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[DoE] The United States Workers Party

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The same set of questions was asked of each party representative. In choosing representatives, I simply took anyone from the “leadership” of the party. Then I took quotes from other people about the party.

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For my USWP Interview, I chose to interview Artela, a former CP of the USA

1. Why did you join this Party?

I joined because most of my friends that I already had from before moving to the eUSA were in there.

2. What does this party do for the eUSA as a whole?

USWP has always put the needs of the Country as paramount. It has always strived to prepare people for government office and to ensure that capable people are given the opportunity to lead and help govern. We're a game-mechanics and politics led party, as only through full understanding of game-mechanics and politics can you properly help the country succeed.

3. What are the main principles that guide your party?

Teamwork. We pull together to produce results, with our party volunteers forming our Zombie Horde under the supervision and teaching of our executive which consists of older more experienced players. We value the contributions of our experienced older players as much as those of the younger and more energetic newer players. We like to win. Whether that is for the Country, or for the Party.

4. What does this party do for its members?

We have recently been in the process of reviving some programs to help younger members and to encourage participation on IRC and in our forums

What do others say about the USWP?

"The United States Workers Party is one of the oldest surviving political parties in eRepublik, dating back to December 2007. Since its inception, the USWP has consistently been one of the leading parties in the nation and its long, storied history includes members being elected to twenty-two terms as President of the eUS. Sometimes seen as a party of “elites”, the USWP in fact, welcomes all new members interested in participating in serious political activity and discourse for the betterment of the eUnited States"- Hadrian X



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xenophob Tag 1,920, 11:38

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Lonestar 2 Tag 1,918, 17:20

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Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Tag 1,918, 17:24

The USWP may in fact be the best party in the eUSA.
At least so long as rainy sunday is the Party President.

Anyway. Yes. Beyond her, as well.

Why is it the Worker's party?
Because that unites us.
What else do we all have in common?
We work. Every day. As active players, we work daily.

This is the core of the USWP. We unite as players, then move forward focused on game mechanics. We are united by the mechanical core around which the party is formed, striving to best serve the interests of the eUSA beyond politickal imperatives of the moment, beyond temporal power, beyond individual interests. We do what is best for the nation. This is the core belief in our party, the constant heart of our actions. When you join the USWP, you are UNITED, you are a WORKER, you join the party that best believes in our nation, that best serves our nation, that best empowers our nation.

To do anything less is to forsake the future possibilities we may accomplish.

We, the NATION, not we, the party.
This is what we stand for.
This is why the USWP has the msot Presidents.
This is why the USWP has survived the ages, across multiple incarnations.

We are the USWP.
We are the Nation.
The choice is clear.

Tyrannocopters Tag 1,919, 01:42

Well said sir o7

ligtreb Tag 1,918, 18:19

I joined the USWP years ago and have stood by it since. Why?

The party has always worked at developing quality members and putting them in high places in government. The party has a history of putting the right the people in the places and sacrificing its goals for the good of the country in times of need.

We're not the biggest party anymore, but our list of members and roles that party members have performed are impressive and I'll take ours against anyone's.

Pfeiffer. Tag 1,918, 18:42

I enjoyed my time in the USWP more than any other during my 5+ years in this game.

Put the effort in, the rewards are massive.

Hadrian X
Hadrian X Tag 1,918, 18:53

Any party with Ligtreb, Rainy Sunday, Artela AND Max has to be p damn BOSS.

Lizardonis III
Lizardonis III Tag 1,919, 00:41


ElvenCRO Tag 1,919, 10:05

my old party... : (
back in 2009. the best one

Pfeiffer. Tag 1,919, 10:16

I'm sure they would welcome you back, Elven.

DIRTY ANGELS Tag 1,919, 14:46

lolololololololol buy votes much?????

Mr. Archer
Mr. Archer Tag 1,919, 18:56

The names associated with the USWP alone makes it a tempting party to join.

ElmieJr Tag 1,919, 19:07

USWP - My old party and I miss it! 🙂

JyM23 Tag 1,919, 20:53

Big vote!

Please vote, sub & shout:

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Tag 1,920, 07:30

where I started out....Needs more Jude Connors

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