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[EA] A lofty poem

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Hello Once again Readers,

Was bored in class today so wrote a poem in school in my notebooks.. Thought I'd share lol.

So i'm sitting in school
Trying hard to not drool
I just want to get out
Yes, get out and scream and shout
This is class is extremely boring...
nothing in particular that is very alluring
Shes talking about a paper I don’t want to do,
My attention span kicks in right on que
Every day I buy a pizza right around noon
A few bites, its gone too soon
Then I walk a few blocks down
With a goal to get back to school safe and sound
Today I think it’ll rain
People who see me walking won’t think im sane
Hmm.. I wonder if the person behind me sees this poem
The only place I want to be is home
Home where I can dream
Dream of demons while I sleep
That makes me stutter when I speak
Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Turned into a song during the end...

Anyway enjoy with your erepubliking!




Duncan Crowe Tag 1,918, 08:16

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Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Tag 1,918, 08:16

nice poem!


Mister Y
Mister Y Tag 1,918, 08:21

Oh oh! I understand in your classroom there isn't a nice girl.

n0s3 Tag 1,918, 09:13

< 3 EnterAwesome!

Sorce the Wolfkiller
Sorce the Wolfkiller Tag 1,918, 13:54

ahhaha awesome xD

SinaAria Tag 1,920, 23:59


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