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[MoD] Orders for Day 1827

Tag 1,827, 02:53 Veröffentlicht in New Zealand Neuseeland von NZ Ministry of Defence

Kia ora eKiwis!

Follow the priorities and fight where needed! If the wall in your DIVISION is over 69%, wait and keep the damage.

Priority 1 Fight for Chile !!!

Supplies at #help.echile

For more information

Please, come to NZARMY
(#NZARMY @ RIZON, if the link doesn't work)

Spread this order to everyone!
Let's be proud and united!
To victory!

Once again, THANK YOU for the trust and support.

MoD team of New Zealand


Legendary Viking Dragon
Legendary Viking Dragon Tag 1,827, 05:25


EDMONDTOT Tag 1,827, 06:22


IlichRamirezSanchez Tag 1,827, 11:23


BOUD1CCA Tag 1,827, 13:11

29Benzo diazepine 1.826 Day, 21:21 I believe that New Zealand is no longer useful as a wall, therefore, if we will "recover" NZ territories, we should have them for us, or at least one, because it pretty much the same today, and make the connection to the territories South America. We must lose the fear of having constantly open that front.

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