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[EA] The Activity - A Social MU

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Hello Once Again Readers,

I created The Activity with a goal. I'll try to answer some questions you might have, but I also want to keep to myself just a little. 🙂

Who are we - Let me say what we aren't. Exclusive. I mean, yeah, we have requirements, however... anyone can obtain these requirements. Our focus is community with a concentration in fun.

What are our requirements? - Activity... Cliche, right? We stress activity and communication. I must be convinced you will create a community of greatness and that you will be active in IRC. We welcome newcomers and we will do our best to teach and get them into IRC.

Community? Lol! What about Supplies!?! - A simple answer would be no, no supplies. If you need tanks, ask and a member of the community will most likely give you some. Food is always in abundance just ask and you'll receive no problem. You should be apart of the MU to be apart of something greater, not the supplies (although they are a plus!).

What about the future? Goals? - I want to establish a good core of members who are energetic and genuine. Infrastructure will slowly be added, and supplies will be made eventually. I believe when we build an active member base, encourage selflessness, we will grow (albeit slow) into a fighting machine. We will fight with honor and our members will be proud. America will be proud. I am proud We aim to be like EZC, my inspiration

Our Avatar Template is below:

We will have our own IRC room by Friday

We will have our own full functioning forum asap.

No matter where we end up,
No Matter where we go,
No matter who our enemies are,
We will fight with the eUSA,
We will fight with respect,
For we are Activity,


I love you.




EnterAwesome Tag 1,924, 16:49

Veritas Omnia Vincula Vincit

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 1,924, 16:53

Good luck with this venture. Look forward to watching your progress.

EnterAwesome Tag 1,924, 17:16

awe thanks ichabod

Bucephalus92 Tag 1,924, 18:49

Good Luck

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Tag 1,924, 18:53

Hmm this looks pretty cool

n0s3 Tag 1,924, 20:37

< 3 EnterAwesome!

Gnilraps Tag 1,925, 06:55

Best looking new avatar since... well since EZC

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