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[GWNC] Polar Bears Races!

Tag 1,820, 19:01 Veröffentlicht in Canada Kanada von Venoms III

The Great White North Casino is proud to announce another game to it’s lineup today! We would also like to announce that we have donated thousands of dollars in prizes to players who have decided to give us a chance. The most popular game being Rylde or Fedora! With that I would like to presents eCanada’s newest game to the Great White North Casino’s Lineup...

On a certain sunny day we saw these 4 polar floating on a iceberg. In attempt to preserve the bears natural habitat, we rounded them up and flew them first class back to Nunavut where they underwent 4 months of intense physical activity to prepare them for the difficulties of the Polar Bear Races

This week Diego, Jacobear, Hugo and Marcos first event will be the 100m dash!

Who’s the fastest?
Who have the longest endurance?
Who’s the lighest?
Who’s the youngest?

Well these are all excellent questions that we will not tell you! 😃

It is up to you to put your money on the winner.

The How To
One bear will win.

$50 CC per bet.
Winnings are determined by the amount of bets.
The only way to win is to bet on the bear that wins.
For more info contact Venoms III

For more information on the other games available for play visit this page for more details on games and prizes to be won.

With our low prices and great odds there is no reason to give us a shot today!


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Tag 1,821, 01:00

My money's on Marcos

Tom Hagan
Tom Hagan Tag 1,821, 03:04

"With our low prices and great odds there is? >no<? reason to give us a shot today"

Cataract Tag 1,821, 13:06

"Well these are all excellent questions that we will not tell you!"

but you just told us

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