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[eCentrelink]New Citizen Information: How to Win Wars and Influence Bars

Tag 1,821, 00:53 Veröffentlicht in Australia Australien von Aussie Blokee

If war is inherent to mankind, all-out world wars are inherent to citizenkind. We have a plethora of alliances and enemies that we need to fight for or against day in and day out. Fighting in our wars can feel like an overwhelming concept at first, but it doesn't have to be. This article will teach you what's on the battle screen, how battle mechanics work, and where to go for any resource you need to fight.


Before you fight, it's important to work and train. Fighting does direct damage to your health, and low health decreases effectiveness in working, which might get you fired. Training raises your strength, which is what decides how much damage you do in battle. Also, never fight unless you have a friend or a unit to supply you, or you can afford to heal back to 100 with food.

everyone can recover up to 2400 health a day by eating food depending on how much health you have, you also get 10 health every 6 minutes. To do the most efficient amount of damage, you'll need to use the health you can get from food everyday. Obviously you can finance your blood thirst yourself by buying it from the marketplace, but that can get mighty expensive.

A Better route is to join a Militia for example the KnightHawks. Private militia units will give you a ton of free food in exchange for working in a government/private company.If your not in to militias you can always join the ADF! [Australian Defence Force]

The Australian Defence Force are recruiting ALL Aussies. If you have spirit and want to fight for your country, come onto forums and sign up or drop on in our IRC rooms. Our training groups (Tango Squad) will help you on your way to becoming a fully fledged soldier.

1. Sign up to the Aus eRepublik Forums.
2. Join the Aus Citizen membergroup on forums.
3. Join the ADF.
4. Come on IRC in#ADF

If you need help, ask the ADF Marshal Majester or Deputy Marshal Draim Alexander

Then, all you need to do is find a battlefield to fight in. You should go to (and vote, and subscribe to) the Department of Defense's orders to find out where your damage can help the most (unless you're in a military unit, then listen to your superior officer if he gives you different orders).

When you pick and open a battle, you'll immediately get matched up with an enemy when you enter a battlefield. This bad guy will represent an enemy troop, complete with a unit of their own, skill level and health bar.

Green - Your weapon, increases the Influence done.
Red - Enemy Weapon, higher quality takes more hits to kill.
Blue - Military Rank, your influence goes towards your military rank after each kill. Higher military Ranks means you hit higher.
Black - Eat food to restore health, do not use health kits.

To do influence and move the influence bar in your favor, you need to kill the enemy. Everytime you click the fight button, you will lose 10 health and take a chunk out of the enemy's health, you also gain 2 xp. An enemy with full health will take 3 to 5 hits to kill, depending on their weapon. Don't fight unless you have the food to heal back to 100 after killing that enemy. After he goes down...

You'll get your influence, which grows your country's bar and helps your team win the current battle. You'll also get one experience point everytime you pressed fight in that battle. You must destroy your enemy to get awarded your influence and XP, so make sure to plan ahead.

The Influence Bar

Green - Influence is given every time a enemy is defeated. Holding the influence bar over 50% gives you victory points.
Red - When a side obtains 1800 points or has the higher amount of points at the end of the two hours have won the battle.

These 2 steps represent the tiers of combat, influence is done by players and moves the bar for their country. When the country controls the influence bar, they get victory points every minute based on this scale:

First 30 Minutes- 10 points/min30-60 Minutes- 20 points/min60-90 Minutes- 30 points/minLast 30 Minutes- 60 points/min

when a side gets 1800 victory points in on of the divisions they win the battle.

You should always look at the influence bar before jumping into a battle. If a side already has 1790 victory points, wait for the next round. If your country has the bar all the way at 100%, you don't really need to pile on at that moment. Fighting smart will help your country more than any tank you buy.
Once a country has 83 points, the region is conquered (if it's an attacker victory) or secured (defender victory).

Thats all for now citizens, check this newspaper for more guide articles.

Health Program

More Info on the currently announced health program here If you reach the requirements please fill this Google doc out. Then either myself or ronny will get in contact with you asap.

NewsPaper to Watch

Department Of Defence NewsPaper

Thanks for your time,
Aussie Bloke.


Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Tag 1,821, 01:24

Awesome \o/

Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Tag 1,821, 01:48


b0ffin Tag 1,821, 02:00

Great article, should help the newbies! o7

Minor corrections though:
- can recover 10 health every 6 mins (not 10 mins)
- when clicking fight you lose 10 health per hit (not 10 health per click of 'fight' - when I was new and read similar statements this massively confused me, as I'd click fight expecting to lose 10 health and instead lost 30-50. Perhaps an explanation of how clicking fight usually results in multiple hits would be good)
- gain 1xp per hit (not 2xp per click of 'fight')

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Tag 1,821, 03:08

Thanks for the corrections mate.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Tag 1,821, 03:09

Each division (1 through 4 ) has to reach 1800 points for the battle to be over, only when it hits 83 points will the battle stop automatically regardless of time.

supereviloverlord Tag 1,821, 05:03

Actually each battle can only run for 2 hours (if it timesout whoever had the most points wins), though the campaign will end only when a side gets to 83 or the combatants are no longer in contact.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,821, 05:54

This smells of great information. Excellent work, AB !

infin Tag 1,821, 05:58


Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Tag 1,821, 12:44


Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Tag 1,822, 13:50


Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Tag 1,822, 14:04

bloke you did it again! good stuff and fantastic guide for new players. voted.

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