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[GINGER] - Thursday, Lets try this again.

Tag 1,906, 15:32 Veröffentlicht in Canada Kanada von Shere Richard Parker

As promised, I bring you yet another Thursday of Ginger love.
Let's hope this one doesn't get removed by the Daleks!

And obligitory Alicia Witt picture:

Thanks you, that is all for this week.

*Disclaimer: TGT takes no responsibility for any blood flow, heart, stomach, brain, etc problems this post may have caused or will cause. TGT reminds you to love Gingers responsibly. TGT is for pure entertainment purposes only.



Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Tag 1,906, 15:43


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Tag 1,906, 15:50


Foxfire Tag 1,906, 20:54

Christmas decorations still up after the snow has melted?!! Unacceptable.

Gh0strr Tag 1,907, 07:01


Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Tag 1,907, 12:17


barili maghsoud
barili maghsoud Tag 1,907, 12:55

so nice! wow

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Tag 1,908, 23:14

wish i could go back and live in the 19th century instead lol

Xvidian Tag 1,908, 23:48

I'll add this to my data i'm correlating for newspapers...
Gingers = Votes

Mike Littoris
Mike Littoris Tag 1,908, 03:51


Northern Justice
Northern Justice Tag 1,908, 10:52

Way to completely steal thechive. They've been doing redhead Thursdays for months now.

Shere Richard Parker
Shere Richard Parker Tag 1,908, 11:55

you mad? I'm sharing with people who don't go to their site.

Xvidian Tag 1,908, 14:40

If u had a redhead guy u could get girl votes too ^ ^

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