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[MD] Circle of trust: the story goes on

Tag 1,919, 02:42 Veröffentlicht in Republic of Moldova Republik Moldau von unualibro
Last night CoT defeated the Turko - Croato - Greek fellowship, fighting for a dead cause: Ukraine. I would like to express our appreciation to our allies and specially to Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Chile and Montenegro. We never believed that so many warriors from all over the world will hit for Moldova in such a way, without any personal benefit. For us, it was unbelievable.... A great sign of friendship which must be the real engine of this game.

For our Ukrainian friends without country and congress since half year, we have only one message:

With ambulant plastic toys in your bedroom you will never become fighters.

With such attitude, in Moldova, you would spend your life in the kitchen.




costin1989 Tag 1,919, 02:49

nice girls !

ADI CEP Tag 1,919, 02:49


Andreica1989 Tag 1,919, 02:50

o7 to all who were near us in this EPIC battle!!!

N.O.U.R Tag 1,919, 02:55


Patanjali Tag 1,919, 02:55


Krontzo Tag 1,919, 02:59

you, nice you ::DD::

citizen MD
citizen MD Tag 1,919, 03:03

e bine ; )

hfskin Tag 1,919, 03:43

well, CoT-TWO has more damage, so that was not really a big deal for them to win I suppose

true friendship is verified during hard times, and as I recall last time Moldova had a hard time it switched sides and allies)

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Tag 1,919, 06:14

Moldova did not have such brave allies (with some litlle exception). Never. About what kind of switch are you talking about?

Cruk Shino
Cruk Shino Tag 1,919, 04:07

CoT-TWO have more damage - fact. Where is Moldova here?
We don"t care about CoT or TWO and about Moldova too. We will strike backagain and again.

Hail EDEN, Hail Brotherhood!

unualibro Tag 1,919, 04:17

Moldova is on the map. But I don't see Ukraine... What happen?

Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Tag 1,919, 04:18

Simply u r perfect in licking 🙂

unualibro Tag 1,919, 04:34

Guess you are refering to this... http://imageshack.us/a/img94/1154/cheatingwoman.jpg

Cruk Shino
Cruk Shino Tag 1,919, 04:35

shit happens ) but we stay our side - one thing I proud about

Kompgenius Tag 1,920, 04:20

u ll be erased without allies. it's true

unualibro Tag 1,920, 04:28

ANYBODY will be erased without allies in erepublik.

Andreica1989 Tag 1,919, 04:38


Alexandru Gujuman
Alexandru Gujuman Tag 1,919, 04:55

Hail EDEN!
Hail Moldova!

t150 Tag 1,919, 05:13

Parca ziceai ca ai gresit tara?

Alexandru Gujuman
Alexandru Gujuman Tag 1,919, 05:14

nu am zis asta, tu prosta esti chior si nu ai vazut semnul intrebarii

t150 Tag 1,919, 05:26

Acesta este semn de intrebare - "?"
Iar acesta este de exclamare - "!"
Acum spune ce semn este la acest articol

citizen MD
citizen MD Tag 1,919, 06:01

EDEN - club occupied countries

Alexandru Gujuman
Alexandru Gujuman Tag 1,919, 10:20

bn o sa dau si eu impotriva Moldovei daca vreti

Tudor Ady
Tudor Ady Tag 1,920, 01:02

Get out of my country and stay out!

Artas Black Tag 1,919, 05:24

Kommentar gelöscht

Artas Black
Artas Black Tag 1,919, 05:28

Moldova, may be you want war with Ukraine without allies? LOL
In RW Moldova again loose with points 0-88
At week end Moldova will be deleted from map by Ukraine.

t150 Tag 1,919, 05:50

hey man, maybe betting?
moldova will have been erased by the end of this week - I will pay you 5 gold
not erased - you pay me 5 gold

Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Tag 1,919, 19:38

one day maybe you will learn what military strategy means 😃

Nick Meis
Nick Meis Tag 1,919, 06:09

o7 CoT!
o7 TWO!

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Tag 1,919, 06:15

o7 CoT!
o7 TWO!

FreeEnough Tag 1,919, 06:40

Ukraine, guys, we know you are stronger, stay chill. But.. does it change anything?

Leviatanul Tag 1,919, 06:42


elatron Tag 1,919, 07:01

Moldova go out of CoT !

Moldova does not need allies!

She fought only moldova!

After we recover the territories of Moldova will leave CoT !

Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Tag 1,919, 09:47

and now in english please 😁))

elatron Tag 1,919, 07:02

Moldova do not need allies !

We are stronger and more powerful than anyone !!!!!!!!

unualibro Tag 1,919, 07:06

Guess you took citizenship when Ukraine was occupied! Still, good Ukrainian troll but you need to put more efforts inside.

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Tag 1,919, 07:49

Ala e invindibil 😃

t150 Tag 1,919, 07:17

Happy birthday clon elatron !!! !!!

KinTusik Tag 1,919, 07:42

le cunosc personal pe fetele din a doua poza 😉

Iulian.xxl Tag 1,919, 10:02

nu minti mai baiete
sunt prietenele mele 🙂

KinTusik Tag 1,919, 13:17


maruseav Tag 1,919, 07:57

KinTusik nu ne faci o lipeala la o pizza ? 😃

Ua SuperTank
Ua SuperTank Tag 1,919, 08:10

Situation in world often change. Now Eden weekest than TWO+Cot , but sometimes it change. Not change only one, moldova must be our colony ))

Iulian.xxl Tag 1,919, 10:03

s-o crezi tu
tu crezi ca Romania te va lasa vreodata sa faci asta? Bolovane

t150 Tag 1,919, 13:24

Born as slave, cannot be a master

Iulian.xxl Tag 1,919, 14:33

so u never be a master... is god for u to realize your level

Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Tag 1,919, 09:53

Hail CoT
Hail TWO

Failkraine 😃

Lupusorul tainic
Lupusorul tainic Tag 1,919, 09:55

o7 CoT !
o7 TWO !

Morsell Tag 1,919, 09:58


JILO Tag 1,919, 10:11

cred ca acum am ajuns si eu faimos in eUKR.

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