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[KSA] News in eSaudi Arabia : 17.08.2012. [August 2012]

Tag 1,732, 13:50 Veröffentlicht in Saudi Arabia Saudi-Arabien von I-G-D
Dear people of eSaudi Arabia,

This article will be a short one, just to inform everyone about the political elections in eSaudi Arabia, as well as the new missions.

Party President elections successful

I would like to proudly announce that the official eSaudi candidate, iBirello, has successfully won the Party President elections with 40 votes in total (90.91%). This means that the party will once again be ours, as there were no Political Take Over (PTO) threats during this term. I hope things will stay this way in the future.

The next elections : Congress elections

Our next elections will be the Congress elections, held on August 25th, and as you all know, because of our one party system, it will be the Party President who will choose the entire Congress, so all the people who’ll appear on the elections will get into the Congress, even with 0 votes. He should publish an article about this with further details very soon.

The new missions

One more interesting game feature are the new missions, which the Admins have installed for us to do during the next 10 day period. If you want to know more, please read this article.

If you’re interested in anything else, or want to suggest something, or just talk to me, send me a message.

I-G-D, President of eSaudi Arabia


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Marcus Corvinus
Marcus Corvinus Tag 1,732, 13:54


Jasha Stomper II
Jasha Stomper II Tag 1,732, 13:54

ima igd ima vote xD

Sajler Tag 1,732, 13:55


Quantum Solace
Quantum Solace Tag 1,732, 14:00


Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Tag 1,732, 15:00


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iBirello Tag 1,732, 20:03

Voted, excellent news about the past facts!

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Tag 1,733, 00:19


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Publius Scipio Africanus Tag 1,735, 05:14

I've voted this.

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