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[Manifesto-part 2]I’m not trying to cause a sensation

Tag 1,899, 06:55 Veröffentlicht in United Kingdom Großbritannien von Joku Gones

Theme for the manifesto!
Good day, ladies and gentlemen, today sees the arrival of the second half of my manifesto. It’s not really split into any sort of fancy grouping, just sections which appear relevant to each other have been bundled together.

Before we begin, let me thank The Unity Party for putting their faith in me and choosing me as their official candidate. Also, an incredible amount of gratitude for all the shouts, votes, comments and messages of support I’ve received up to now. It really builds confidence in the idea that if I get elected, we could really all work together. So, with further ado(Got it right this time, Elvis!), let’s get onto business

Taxes are a difficult issue and discussion can be hard to organise due to the ease of ‘rogue’ proposals by congressmen. I will lead discussions between all elements of the UK to ensure that the maximum wealth possible is kept in the hand of the citizens, through optimum tax levels and Government programmes.
I am of the opinion that this must not come at the sacrifice of a strong cash reserve and will protect this viewpoint in discussions. My personal beliefs are that of a 15% tax on Weapons VAT, and between 8% and 12% for Food VAT, favouring the lower end. Income tax and import tax are both very small streams of income. As such, a high import tax to ensure protection of the domestic market is my preference, and I support lower income taxes.

War is a fickle subject, one which simultaneously has the power to unite and divide us. I feel that communication is key. Communication with TWO. Communication with government and congress. Communication with MoD. Communication with You. This is why I will personally focus on making sure that we are constantly exploring, innovating and updating how we communicate with each other with regards to war - both in and out of game.
eUK wars are important, but they require planning and patience. I will look at ensuring that the eUK has adequate options for war under our own banner - but this will not be at the expense of our nation, our allies or our people. The current wipe of Norway is both another blow to our enemies and provides a constant stream of resistance wars to fight in, and I am more than happy to continue this.

National Militaries
I wholly support competition between military units, it inspires activity, growth and heavier damage output. Anything that can be used to improve our community spirit, damage and co-ordination then it should be nurtured - explored - innovated.
A very good example of this is the MU premier league which, with tweaks, serves as a cost effective way to stoke the flames of competition. Again the joint strikes organised by Rory Winterbourne et al. also impressed me and I’d like to see how the Government could support this programme, nurture it, evolve it into something truly magnificent.
That being said taxpayer funded units are unfeasible in these harsh economic times. The eUK however is in a privileged position of having fantastic MU’s who push hard on behalf of the country. I’d just like to take a second to say thank you to The Legion, British Army, TUP Family, Royal Navy, The Dentists, Tank Nation, Funky Militia, Free British Irregulars, Liberty, People’s Army and many more. The eUK is lucky to have you all!
I want to lay groundwork for encouraging cooperation between our MoD and any MU’s who fight for the UK on a daily basis. I’d like to find a way to progress, together, towards making our units a safe place free from heavy political bias, allowing players to make their own choices on politics without fearing lack of supplies. I will aim to continue the official status of MU’s and make it attainable for all MU’s regardless of size provided they hold true to some key principles
-Membership and supplies will never vary due to the political affiliation of a member
-The unit leaders must make a concerted effort to keep politics out of the shoutfeed
-You must be willing to work with the MoD, follow orders and, most of all, try your best
I don’t look to exclude those units who wish to keep their political affiliation, that is entirely your choice and I’m very pleased to see people in these units having a good time playing a game with their mates. Official units will simply be highlighted as a place to go for new players and those who choose to play with little interest in politics.

Civil service
The civil service is an idea that has been bandied about for a few months and one that I subscribe to. The principle of the system is to increase the efficiency of the Government by removing the need to ‘staff’ ministries and recruit people at the start of each month. The civil service looks to find willing volunteers, ranging from graphical artists to article writers and diplomats who remain in their position until they feel they have no more to give. Thanks to some hard work behind the scenes, good progress is already being made on the system which will be freely usable by all.
The service will operate as a database, where Ministers will upload jobs that need doing, ranging from acting as an ambassador to a country to designing banners for article use. Everybody will be given a chance to apply for any jobs uploaded and the Minister will be able to appoint someone. Once completed, the job will be added to the members completed job list, allowing for the production of a resume to share your experience.
This will open up a new avenue for players to get involved with government. When you start out with little to no experience, applying to cabinet, even for a junior position can be daunting. By opening up a system where you can apply for jobs that fit your talents and skills, gathering a proven track record will be easier. Ministers will be closely watched to ensure they are providing equal opportunities to those new to government roles and anybody attempting to keep using the same old players will be dealt with swiftly. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring about a bit of change in theory, and it’s going to take our best efforts to work in practice. For the first week, I’ll keep the service exclusive to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make sure everything runs smoothly, before opening it up to the rest of government.

So there we have it, part two of my manifesto. Please vote and let your friends know so I can get maximum visibility, and consider subscribing so you get the rest of my articles delivered straight to you! Please also provide any comments you have on my policies, good or bad as it’s discussion and compromise that will let us work together.

Same as before, I’m not going to ask you to start shouting my article, I just ask that you keep the message of ”Patriotism, not politics!” alive in your feeds for as long as possible.

Finally, I’m looking for some involvement from you guys for two articles I have planned. First off, I’m looking to do a small-ish article on “Why vote Butjam?” as a bit of a shameless advert. I’d like some responses from you guys to go with the few that I’ve already got my hands on. Secondly, I’m hoping to produce a Q&A article to answer any doubts people have about me. So if you have any questions on my policies, my credibility or even what colour socks I’m wearing, send them to me and I’ll answer as many as possible and release a list of those that I didn’t answer so you can see I didn’t just pick the easiest questions! Send me a PM in game, on the forums or even query me on IRC and I’ll be happy to receive it!

Thank you all once again for taking the time to read, vote, comment and subscribe!
5butjam-Presidential Hopeful


Jamie2721 Tag 1,899, 07:01

If you lower import tax to 1% and VAT to a very low number, you would see much more money from import taxes

But since Alfa pulled out, you probably have my vote

Joku Gones
Joku Gones Tag 1,899, 07:03

Thanks Jamie! I think we have to do a pretty thorough investigation into taxes and wordwide prices to see if lowering import tax could attract foreign producers but then we have to ask ourselves if the extra tax income is worth the effect it would have on domestic producers?

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Tag 1,899, 07:03

Voted, good manifesto there butjam . At least we are guaranteed a respectful campaign between the two main candidates - you and Richard...something I am quite looking forward to \o/

Jamie2721 Tag 1,899, 07:16

Well obviously you would have to look at lots of countries

But looking at America now (1% import and 5% VAT)

Raw materials are the same price. I make about 5 pence per Q6 i sell more to the US, meaning domestic producers there are doing better than domestic producers here. Also, unfortunately, it means i'm having to give the eUS about £50 a day in taxes who are pretty much an enemy of us.

Would be something to look into and compare to other countries.

Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor Tag 1,899, 07:40

Jamie, import tax at 1% is not going to give us more revenue, it's just going to make the eUK market get flooded by polish WRM, weapons and food....

jamesw Tag 1,899, 07:49

In relation to MoD, there is no need for a massive upheavel imo. We found the sweet spot (if I say so myself) in my term under Talon - under BA things were convoluted because I wasn't always in the know thanks to TWO and the Ant himself being sometimes light with the detail. As long as you communicate openly and in a timely manner with your MoD, there should be no need to go beyond the Captain/Commander Group PMs, Forum Orders and an MoD article in the media constantly, being updated by MoD and any appropriate staff.

I'd also suggest that for your MU criteria you require the publication and promotion of MoD orders articles and any joint strikes via the feed - then you'll have the same criteria i offered to navy, british army, et al. For reference, at the time both Navy and BA agreed to become 'co-official' under that guise, however elements within both MUs (I should add, not linked to the commanders of the MUs who agreed to the proposal) undermined the agreement and recruiting and party politics were featured regularly either in the feed or through messages.

As I understand it Royal Navy has been saved from the Nick Griffin messaging bombardments, but I don't know about BA - that will be your fun job to handle!

Bardokva Tag 1,899, 09:32

Too high taxes friend unless you want to become a minor kingdom farm country!

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Tag 1,899, 10:03

It'd be nice to be able to afford lower taxes than this, but money doesn't grow on trees.

Huey George
Huey George Tag 1,899, 10:07

Voted, 5butjam

Well reasoned and sound policies.

Pleased to see the Free British Irregulars mentioned in your "National Militaries" section too, thank you we do try our best \o/ - The key principles outlined are also great for any military unit to follow "official" or "not official".

Jimbobfrey Tag 1,899, 11:25

Yes! This civil service idea is brilliant! It would not just be for the main roles but also for smaller roles (like banner design). Great way to involve the whole eUK population in politics!

Bohemond4 Tag 1,899, 12:23

looks solid, I like what I see from you so far!

Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Noman Tag 1,899, 22:24

Nice as always,u have my vote.

myheadstone Tag 1,900, 01:22

Great article, Voted

Rfeist Tag 1,900, 03:38

Nice article o7

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Tag 1,900, 07:29

Looks great. Really well thought out.

wigibob Tag 1,900, 08:33

Good luck in the elections, it is going to be interesting to see the result

HAMlDREZA Tag 1,900, 11:04


IfIWereARichMan Tag 1,900, 11:54

Import tax is a tricky one. There are two streams of this. Foreign producers wanting to sell to us, and our own people going abroad to buy cheaper and bringing the produce back.High tax, but maybe not as high as it is, for the first (say 40%) and a lot lower (say 15% - 20%) for the second.

Income tax should not be more than 5%, and VAT should not be more than 10% (second thoughts, 5% as well).The more money we allow our citizens to keep, the faster they can grow their own production especially with the price of gold as low as it is.

BigAnt Tag 1,900, 13:27

I was mass executed by UKRP and TUP when I first ran in August for not having enough experience. Now they support that very thing...

I had been involved within government for 7 months on the bounce, so do these same parties believe Butjam can cope with CP despite massive lack of experience?

Joku Gones
Joku Gones Tag 1,900, 13:59

Yup', you're forgetting how wonderful I am, don't worry BA, it's an easy mistake ❤

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Tag 1,900, 15:46

It's one for thing to be inexperienced, but to be incompetent as well is even worse than simply being inexperienced.

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Tag 1,900, 18:39


Why are you sticking your nose into UKPP/Royal Navy affairs? Royal Navy was CREATED by UKPP, for UKPP. Although we do allow non-UKPP players access to job placements, we still resent anyone attempting to destroy our history.

jamesw Tag 1,901, 01:42

What ate you even talking about. Who mentioned history? You pestered people to join UKPP, despite Garth and the management team wanting to use the MU for what it should be, fighting, striking and having fun.

Boyde Tag 1,901, 06:23

U talk well but will u be able to deliver perhaps we shall see

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