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[MDP] On the Eve of an Election

Tag 1,892, 18:33 Veröffentlicht in Canada Großbritannien von Leo Balzac


1 OG Ezek (anotherlamedrunk)

2 kwest78

3 MCA421

4 Ralph Kline

5 Prophet of Mitos

6 George Beeman

7 SGTRock

8 Edmond.D

9 Chamrajnagar

10 Cesare Vino

11 Mary Chan

12 duckquack

13 Ilyas0829

14 Cypher Rahl

As solid a line-up as ever there was.

Vote for a strong eCanada, Vote MDP.

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Edmond.D Tag 1,892, 18:34


Plugson Tag 1,892, 18:36

But how will Homer be Speaker....he HAS to be Speaker...it just wouldn't be the same without.

crisfire Tag 1,892, 18:37

MDP-Ever Forward!

Muglack Tag 1,892, 18:38

Homer wasn't smart enough to sign up from a region that wasn't Spanish, so maybe you're better without him.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Tag 1,892, 18:38

Homer, bless his soul, got caught behind enemy lines.... 🙁

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Tag 1,892, 18:44


Homer got caught in between a rock and a hard place: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lnrmogIZSj1qkld3fo1_500.gif

Plugson Tag 1,892, 18:45

Okay, Muglack, I've let go of Homer and feel all the better ~ onward and upward.
The Speaker selection should be entertaining this month. How many rounds will it go, Leo?

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Tag 1,892, 18:48

Homer: "DO'H"

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Tag 1,892, 18:49


Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Tag 1,892, 18:52

At least our beer supplies will be a little bit more secure with someone else as speaker.

kwest78 Tag 1,892, 18:57

Number 2! Thanks Leo.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Tag 1,892, 21:25

MDP - Ever Forward!

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Tag 1,893, 00:41

I'm more than happy to help the incoming speaker if requested. I have already been working on a speaker's guide.

George Beeman
George Beeman Tag 1,893, 04:52

MDP - Ever Forward!

MCA421 Tag 1,893, 10:31


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