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[ESO] End of Term Report. [15'Oct'12-15'Nov'12 ]

Tag 1,820, 12:38 Veröffentlicht in United Kingdom Großbritannien von ApronChef

ESO has been pretty busy this term, we've achieved so much, and have set the paths to succeeding further. However, sadly not all activities were completed.

This report was a two part article, but I decided to rewrite it and make it more concise. [Avoiding TL;DR]

ESO Overhauling;

[Summary of] Part 1 was commenced on: 26th October.
Part 1.1 was started on 26th October and finished on 29th October.
Part 1.2 was started on 30th October and finished on 2nd of November.
Part 1.3 was started on 2nd of November and finished on 6th of November.
Part 1.4 was started on 6th of November and finished on 9th of November.
Part 1.5 was started on 9th of November and was extended to finish on the 14th of November.
Part 1.6 started on the 11th of November and will finish on the 14th or be extended, depends on the requirements.

ESO Donations [Donation Drive];

Total Energy received via donations: 257,800
Total amount of weapon hits received via donations: 19,650

Amount of Energy given out in schemes:
Internal feed posts: 16,200
New Player Assistance: 67,380
One off help: 25,000
Total: 108,580

Amount of weapon hits given out in schemes:
New Player Assistance: 2,706
Total: 2,706


ESO had 10 proposed candidates, and managed to gain 6 seats in the elections.

Votes gained: 85
Percentage of vote: 15.18%

A single manifesto was proposed, but dismissed, a bad choice, so ESO will adopt a single party manifesto for future Congress Elections, individual participation and rights shall exist nonetheless.

Country President Elections:

There was originally 3 candidates and 4 options on our poll [one being no one], sadly, 1 candidate withdrew. However, the poll had a clear winner.

ESO has a winner takes all and a absolute majority rule. [51% of vote, or a second poll is made minus the candidate with the lowest votes]

Candidate on our poll/votes/percentage:
Talon Karrde: 15 , 58%
*Candidate Removed*: 2 , 8%
Richard Feist: 1 , 4%
No one: 8 , 31%

Monthly Census:

ESO has a monthly forum census to see how active we are on the forum.

This months active: 17 members, with 2 late members. A total of 19 active on the forums.

Member numbers:

We were 119 members when I took PPship, we did get up to 126 members, but sadly lost a few, and we've settled on 121 members. A overall gain of 2.

Retention is one of ESOs goal, and so far, we've achieved it relatively well, but we shall improve.

What sadly was missed out, but will still happen:

The ESO Fashion show and ESO Quiz will still be going ahead regardless of if I get re-elected. They've all been planned, we just ran out of time to put them into play. More information on them will be released around the 18-19th of November.

This concludes ESOs concise summary of the term report.

Lots of Love;
~ApronChef - PP of ESO.
~ESO Members.


Henry Hank Moody
Henry Hank Moody Tag 1,820, 12:50

Proud to be one of the 2. Great to finally be back 🙂

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Tag 1,820, 13:47

Voted (=

GO Apron!

Cindy021 Tag 1,820, 13:58

v9 sub 183

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Tag 1,820, 14:10

I love our party!

Bohemond4 Tag 1,820, 15:10

voted! Best of luck for next month guys : )

Viridi Tag 1,820, 20:51

I'm proud to be the other one of the two. (:

Thomas765 Tag 1,821, 04:51

Voted, awesomesauce article : )

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