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[MoHA] Guide to... The Parties

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Hello all! GameChanger here!

Today, I present to you: "Guide to" The Parties!

I had to be pretty careful on this one. As a MoHA, I have to remain unbiased while staying informative. I’ve tried to give you a slice of each parties history, their relations with other parties, and their positions on divisive issues. I also tried to keep a positive tone in all of this, while still giving worthwhile information. I will only be doing parties who have over 40 members, and in order of amount of members to keep the unbiased tone. The main reason I wrote this is because I feel like we need to give some character to the parties, rather than just referring to them as "the other side" or with similar derogatory terms.

#1: UKPP (United Kingdom Progressive Party)

250 Members
7 congress seats
PP: Sir Nick Griffin
Holds Presidency (BigAnt)

UKPP were formed about 16 months back as an alternative to TUP and UKRP. Early during their existence, they engaged in major conflicts with TUP, leading to a big flame war similar to what happened a few months ago. UKPP prides itself on accepting anyone and everyone, and being a reformist party. UKPP is generally supportive of lower taxes and a libertarian policy, while still supporting larger amounts of military maneuvers. Generally, they will form a coalition with New Era during CP elections. The president of the eU.K.., BigAnt, is a UKPP member.

#2: TUP (The Unity Party)

228 Members
11 Congress seats (2 are for UKRP)
PP: The Equalist
Has the record for most CP’s

Formed as the answer to UKRP in 2008, TUP has become widely accepted as the establishment party. It cannot be denied that they have been massively successful, especially in 2011 and the beginning of 2012. While they have had a slight dropoff in members as of late, they still have the second highest amount of members. TUP is more liberal in policy, with general focus on the economy of the eU.K. TUP is also a big promoter of Foreign Affairs, with many of their members having been in alliance leadership positions. They do not support less taxes in most cases. While the party has taken a more conserverative approach to war recently, it must be noted that Talon Karrde was the CP who ended up freeing us from occupation by invaders. TUP generally forms a coalition with UKRP and ESO.

#3: New Era (NE)

191 Members
10 Congress seats (2 are for PCP)
PP: Sir Winston S. Churchill
Is mostly responsible for the political revival of the eU.K.

Created this summer as a revolutionary, anti-establishment party, NE immediately went to war with TUP over several issues, those including: The legitimacy of King Woldy, the Heirarchy of TUP, and the influence of outside countries into Internal Affairs, to name a few. While some may point at the ensuing flame war as a shameful exercise, I think something positive it did was revive to political process of the eU.K., which had been fairly static for at least a year. NE prides itself on the enthusiasm of its members, and its willingness to give people a second chance. NE strongly supports lower taxes, and the abolishment of a national MU. During CP elections, NE often allies with UKPP.

#4: One Vision (1V)

128 Members
5 Congress seats
PP: Joshua Whelan
The newest party on the eU.K. scence

After merging with DSP, One Vision rose rapidly to overtake both ESO and UKRP in the rankings. The party is so new that the last congress elections was the first time the party even had any congressmen. 1V prides itself on being a neutral party, trying to stay above the TUP v.s. UKPP fight. However, the party does support lower taxes, which is why it supported UKPP in the past election cycle. Most criticism of 1V was centered around some early attempts to poach members from other parties, but that has now stopped. 1V also is known for having excellent supplies for being a member, and its inclusion of people from drastically different backgrounds. 1V is very new, so it is hard to say if they will take a side on the political fights going on currently.

#5: Every Single One (ESO)

102 Members
5 Congress members
PP: JamesW
Known for promotion of individuality

ESO was formed as a Libertarian party where “every single one” of their members would be respected and honored for their own uniqueness. ESO has had several CP’s in the past, and a few this year. The loser of this past CP election was an ESO candidate. If any party could be called the loser of this fight between the parties, it could be ESO. ESO’s membership fell rapidly the past few months, and for a while last month, it fell off the top 5. However, jamesw has done a wonderful job of stabilizing membership levels, and saving the party as a whole. ESO is a moderate party, but they generally support higher taxes and more government assistance for young players. ESO will usually form an alliance with TUP and UKRP during CP elections.

#6: UKRP (United Kingdom Reform Party)

98 Members
2 Congress seats (provided by TUP)
PP: Darkmantle
Oldest active party in the eU.K.

UKRP is an old party, and has had a long history, with rises and falls, triumphs and losses. The UKRP has long had some of the most active and committed members of the eU.K. community, and most members tend to not stir lots of controversy. However, UKRP has been dying a long, slow death of attrition. For a long time, they were the #5 party, but with the rise of NE and 1V, it has fallen off the top five. It has managed to secure two congress members with TUP this term. I do wish them the best of luck in getting the party back into the top 5. UKRP, while technically right wing, has supported TUP in its policies of maintaining current tax levels. UKRP also is a big supporter of the forums, as many of their members use them.

#7: People’s Communist Party (PCP)

48 members
2 Congress seats (provided by NE)
PP: steeev
Only large party in the eU.K. to directly associate itself with a real life concept

PCP may have fairly few members, but they are highly respected in the eU.K. for being a voice of reason, and being hard workers. They have a large core of very active members, and as close to being a “third option” as possible. PCP gets members into congress by making deals with other parties, but they do not rely on one party to protect them. As the title suggests, the party is a brotherhood, with many programs to help young players. PCP has a strong MU commune system, which is one of the reasons their community is so solid.

Note: Some of you might be confused as to how parties below the top 5 get congress members. The lesser party in terms of members commits its support to another party in the Congress elections. So, all of its members will vote for that party. The larger party then puts a certain amount of the smaller parties members on its ballot. So, while the small party may appear to have no congress members, they are really just cooperating with a larger party.

Remember that while you may have different positions, and different ideals, all of the parties want only the best for the eU.K. Argue and fight if you will, but keep in mind that you are all fighting for the same cause: The safety and preservation of this great country.

Thank you for reading this issue of the MoHA paper! I hope you find this report unbiased but informative. If I made any mistakes regarding your party, please comment them below, and I will sort that out. Also, I have final exams coming up this week. So, I will have somewhat depressed levels of activity, but I will try to get at least one article out. Ayame Crocodile has volunteered at the MoHA, and will be publishing some articles this week as well. So don't worry, there will still be plenty of content being released.

GameChanger out.


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Danie Fox
Danie Fox Tag 1,881, 14:26

You either need to have TUP at 9 (+2 UKRP) and NE at 8 (+2 PCP) or TUP at 11 (including 2 UKRP) and NE at 10 (including 2 PCP)

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Tag 1,881, 14:27

We also focus on foreign affairs as well as the economy, with two of the four current members of TWO HQ being past TUP PPs.

Spite313 Tag 1,881, 14:58

PCP weren't the original creators of the MU supply system bro. Dan Fallows was the guy who first created the PCP communes, and that was long after the first communes were introduced to the military in April-May 2009 by TUP.

GameChanger Tag 1,881, 15:39

I added the foreign affairs bit. TUP's members do have a long history of being in alliance leadership. Also, I looked it up, and Ian's right about that one, has been fixed

WayneKerr Tag 1,881, 16:37

PCP's is not a MU Commune system either... PCP's is a Party Commune. Good that your editing inaccuracies, but more research would have been better!

jamesw Tag 1,882, 02:44

This is a good article. Although admittedly, I really don't like the wording of 'coalitions' - that implies there is party agreement. ESO only votes on candidates and allows individuals to present their plans. The party of that individual is largely irrelevant: given that we have voted for other parties candidates above our own for the majority of our history.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Tag 1,882, 08:48

Nice Article : )

Gonna have to correct Iain though, PCP Communes were created whilst Bob Boblo was PCP Spokesman. That was Feb-April '09.

Hopefully I don't need to explain which months come first, I'm sure you get the idea.

Saiwun Tag 1,882, 10:12

Great article mate!

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Tag 1,883, 12:56

UKWP had the first party commune

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Tag 1,883, 20:03

"The United Kingdom Worker's Party was founded in March, 2011"

Either you're trying to be funny or you need a quick brush up on your maths ; )

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