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[Fed] Fingerguns for Party President

Tag 1,934, 07:15 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von fingerguns

I am running for Federalist Party President! WOOOOOO

You guys have nominated me almost every month since I got back, but I really didn't feel like it was the right time for me until now, so I'm gonna give it a whirl. FG4PP!

I am truly glad to say that most of you in the party have never been in an FG-led Feds. THAT'S GOOD. I served 4 terms as the Fed Party President and my goal at the time was to establish infrastructure that would cultivate an endless stream of quality noobs. That worked, which means our party is full of newer players and my terms were pretty much forgotten except by the oldest of fags. I know it sounds weird, but that really does make me happy. In my time, there were so many who doubted we could do what we ended up doing. They didn't think the power structures of the eUS could EVER change. We proved them wrong. With dedication, patience and a solid plan, you're not powerless.

We are not a party that simply took over another large party. We are one of the only parties that actually grew organically from a very tiny 6th party into the biggest and most powerful party in the nation. The interesting thing about this is that we still have a bit of underdog mentality, despite being as huge as we are. We still work our buns off to promote our party and reach new players as if we were still on the cusp of dropping from the Top 5. We have maintained our noob-focus all while slowly ingraining ourselves in the national political establishment and asserting our influence on a larger scale.

Our infrastructure is there. We have built a solid party and when it's well-staffed, it runs like a machine, cranking out some of the best new players the eUS has to offer. If you elect me as your PP now, I will not be looking at building anything new, but rather reinforcing our best assets and becoming that top party the nation needs us to be. We need to work on the internal and external power of the Federalist Party and empower future generations to make the changes the eUS needs.

Where we are awesome but could still be awesomer:

1. Education/Noob Programs

We have always been good at this because it is essentially the lynchpin of our party growth. We don't offer people money to join our party, we offer them education and opportunities to succeed. This trait has been recognized on the national level for a while now and Feds have typically dominated Interior and Education Departments, regardless of the President's affiliation.

I would like us to focus on strengthening our party programs in this area so we can work more cohesively with national programs and be an example to other top parties. We should be as much of a reference for the rest of the nation as they are for us. You know that 'help' section on the forum? I want to blow that up and make it THE place to send new players. I think we can do that in just one month. The foundation is already there, we just need to really dedicate some time to utilizing it in an efficient way.

Every area of this party, every department and every job, is designed to work with every other department and every other job. Education and outreach are where it all begins, and when we excel there, we excel as a party.

2. Political influence

As the largest party in the nation, we have the opportunity to get the most Congressmen into office. Right now we have 2 Feds leading this current session of Congress as Speaker and Whip. And really, while some bizarre goings on have prevented us from supporting them with a large number of kick ass Fed Congressmen, the ones we do have in there are doing a bang up job. Additionally, Molly Emma is really revolutionizing how the party interacts with our Congressional representatives.

On our forum right now, our members have the opportunity to not only hear about what our Congressmen are up to, but ask them direct questions or petition them for assistance in some way. There are discussions happening between our members and our Congressmen about things that really matter in the world of eRepublik. We are preparing the next generation of Congressmen just through party communication.

We are off to an EXCELLENT start here, and as Party President, I want to see that this not only continues but really grows to help our party members become the most informed players in the game. You can already see the change happening as deeper discussions take place in our IRC and newer players ask SMART questions.

Having a bunch of Congressional seats won't do us much good if we don't have the right people to fill them and we aren't organized enough to really flex that muscle. This next month I want to really utilize the growing pool of past and present national leaders in the Federalist Party to gear up our newer members for national service. Having a bunch of Feds in someone's Cabinet should never be seen as trying to buy our vote- it should be seen as making smart decisions for the nation.

Of course, our party is great at boosting community activity, dominating ATO efforts, excelling in media and being P/H. That's really become just who we are rather than things that we do. All of it will continue because really, we can't help it. That's how Feds roll.

I know this is already very long, but I want you to know exactly what you would be getting with an FG Party Presidency and where my focus will be. A lot can happen in 4 weeks if we zero in on a couple points and do those things to the best of our ability.

My next campaign article will be all about the crew I would like to lead the party with for the next month. It will be very much in line with what I've said here. You'll see what I mean.

Thanks for reading,

Get involved. Get active. Shape the future.



fingerguns Tag 1,934, 07:16


DMV3 Tag 1,935, 19:21

Vote for turrible elitists: http://tinyurl.com/eelitist

bigcdizzle Tag 1,934, 07:17


Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,935, 00:40

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Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Tag 1,934, 07:43

If we both win in our parties, I'm looking forward to work with you!

Good luck and greetings from the AMP!

Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,935, 00:46

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Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,935, 00:56

Do you bat off to being such a racist?

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,935, 01:13

Do you bat off to being such a multi?

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,935, 04:23

ROFL! Please.. tell me more about this multi I'm supposed to be. Can't wait to be reported!

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,935, 05:00

Keep licking multi!

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Tag 1,934, 07:48


Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,935, 00:43

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Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,935, 00:56

Don't talk sht about this woman .. at least not in my presence fgt

Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,935, 01:09

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Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,935, 04:24

Again .. whose multi do I apparently belong to? You know how to file a report, surely. I welcome it!

Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,935, 05:02

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Bucephalus92 Tag 1,934, 07:53


EnterAwesome Tag 1,934, 08:30


badbrad767 Tag 1,934, 08:57

FG4CP again please o7

One Sky Tag 1,934, 10:20

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One Sky
One Sky Tag 1,934, 10:21

FG4PP ! You have my vote 😛 p/h

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Tag 1,934, 10:50

You have my vote

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Tag 1,934, 14:45


Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Tag 1,934, 17:26

/me goes to buy more votes as this deserves #1

fingerguns Tag 1,934, 19:25

Oh bacons, I know you wish you were a Fed.

Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Tag 1,934, 20:12

Nahh I like USWP 😛

AlexJ1890 Tag 1,934, 17:36

FG4PP make me Proud and Horny!

Fidel Castro IX
Fidel Castro IX Tag 1,934, 18:20


Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Tag 1,934, 19:06


Zacharie Parks
Zacharie Parks Tag 1,934, 19:28


Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Tag 1,934, 20:25

You will be at the top very soon FG. 🙂

Bacon Empire Tag 1,934, 20:25

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Lizardonis III
Lizardonis III Tag 1,934, 21:26


Kanoxoz Tag 1,935, 00:37


Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,935, 00:38

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SinaAria Tag 1,935, 10:03

you fail as a troll. go play.

One Sky
One Sky Tag 1,935, 11:18

Go home , you cant hold a candle to fg

Chen Cortez
Chen Cortez Tag 1,935, 11:30

You really suck at insulting people, you know that? Just saying... Maybe you should ask a 6 year old how to properly insult another person. Or you can google it. But my god man, find some help. Please... I'm embarrassed for you.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Tag 1,935, 03:28

Gangam WOW! was such a great success.

I can't imagine how this could be any different.

fingerguns Tag 1,935, 06:06

You can't imagine how leading a political party that I helped build would be any different from an objective to liberate two nations that have been occupied for a long time by foreign aggressors?


Simulare Tag 1,935, 11:42

lol @ 'liberate'.. Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

GPR70 Tag 1,935, 20:32

"liberate" ? ROFL ! XDDDD

Tyrannocopters Tag 1,935, 05:36

Dude we fail-invaded South Korea just recently, that's progress.

All kidding aside, I remember FG's first PPship from the Elder Days, she did great, and I have no doubt she will do great again.

Not that my opinion matters in the Feds, I'm USWP. 😃

Tyrannocopters Tag 1,935, 05:37

In all honesty, my opinions isn't doesn't really matter in general.... but that's not the point.

fingerguns Tag 1,935, 06:09

I'll take the blame for Gangnam style not working out. I was CP for like the first two weeks of that operation, afterall.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Tag 1,935, 06:38

Rare to see any politician offer even a half-assed acknowledgment of anything that went wrong on their watch. I'll take it.

Tyrannocopters Tag 1,935, 20:45

I would say it's congress' fault for having no congressman who could propose a NE proposal before the AFA/Taiwan.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Tag 1,935, 06:57

Bought votes are bought. This is pathetic for a PP article. Pretty pathetic actually. Yup haters gonna hate. I'd love to know the actual real numbers of votes not multis and people who actually read this crap.

SinaAria Tag 1,935, 10:05

why so much whining? 🙂 No fed cares what you think.

Pfeiffer. Tag 1,935, 10:32

Nobody does anywhere else, SinaAria. Chance has always been a joke.

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