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[KnightHawks] Restructure & A Farewell

Tag 1,901, 00:21 Veröffentlicht in Australia Australien von Aussiee Bloke

The KnightHawks & Hawks Military units are looking for new & active members to be a part of this long standing eAustralian MU family.

KnightHawks will from now on be housing the Soldiers of Divisions 4
Hawks will be housing the Soldiers of Divisions 3, 2 & 1

The Hawks MU will be used as a training MU to ready players to be more knowledgeable when they reach the level to be promoted into the KnightHawks, it will also be used to identify the active upcoming soldiers of eAustralia!

Join us on IRC in #KnightHawks & #Hawks or just come yell at everyone in #Ausrep

Commune Jobs are available with Henry the 8th in which you will be supplied with the following:
6 AUD from Working
6 Q7 Weapons
60 Q5 Food

New Recruits should be sure to check out the KnightHawks Military Council Party, membership to this party is optional and up to your preference.

Henry the 8th Commander of the KnightHawks would also like to make a shoutout to Krckozakk who has been a long serving QM of the KnightHawks and unfortunately has decided to leave eRep after reaching his goal of God of War! On behalf of the entire KnightHawks community I would like to thank him and wish him well with the future.

Krckozakks departure leaves the KnightHawks a QM down, which will need to be filled. If you are interested in the position contact Henry the 8th for more information.

This Article brought to you by newly appointed Hawks Commander


ps. Henry's internet is still down due to floods in QLD, please be patient for supplies until it's up and running again, sorry for any inconvenience.


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Tag 1,901, 00:21

♥ Roboa ♥

The-Comedian Tag 1,912, 03:23


Sir_c0nstant Tag 1,901, 00:25

Will follow that ASS anywhere

Majester Tag 1,901, 03:25

Too much Roboa.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,901, 04:18

Too much Sir_C0nstant commentary 😐

infin Tag 1,901, 04:37

farewell and good luck!

Arfman Tag 1,901, 05:03

Thanks Krckozakk.

NisamHtio Tag 1,901, 13:05

farewell Krckozakk.

Sretno 😉

James Buffet
James Buffet Tag 1,901, 14:11

This unit sucked.

Tim_Holtz Tag 1,901, 18:21

and yet James Buffet we were overjoyed when you left, go back to the United States if you are unwilling to abide by the decisions of the people

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Tag 1,901, 19:06

James is only saying that because he was booted after continually disobeying eAustralian orders.
Stupid American.

Jon873 Tag 1,901, 19:16

Farewell to Krckozakks.

Also, if you need any avy, feel free to PM me. I do KH avies for cookies and bewbies

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Tag 1,901, 20:04


My internet is down atm so please be patient for supplies 😛:P

venja Tag 1,901, 20:10

Henry has messaged us from the ether cloud that is the Gold Coast

F0rse7i Tag 1,902, 19:54

Farewell and good luck Krckozakks.

infin Tag 1,902, 19:54

henry is passed out with a needle in his arm

The-Comedian Tag 1,912, 03:23

Epic comment feature is epic.

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