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[JK 4 POTUS] An easy choice

Tag 1,904, 03:46 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von Jefferson Locke

So it seems we are here again. Another month, another election, and another choice. This month the choice might seem hard, but hopefully at the end of reading this, you’ll see why it is in fact easy to make. I believe that the right, and easy, choice is John Killah for CP.

While Candor might seem like someone that is worthy of your vote at first glance, let me remind you that this is the same person that wants to negotiate with the AFA threat, and even work with them. While it might seem appealing to some to negotiate with enemies of the state, it is never the right thing to do. What would the end game be? Us giving them money from our treasury to get them to play nice? Us offering to allow their radical voices into our government? Do you really want to allow Ajay the same voice at the table, and the same vote, as loyal e-Americans that have worked hard to protect this country for the past four months? I certainly do not.

To me, being endorsed by the AFA, and agreeing to work with them, is a desperate grab for power by someone who has been trying to get this for months now. While he might write a funny article here and there, what he doesn’t do is write solid plans for leading this country. A full bonus is nothing more than a tip of his cap to the AFA and Ajay Bruno. And as for the “give war a chance”, his plans involve “a coalition of friendly countries”. It’s strange that I’ve never seen a list of these countries: Maybe he is running on the real world “hope and change” mantra. He “hopes” that other countries will “change” their minds about hating us? I call malarkey, rubbish, bs, and nonsense all at once! It sounds to me as if Candor doesn’t actually have a plan, he’s just tossing out ideas to get elected and making it up as he goes along.

Now let’s talk about John Killah:

He is the only candidate endorsed by the top four legitimate parties (Feds, AMP, USWP, WTP) and has the experience and drive necessary to continue this country down the right path. He has solidly built plans to take on the PTO threat presented by the AFA, and has good working relations with international leaders from his months of executive experience. And he knows how to make the right choice, even if it is the unpopular one.

Join me in voting for John Killah today. We’ll make you proud America.

Yours forever in service,
Jefferson Locke



Stef40 Tag 1,904, 05:56

Hail Voters Club lol

Viarizi Tag 1,904, 05:56

Go back to Portugal!


Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Tag 1,904, 06:29

"a desperate grab for power by someone who has been trying to get this for months now"
Dayem, here I thought this article was about Candor, not Pfeiffer. It's attitudes like this that will continue to rip this country apart. Bravo. Nice to see the true colors come shining through.

bigcdizzle Tag 1,904, 06:50

You're off base here J-Lo.

TheNorm Tag 1,904, 06:52

To me that is one of the biggest things that hasn't been addressed. A lot of countries hate us / don't want to be our ally because of the AFA situation. How is making friends with the AFA going to help our foreign affairs?

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Tag 1,904, 07:46

So question..........why align with the AFA then? Why would someone, that I have said on numerous occasions that I like, be so willing to align with Ajay and company? And since when did going after the AFA candidate become a terrible act?

Cyberwitch: Question. Why are you taking up for someone aligned with the AFA, but allowing a marine recruitment letter to come out that blast the president? I didn't see you cry foul there, even though the JCS is supposed to be a non political entity.

Right now Ajay has an article in the top five in which he accuses us of "apartheid". I find it troubling that my line is being picked apart, but that "apartheid" doesn't seem to be worth your efforts. Is that not "off base" enough for you, but me going after the AFA CANDIDATE is? Because Candor, is in fact the AFA candidate.

Why is my line so offensive, but Ajay's isn't?

I'm just curious about these questions. Not trying to offend, just looking for answers here. I told Candor that if he takes offense to that part and is willing to talk to me about it (which we are talking now) I would remove it out of respect to him in real life, because out of game, Candor is a great guy. I just simply disagree with his in game choices of allies in politics.

I will admit that I could have used a better choice of words in my line. But, at the same time, again, to take such a hard stance against my line and say nothing about the apartheid line is strange to me.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Tag 1,904, 08:13

Alright folks, let's make a few things clear here:

Candor made an option: To go for the AFA support in order to apply his ideas and negotiate with enemies of the state. Me, like probably the majority of the eUSA population would rather not have anything to do with the AFA, but this is Candor's option. While I do think it is a slap in the face of those who have been fighting this PTO for years and I certainly not agree with Candor's ideas, it is up to Jefferson Locke to show his opinion and give it voice to the public. The same way J-Lo could have chosen a different wording in order to avoid possible disrespective interpretations, I will say people should have more notion to respect other people opinions as a start.

Secondly and this is to CyberWitch, you are saying J-Lo showed his true colors but now I'm going to ask the exact same question J-Lo asked: Shouldn't the JCS be an non-political military as tradition due to the government split you guys went for many time ago? Don't you guys set up many restrictions to your officers/soldiers in order to not let them be part of politics? This is just my personal opinion so you can take it either ways you want but above the fact they are JCS soldiers, they are legitimate eUSA Citizens and they should be allowed to see their valor recognized and be allowed to participate in their country politics, I find such restrictions a little bit oppressive.

I hope my comments are not taken offensive, I'm just stating a point. Besides,

JK4POTUS!! \o/

Have a good day folks.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,904, 11:26

"A lot of countries hate us / don't want to be our ally because of the AFA situation"

I loled, really? actually they hate the current occupiers of the US government and would WELCOME AFA taking over with the exception of like 3 countries.

Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Tag 1,904, 12:55


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Tag 1,904, 13:57

Ajay. Seriously? Name these countries please, so that we can laugh at you more accurately

NaruKaizer Tag 1,904, 14:18




Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Tag 1,904, 20:54

I'll address both comments at once if I may. First and foremost Jefferson verbally attacked a general citizen Not Ajay. Big difference. Someone who is trying to bring fun back in to the game, not a power hungry buttmunch like several others I could name, as he claims.

Secondly, I could care less what Ajay says about the govt, or what the govt says about Ajay, for that matter. It's all been said from both directions for so long. Let's keep it between those two factions, and leave innocent people out of the fight, shall we?

Thirdly, the JCS is the governing body of Generals, NOT the mil. They are the only ones who agree to remain non political when they serve. The general group of soldiers is referred to as the eUS Mil. And any soldier in this mil (with the exception of the actual JCS), is allowed to follow politics to their hearts content. Nor do I censor a branch's articles for this very reason.This has also been stated so many times it should be ingrained in most people's heads. But I really expected no less from those who would continue this farce of a "unity" election, when there was absolutely no need this round.

But hey, let's keep insulting more and more players. Let's see if we can finish driving this country in to the ground. Because it has one heck of a great start. Bonuses down, immigration down, voter turn out down. Apathy up, mud slinging up, total lack of respect toward players up.

Yeah, one heck of a good start.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,906, 02:00

cyber great job turning out jcs vote for JK...

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