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[MoHA] Guide to... Pitfalls, Problems, and Mistakes (And Solutions)

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GameChanger here!
Welcome to the MoHA!

Today, we will be covering a topic crucial to young players, and those who want to branch out in the game, but are unsure. That’s right! Today we will be covering pitfalls and mistakes that young, and even older players can make, as well as ways to avoid them. These will range from mistakes with your Gold, to making a blunder when referring to another country.

Topic #1: All That Glitters is Not Gold

First off, the biggest mistake that many young players (including me) made.
Buying health kits or energy bars with Gold.

I must explain just how awful these things are. ½ a Gold costs around 170 GBP as of printing. For a young player not in a commune, that is 8 and a half days of working to earn that much money. So, in effect, you are paying 170 GBP to push the “fight” button one time. The energy bars cost 10 times as much, and provide ten times the energy, so the same argument applies here. Needless to say, this is one of the biggest wastes of money in eRep, and is very common among young players who have not run the calculations themselves.

Topic #2: Trying to Get to The q7 Company If You Are Not a Gold Buyer

Don’t get me wrong, having a q7 company can be profitable, if you play your cards right. However, it would take years, quite literally YEARS to get all the gold for a q7 company. Most lower quality companies are not worth the time, as they will not break even. Many young players will try to upgrade their companies, then find that they jut don’t produce enough money, or they do not have the raw materials needed for them.

A better idea by far is to upgrade your free training ground, and your climbing center. The climbing center makes a profit, albeit a small one, at q4. This has two bonuses. Because you get strength from training, it makes you a more competent fighting force. Also, you get an SS medal when you gain 250 strength. That is five gold right there. With the climbing center and free training grounds, you make roughly .4 gold a day, which is around 150 dollars. If you have done these things already, getting into WRM companies is a good idea. While they are long term investments, they will get you a large profit if you have enough of them.

Topic #3: Creating Your Own “Tea” Party

First off, I do not support PTO’ing ACTIVE parties. However, if there is an inactive party no one is using, it is far better to take it over than starting your own. Starting your own party costs 50 Gold. For a young player, the idea of starting your own party, working your way up, and becoming the CP is SOOOO tempting. But the reality is that few new parties manage to get past 10-15 members. There is an illusion of ease in this, as two small parties, now known as OneVision and New Era, have risen from the muck to become top five parties. However, this is an extremely rare occurrence. I am not discouraging players from trying to raise up a small party. Indeed, I find it a noble endeavor. But paying 50 Gold to start a party is not worth it, considering the very small chance that your bet will pay off.

Topic #4: Making Money

This is less of a pitfall, but more of an issue young players find themselves with. Now, if you have some philosophical issue with being part of a commune, fine. However, for the rest of you, listen up. If you are making 20 GBP a day from the job market, you are not getting the full potential out of your work. 20 GBP is not that much money. It can buy a little food, some low quality weapons, but nothing major, or fun. First off, there are two types of commune in the eU.K. There are MU communes, and there are party communes. (inb4 people accusing me of bias. I am using these examples because I know how much you make from them, not because I am affiliated with them.) The Legion (inb4 “Gov. is favoring Legion”) has a daily supply of 8 q7 weapons. Q7 weapons currently sell for 10-12 GBP a piece. If you were to sell them all, you would make around 90 GBP a day, over 4 times the top wage on the job market. This is an example of an MU commune. An example of a party commune is the OneVision commune. Here, you get 65 GBP a day, and 15 q7 tanks a day. Needless to say, it’s a lot better than just getting a job on the market. To get these jobs, PM the Commander of your MU for MU commune info, or your PP for info on how to get into their commune. Most MU’s have this system, and some parties do. If your party has an associated MU, then its most likely that the MU has the commune job.

Topic #5: Being Politically Incorrect

This is one for slightly older folks, who have settled in, and want to start writing or working in government. There are a few things you should avoid.
Calling Macedonia FYROM.
They hate this. The main reason, at least in-game, is that the Greeks taunt the Macedonians by always talking about how they “own” the Macedonia region, and therefore the country must be called FYROM. Also, FYROM is such an ugly name. The full title is ‘Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia”. Awkward all over. The Macedonians read our press too, so you should watch out. Once, a foreign office official used FYROM in an article, and she got walloped. Since Macedonia is our ally, we should use the proper name.

Talking about Kosovo
This is a VERY touchy RL issue. Kosovo is a region of Serbia in game, but IRL, they are nominally independent. When Albania was going to be added to the game, the admins included a poll on Kosovo, which at that time was not on the map. The results of the poll were conclusive: Kosovo would be a region of Serbia. However, the majority of Turkey was against making Kosovo a Serbian region. At the time, Serbia was an ally of Turkey, but after the poll, they fell apart. It is best to not talk about Kosovo, or the RL Balkan War in-game, for sensitivity issues.

The N. Ireland Issue
This one is for us specifically. I remember when we had the region swap with Ireland; there were many articles by patriotic, but misguided young folks. They would always something along the lines of “Kill the evil Irish and drive them out of our lands”. I highly recommend to any young players that they read other press before they publish articles. It is best to know what you are talking about beforehand. While some patriotism is healthy, don't go as far as rabid nationalism. With the N. Ireland issue, that is an RL issue that is not completely settled down. The admins are not going to change the borders anytime soon, so there is no point whining about it. Also, articles like that have a possibility, while small, of damaging relations with the Irish, who we are trying to cooperate with.

Topic #6: Overextending and How to Supplement Your Income.

I have touched upon this in other topics, but I feel like it needs its own paragraph. Unless there is a national emergency, you should not be using all of your bazookas and Energy Bars whenever you get them. This applies for weapons and food as well. Going all out, and using all of your health at a young age really eats into your income. Until you have a good job or you have enough money in reserve, I recommend just trying to get the DO every day, as long as there is no crisis at hand.

There are ways to get lots of help from the eU.K. Government. Just by commenting and voting on a MoD article gets you 2 q7 tanks, which is more than the max wages on the market if you sell them. This is open to eU.K.’ers of all ages. Also, you can get free food from the NHS by submitting an application. Then you get free food every day, delivered straight to you. This is open to players below level 29.

Link to NHS Applications: Here

To find the MoD Articles, look for articles with the [MoD]prefix in the Warfare Analysis section of the News module

Well, that sums up the major pitfalls in eRep, and how avoid them! Please vote and sub for more content! Please PM me or Joshua if you have any questions. I am usually active on IRC late afternoon and night on IRC, so you can find me there too. If I forgot some major thing that would be relevant in this article, please comment below and I’ll add it straight away.

GameChanger out.


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What a great article dude

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you make roughly .4 gold a day. That is around 150 dollars a day. - you might want to change that.

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I write all my articles on Word first, so it's far easier to check my work. Plus, I'm somewhat of a grammar nazi. Those little red lines under my words drive me nuts

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surferdude Tag 1,879, 23:29

very informative and good quality

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Good article - but it is pounds, not dollars, and another reason to call Macedonia "Macedonia" is that that is our RL position.

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Great article indeed. Especially loved the pro-tips in #4 and #5.

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Former Roman Republic of England : 3

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