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[MoHA][Comp] The Royal Quiz - Winners and Losers!

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The latest Royal Quiz was held yesterday hosted by myself (Bohemond4) and HRH Woldy I.

I am assured that a great time was had by all who attended it, we had roughly 20 contestants from around the erepublik globe and here in our humble eUK abode. Sadly for those involved, not everyone could win the title of Quiz Masters for the month. For the month of March this went to CptChazbeard who astounded everyone by turning up drunk and proceeding to declare he would play by himself. In this regard, Mwcerberus also declared he, too, would play by himself; sadly, this did not end up as well for him as Chaz, coming in a respectable 4th.

Woldy and Bohemond have assured the Ministry of Home Affairs that they will be running another quiz next month, so come along and have a blast. Listen to the sage advice 5Butjam and Dr Hugh Jardon and make sure you don’t miss out!

“The Royal Quiz was great fun and my only regret is that I wasn't allowed to have double the fun and captain two teams. Thankfully, I chose team Boblo Island over C U Next Tuesday and, despite what the critics say, came a resounding first. Or at least that's what we're going by. Get a team together, put an hour aside and be there next time for a decent bunch of laughs and a nice night all round”
- 5Butjam

''It was fun filled night of excitement and merriment that brought back childhood memories of happier times, simpler times. Of times of innocence where laughter was more appreciated and cultivated in an environment of togetherness and enjoyment.

Would i recommend the Woldy Royal quiz night to a friend? No, mainly because I have none and it is fixed.”

- Dr Hugh Jardon

Honourable Mentions: Apronchef who arrived late and proceed to gain a great average with 15/20 questions and Mwcerberus whose attempt to run stuffed with spices and no partners collapsed beneath him.

In Third Place we had joint Team ‘Murica headed by Gamechanger and Team Boblo Island headed by 5Butjam.

Team ‘Murica:
Talon Karrde

Team Boblo Island:
Talon Karrde

In Second Place we had C U Next Tuesday team led by Klurr

C U Next Tuesday:
Dr Hugh Jardon
Cygnus X1
Leo Balzac
Geoffrey Openshaw
Talon Karrde (part way through)

And in final place we had the French Knicker Appreciation Society headed by CptChazbeard

French Knicker Appreciation Society:

Talon Karrde lived up to form getting into 3 teams without anyone knowing that he was doing so. This is probably an appropriate moment to mention the Mafia game we recently concluded on the Forums, and that we will be doing another one in this http://forums.erepublik.co.uk/viewforum.php?f=182. The Mafia managed to score a victory led by the dastardly Godfather: Talon Karrde and including senior members of the government including the CP, co-MoHA and the co-MoFA from last month Jimbojoy.

That’s all from your entertainment team for this week

Bohemond4 and Prof J Moriaty.

For those interested in the questions and answers:

March '13 Quiz


1) Name the 5 members of One Direction. (1 point)
Answer: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson
2) What is the name of the current number 1 single in the UK Charts and who is the Artist? (2 points)
Answer: Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors
3) Which troubled teen pop star recently declared he would not return to the UK?
Answer: Justin Bieber
4) In what year did Sir Paul McCartney receive his knighthood?
Answer: 1997
5) Finish the lyrics: ‘There is a House in New Orleans ____’
Answer: ‘they call the Rising Sun’
6) In the movie ‘Across the Universe’ what is the name of the main male character and what song does is his name a reference to? (2 points)
Answer: Jude, Hey Jude
7) What is the name of the current number 1 album in the UK?
Answer: ‘The Next Day’
8 ) Lady gaga wore a dress made of what substance to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?
Answer: Beef/Meat


1) What is the name of the main Character from the Halo series?
Answer: The Master Chief
2) The original Call of Duty games follow which historical war?
Answer: WW2
3) Which company created the turn based strategy game series: Total War?
Answer: The Creative Assembly
4) Which popular game claims that history is controlled by a clandestine secret society?
Answer: Assassins Creed
5) What is the name of the latest Lara Croft game released on the 5th March 2013?
Answer: Tomb Raider
6) The latest X-Box is the X-Box 360, what will be the number when the next X-Box is released?
Answer: 720
7) Name Mario’s antagonist counter-part?
Answer: Wario
8 ) What is the number of the Clone Legion which plays the central role in the game Star Wars Battlefront II?
Answer: 501st
9) Name the main character in the video game series ‘God Of War’
Answer: Kratos
10) What is the name of the AI who accompanies the Master-Chief through most of the Halo series?
Answer: Cortana


1) In what year did the French Revolution occur?
Answer: 1789
2) Name the last Saxon King of England
Answer: Harold
3) James I of England was also James _ of Scotland? Fill in the blank
Answer: VI
4) Name the commander of the Royalist Cavalry during the English Civil War
Answer: Prince Rupert
5) What ship sank before Henry VIII’s eyes and was the pride of his fleet.?
Answer: The Mary Rose
6) Which Battle saw the most Victoria Crosses ever presented?
Answer: Rourkes Drift
7) In what year was Elizabeth II crowned?
Answer: 1953
8 ) Which son of Queen Elizabeth actually fought and which war did he fight in?
Answer: Prince Andrew, Falklands War
9) What item did James II throw into the River Thames when he abdicated?
Answer: The Great Seal
10) What was the last land battle fought in the Island of Britain?
Answer: Battle of Culloden


1) Name the highest Mountain in the world.
Answer: Everest
2) What is the longest river?
Answer: Nile
3) The ‘Ring of Fire’ refers to a chain of volcanoes surrounding which ocean?
Answer: Pacific
4) Where is Ayers Rock?
Answer: Australia
5) What is the name of the UK’s highest mountain?
Answer: Ben Nevis
6) Name the two main types of geological rock (2 points)
Answer: Sedimentary and Igneous
7) The reputed hole in the Ozone layer is centred over which country?
Answer: New Zealand
8 ) What is the name given for the single giant landmass that it is claimed the world once was?
Answer: Pangea
9) Who wrote ‘On the Origin of Species’?
Answer: Charles Darwin


1) In what month of 2012 was Talon Karrde first elected President of the UK?
Answer: March 2012
2) Which Portuguese territory did the eUK aim to conquer under BigAnt’s December Presidency?
Answer: The Azores
3) Name the two belligerent alliances in WW III
Answer: Peace and EDEN
4) Kravenn has how many Congress medals?
Answer: 37
5) In what month of which year was the UKRP formed?
Answer: December 2007
6) Who was the first God of War in erepublik history?
Answer: Romper
7) Name the first King of the eUK.
Answer: Stephen Fry
8 ) Name 3 nations in the alliance Terra. (3 points, 1 per correct country)
Answer : Argentina, UK, Colombia, Portugal, Brazil, Cyprus, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Chile, USA or Japan.


eUK Home Office
eUK Home Office Tag 1,948, 14:12

Good quiz was good!

Invalidation Tag 1,948, 14:16


Joku Gones
Joku Gones Tag 1,948, 14:25


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Tag 1,948, 14:18

...meh...fixed is fixed. Looking forward to the next one already Bo

CptChazbeard. Tag 1,948, 14:22

Nom nom nom. Bitter tears are the sweetest

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Tag 1,948, 14:25

I'm not bitter at finishing BLOODY SECOND AGAIN!!!...just vengeful and hate filled : P

CptChazbeard. Tag 1,948, 14:20


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Tag 1,948, 14:24

...yeah like a 1950's U.S quiz show. It was as bent as...nah I'm not going there ; D

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Tag 1,948, 14:36

Geography round looks ultra simple.

Bohemond4 Tag 1,948, 18:13

last time they all cried with pain. we tried for simple and they STILL FAIL!!!

mwcerberus Tag 1,948, 16:35

in my defense I was drunk too
also most of my answers were better then the real answers
SCIENCE ROUND NEXT TIME else i shall cry

GameChanger Tag 1,948, 17:04


CptChazbeard. Tag 1,948, 17:08

And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know...I'm one

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Tag 1,949, 12:00

I didnt know Jimmy Saville was nicknamed 'The rising Sun'...

IfIWereARichMan Tag 1,949, 16:17

'Sun' or 'Son'?

bananaboy378 Tag 1,949, 15:07


1) What is the name of the main Character from the Halo series?
Answer: The Master Chief

Actually, its Master Chief Petty Officer John-117

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Tag 1,949, 15:10

Talon was in three teams?

IfIWereARichMan Tag 1,949, 16:19

agree with mwcerberus. Stick the music and file. Give us Science in all its varied aspects. If it's not general knowledge then it should be.

IfIWereARichMan Tag 1,950, 05:59

Don't know what I meant by 'file'. Hmmmmm!!!

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Tag 1,949, 20:41

#8 in the erep segment has a lot of wrong answers.

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