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[L'Anarchia] Federazione Anarchica Italiana

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Hey all. As the anarchist movement is gaining popularity in Europe, I decided to join a young, yet few popular movement in Italy.

Why Italy? First, the invitation of Italian anarchists. Second, in RL even heard something about Italy, my godmother works here and when returning to Ukraine always talks about this wonderful country. I think my experience will be needed here.

And now to business. Please note that this eAnarchy. We are unable to change the mechanism of the game, so the power should be. This is what distinguishes us from RL anarchists. The idea eAnarchy in eUkraine founder of the party was formed Ukrainian anarchist Ivan Sirko.

To start eAnarchy, I need to learn about the situation in eItaly. Perhaps as we drank in Ukraine, or a sitting long in power, “botovodstvo”. All tell, I want to know everything about the situation in your country.

Then in my plans is the creation of agitation . It will publish articles, agitate young elderly to join our party.

I think convene international congress of anarchists. It will be decided later.

Finally propose to rename party : Federazione Anarchica Italiana.

Have adequate people who want to join the partito anarchico award of 1 gold. All you need to go to partito anarchico and leave a comment here: Freedom or Death!

P.S.: With translation into Italian is the problem. necessary time for translation. Therefore, the Italian version will come later.



Anarchist UA Tag 2,041, 08:14

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Driver of ufo
Driver of ufo Tag 2,041, 08:16


Matija Kovacevic
Matija Kovacevic Tag 2,041, 08:39


HutsulUA Tag 2,041, 08:55

Хм..Завжди в мене анархія асоціювалась з бардаком і хаосом!

marco casconi
marco casconi Tag 2,041, 09:33


CBAPTOR Tag 2,041, 10:28

what a shame

vittorio2010 Tag 2,042, 01:08

io mi sono abbonato e tu?
abbonati http://www.erepublik.com/en/newspaper/notizie-2010-280891/1

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