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[MoE] [Update] Exp, Energy, Gold & Currency

Tag 1,826, 00:19 Veröffentlicht in South Korea Indonesien von Ricca Greenwood
Ribuan kilo jalan yang kau tempuh
Lewati rintang untuk aku anakmu
Ibuku sayang masih terus berjalan

(Iwan Fals - Ibu)

Alright, this time I will give you tutorial about Experience, Energy, Gold, and Missions. I hope you enjoy and understand this tutorial. 😃

Okay, let's to the topic now ! Please enjoy it 😃

Experience Points (Exp, XP, EP)


Experience points is the amount of points that you have. Experience Points will help you unlock features within eRepublik, such as fighting in wars or running for elections.

If you don't have the necessary amount of EP to use a feature, you will receive a message to inform you how many more EP you need and how you could obtain them and unlock features. Some features can be unlocked by achieving the Adult Title.

There is several ways to receive these points.
1. Working (2 Points)
2. Working in your own companies (2 points per company)
3. Training (2 points)
4. Finish your daily task (1 point or 5 points)
5. Fighting (1 point / hit needed to kill the enemy)
6. Vote on elections (5 points)
7. Winning congress election (20 points)
8. Winning country president election (50 points)

IMPORTANT : it is impossible to lose Experience points.


Energy is one of the most important things in your eRepublik life. You can find your energy value easily from your sidebar. If your energy is below 10, you cannot "work", "train" or "fight".

Your energy decreases from various things:
1. Working: -10 energy/work action;
2. Training: -10 energy/train session;
3. Fighting: -10 energy/fight click;

When you begin to play at erepublik. You have a limit of 100 energy and you can stock 100 another ones (for a level 1). Each time that you raise a level and until level 21 : your limit energy is increased by 20.

So it means that if you are level 2 : your limit is 120
For a level 11 : your limit is 300
For a level 16 : your limit is 400
For a level 21 : your limit is 500

Once you are level 21, your energy limit can be “upgraded” if you buy these 2 buildings.

IMPORTANT : The maximum energy that you can have is 650 on your “energy bar” and 650 that you can stock.


Gold is one of the currencies of the eWorld and also the most important one. Many things can be bought via Gold (and it is also the way that admin used to gain some Real Life money). It is also used to buy additional features (such as companies) within eRepublik.

Gold is useful for the following things
1. Create, Upgrade & Buy a company (cost: varies)
2. Create a newspaper (2 Gold) (Attention, you can’t remove a newspaper)
3. Use some training grounds (cost: varies) (Not the best idea for a young player to pay for train)
4. Use Health pack (0.5 Gold) (Not the best idea for a young player)
5. Create a political party (40 Gold)
6. The issue money law (cost: 1 currency = 0.005 Gold) (Only for Country President)
7. Buying an export license for your company (cost: 20 gold)
8. Buying energy bars (5 GOLD)
9. Starting an official war (cost: minimum 200 Gold) (Only for Country President)
10. Creating Military Unit (40 Gold)

You will gain Gold by the following ways
1. Win a medal (5 Gold per medal)
2. Raise your experience level (1 Gold per level)
3. Invest your real life money into the game (NEVER DO THIS !)
4. Exchange your currency into the monetary market to gold (10 Gold / day)
5. Having an invited friend get any gold rewards, such as Hard Worker or Leveling up (Receive 10% of their reward)
6. Having an invited friend buy gold (Receive 10% of the gold value bought).


Currency is the money used in eRepublik (denoted by cc among players). There is only 1 currency which is used globally, but all countries have a different name for it. All players will see the currency which stands for their citizenship country.

Example: Player A has American citizenship. Player B donates 10 KRW to player A, which is automatically transferred to 10 USD.

There are multiple ways to gather the currency:
1. Have it donated to you by someone else who has the currency.
2. Work in any country and receive the salary which stands for your citizenship currency.
3. Exchange gold or currency for it. (Example: Sell 5 Gold for 50 KRW (대한민국 원))

With currencies you can:
1. Buy food, weapons, and raw materials in the marketplace.
2. Buy gold by exchanging on the Monetary market.
3. Certain buildings can be added to your land with currency instead of gold.
4. Invest it in your company and pay it as salary to your employees.
5. Support a Resistance War. (1000 currency)

Well, that is tutorial about Experience, Energy, Gold and Currency. I hope all of you enjoy it and understand that. 😃

If you have some question(s), you can pm me in-game. 😃

I need comments and suggestions to beautify our tutorial. 😃

Wait for the next tutorial guys. 😉

Ricca Greenwood (MoE)

KIDE777 (vMoE)

Daisuke Hideyoshi (dMoE)

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1policeKKE Tag 1,826, 00:33

good information.

theirina Tag 1,826, 00:34


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Tag 1,826, 00:55


Sorry, Ricca. I cannot help you because Last week I suddenly busy with my RL.

Ricca Greenwood
Ricca Greenwood Tag 1,826, 00:58

ups Daisuke-san i forgot to add you : (

KIDE777 Tag 1,826, 01:19


Ricca Greenwood
Ricca Greenwood Tag 1,826, 01:29

@KIDE777: what do you mean nice ? is it because there is your name here :3

neo_Ryan Tag 1,826, 03:27

voted.. nice

RaviMirza Tag 1,826, 07:58

good article.. voted o7

Eraclev Tag 1,826, 08:54

good article.. voted o7

Jeremy Jeong
Jeremy Jeong Tag 1,826, 10:00


Pattawe polobisena
Pattawe polobisena Tag 1,826, 11:41


Waisepi Tag 1,826, 14:37

V and S 😉

AricaChile Tag 1,826, 14:44

v+s thanks

From Chile with Love

aljupce Tag 1,826, 14:45

No gangnam style, no vote !

Ricca Greenwood
Ricca Greenwood Tag 1,826, 15:10

Next time with Gangnam Style : D
Btw update tutorial for "Gold"

andevelez Tag 1,826, 15:29


Bang Jahus Jarzani
Bang Jahus Jarzani Tag 1,826, 17:00


skorea1078 Tag 1,826, 18:31

Well written article.

For training ground....
you should re-calculate and need to be changed....
some you have to build in order to get SS medal faster for not causing a loosing a gold...

Also for Health pack for 0.5 gold...
Not best idea for young player----> you should to change to "Never do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hey! good job! keep up the good work!!!!

Im Yoona
Im Yoona Tag 1,826, 21:36

Ribuan kilo jalan yang kau tempuh
Lewati rintang untuk aku anakmu
Ibuku sayang masih terus berjalan

(Iwan Fals - Ibu)

What does that mean?

Kagami Hiiragi
Kagami Hiiragi Tag 1,826, 22:13

this is really good for newcomers!

KIDE777 Tag 1,827, 23:03

@Ricca: Hahaha... I don't care about my name there. It's just because this one is better than the last article and less grammatical errors too. XD

Ricca Greenwood
Ricca Greenwood Tag 1,827, 23:15

Plato will banned me if i done that : )

Ricca Greenwood
Ricca Greenwood Tag 1,827, 23:35

it is a song : D
he created this song after he saw a grandmother with 2 child without their mom or dad : D

j4k4rt4 Tag 1,827, 06:04

ok next: gangnam style tutorial please

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Tag 1,827, 07:06

v+s \o/

prostokreten Tag 1,827, 13:37

v+s o7

Point Man
Point Man Tag 1,827, 15:59

Informative Post
v+s o7

ManuR Tag 1,827, 21:56

One of the best articles. Congrats !
voted, o7

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