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[KSA] A new term awaits us [I-G-D] [November 2012]

Tag 1,808, 15:05 Veröffentlicht in Saudi Arabia Saudi-Arabien von I-G-D
Dear citizens of eSaudi Arabia,

As you might have noticed, I am the only candidate for the next Country President elections. Since we have only one party, this means that I’ll indeed be the next Country President, and my term will last from November 6th until December 5th. I’d like to thank the people who supported me, and I promise I won’t let anyone down.

Before I start writing about my future plans and Government, I’m going to introduce myself again, especially for the newer members of our society, who don’t know me quite well yet. So, my eName (nick) is I-G-D, and if you want, you can call me by my real life name, Ivan. I’ve been playing eRepublik for over two and a half years (I started on April 1st, 2010), and I’ve been a citizen of eSaudi Arabia for nearly a year and a half (since May 11th, 2011).

I’ve taken part in the eSaudi Government during numerous terms, actually 15 in total. My functions include :

President (6 terms)
Vice-President (5 terms)
Advisor (1 term)
Minister of Foreign Affairs (7 terms)

(if you add all of these terms in total, that’s 19, and that’s because of the fact that during 4 terms I had 2 functions at the same time, so the total number is 15 indeed)

Government structure

Now, let’s resume. First of all, we’ll talk about the Government structure. During my last term in August 2012, there were 5 ministries (Economy, Defence, Interior Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Information) as well as a few so-called Special Teams. The crucial ministry differentiation change made by eLiam during his double term in September and October, was the abolition of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and its replacement with two new ministries with different duties (Home Affairs and Legislative Affairs). I actually like this change, so I intend to keep these two ministries, and add another one : the Ministry of Social Development, which would contain pretty much all the duties that were assigned to the Special Teams during my previous Government (you can read about that here), plus a few additional ones as well. As you can see, the next Government won’t have any Special Teams in order to have an easier way of functioning.

This is the list of all the Government functions with their respective duties and/or assignments :

President :
The President’s main duties include representing his country when contacting other countries or citizens of his own country, as well as worrying about pretty much everything that happens in the country itself. He’s also in charge of Government work coordination.

Vice-Presidents :
They’re the President’s right-hand men, who need to be there when he’s not available, and practically do the same duties that the President has, but not full-time (“part-time” kind of), and they also have huge roles when it comes to making important Government decisions. I usually have 2 Vice-Presidents in my Governments.

Advisors :
As the name says, their role is to advise the President and the Vice-Presidents when they make important decisions. This is like being Vice-President, but the priority is the experience, and not the activity. Even though the number of the Advisors working in a Government isn’t limited, I think 2-4 is an appropriate amount.

Each ministry is actually a sector that’s in charge of a number of duties that would make eSaudi stronger in a specific way. The ministries usually all have different duties when compared with each other, though they often cooperate, especially when large projects are being organized. The Minister is the person in charge of his ministry, and he has one Deputy (sometimes two), and some ministries have other important functions within the ministry, such as the Leader of the Ambassador Program, a function within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now I’ll write down the duties for each ministry separately.

Ministry of Economy :
This ministry’s goal is to monitor the eSaudi daily/monthly income, and make sure all the taxes are appropriate at all times. This ministry also must know where all the money goes and when, especially when food and weapons are being handed out to the newer players.

Ministry of Defence :
When it comes to organizing all the military actions, coordinating the fighters, giving out military orders, this ministry is the one that’s in charge. Besides this, the Ministry of Defence must also cooperate with the Military Unit Commanders, and gather info about all the eSaudi fighters.

Ministry of Legislative Affairs :
As one of the two “descendants” of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Ministry of Legislative Affairs is most noticeably in charge of citizenships, and cooperating with the Congress and the Party President. This ministry also has to make sure that all the eSaudi laws remain unbroken.

Ministry of Home Affairs :
The other Ministry of Interior Affairs “descendant” is the Ministry of Home Affairs. This one is in charge of informing the citizens about the latest news in their country, organizing various projects, and helping out the newer players alongside the Ministry of Social Development. Other duties include monitoring the citizen stats, reporting multis, etc.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs :
The name pretty much says it all : here it’s all about diplomacy, organizing Ambassador Programs, contacting other countries, etc. This ministry also has a special title called the Ambassador Program Leader, which is like being a Deputy, but the duties differ : the Ambassador Program Leader is specifically in charge of the Ambassador Program, and assigning and coordinating all the Ambassadors (he can be an Ambassador himself if needed).

Ministry of Social Development :
This is a reborn ministry, which was present in the history of eSaudi, but it got abolished as a full ministry later on, so I’m bringing it back now. Its duties are to help out the eSaudi citizens, make the country more active, make the players stronger, etc. Organizing baby booms is also another important assignment of this ministry, as well as all other social projects. A new function is being a Mentor, and all the Mentors will be a part of the Ministry of Social Development. You can read more about this later in the article.

This is mostly it about the Government structure. So far there are a few people that I’d like to see in my Government, you will see the list in a few days. If you want to apply to work in the Government yourself, you can do it here. If the others think you’re ready, you’ll get an official Government position, and if you aren’t, you’ll work as a Rookie in one of the ministries, where needed or where you want to.

Future projects and the Mentor Program

The most important ongoing project is about handing out food to every newer player who fights for eSaudi. This should start very soon, and the criteria are unknown at the moment. I’m going to try to organize as many of these as possible during my term, because of the fact that we need them to make our population more active. Government members will have a small weekly tax to pay in order to maintain projects like this. Note that this is not my personal idea, the entire current Government thought of this, so the credits go to everyone. I just want to make this a common thing in the near future.

The other important idea is the Mentor Program. Each new citizen should be personally taken care of by an experienced senior player, who would be his Mentor. There should be about 5-7 Mentors in total, all working for the Ministry of Social Development (even though I’ll be the President, I’ll be one of the Mentors myself as well if needed), and they should not only give advice to their “eStudents”, but help them out via food and tanks as well (only when really needed). This is also an old idea, which I plan on making a part of eSaudi the sooner the better, because baby boom projects will be more successful when combined with this idea.

That’s it so far. I will publish another article or two before my term starts. If you need anything, feel free to contact me.

I-G-D, current Vice-President and future President of eSaudi Arabia


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