

This time to work it out we need to get to an equal value for each weapon type. For this we work out the total Bonuses that a Weapon gives (firepower x durability), Q7 is the highest of course with 2000% (10 uses x 200 firepower each use). So we now work out how many of units of each of the other qualities are needed to reach the same level. So 2000 / Total Bonuses, which gives us how many weapons are needed of the specified quality to match a single Q7.

Then we just do the simple calculation of working out how much it costs in each Weapon Quality to get the 2000% bonus. And so finally Weapons Needed x Cost per Unit.

current eUK market prices day 1884

As you can see, Once again the best value for money is Q3 by quite some way. So it goes without saying that you should try to use Q3 for less important battles and completing your daily orders.

However if you want to Tank then you should stick with Q7 as the amount of fighting required to match a Q7’s damage when using other weapons will cause you to actually deal less battle influence as you will run out of Energy a lot quicker.

I hope you found this guide useful and that it helps you to save as much cash as possible 😉

Good Bye and Thank you,
Ayame Crocodile
Domestic Vice President


mittekemuis Tag 1,883, 22:29

awesome \o/

lancer450 Tag 1,884, 23:22


GameChanger Tag 1,884, 04:03

Good job man!

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Aces man
Aces man Tag 1,884, 10:54

Another excellent article from the Croc o7

bakerinho Tag 1,884, 17:48

10hp restores in 6 minutes, not 5.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Tag 1,884, 22:36

Thank you everyone, And thanks Bakerinho, I should've double checked that! Updated now 😉

PaulMoadibe Tag 1,886, 12:49

well done that man...

Yossarian Afudyakno
Yossarian Afudyakno Tag 1,887, 03:47


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