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[IA]Running for PP

Tag 1,817, 18:55 Veröffentlicht in South Africa Republik Mazedonien (EJRM) von Uber kiko

Hey guys, this is my PP platform. Let's get started.

1. I've noticed that UP's the first party, which is to be honest, a disappointment. They've got 3 more members than us. Now let's be serious and admit that the IA doesn't have that much active players as it used to. Now i'm not promising anything, but i'll try to change that as i'll recruit people to the party.
2. The people running for PP. Who are they? We've got two 20 lvl players who are probably multies and a 21 lvl player named MrMawgly who i don't think has any experience or is serious about running for PP. Do you want them to be your PP? I don't. Another reason to run for PP.
3. With other parties getting bigger and IA getting smaller, i'll try to get IA atleast 13 congress seats. It's probably going to be tough to get 15. But if we get 15 spots it'll be a success! Or even more! But atleast 13 congress seats.
4. I'll try to get the party more active, but i can't really promise anything. I'll try and hope our members be active.

Positions in the party..
Now i'm leaving this to anyone that's interested in having one of these.

Vice President:
Secretary General:

Till next time,



AdUnit Tag 1,817, 20:52

Good luck man

Cotarius Tag 1,817, 21:35

Good luck

LiquidIce Tag 1,817, 22:31

Good luck Kiko!!

Had3z Tag 1,818, 23:36

Good luck kiko

Badger06 Tag 1,818, 00:23

Good luck Kiko

Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Tag 1,818, 00:36

Kiko for PP!

kuckuck Tag 1,818, 16:22


Vanessa1309 Tag 1,818, 20:37

Voted. good luck Kiko

Angelique.A Tag 1,819, 14:58

gl : )

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