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[Department of Information] Opening Reports

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Senate Report

[Proposal] Impeachment of Tim Holtz
The first day Tim_Holtz was elected James Rellori took to the senate and impeachment proposal. Which was also started ingame and failed. The topic was deemed illegal and locked by speaker DraimAlexander.
A proposal was also brought to the senate by senator Majester to sanction senator James Rellori: [Proposal] Illegal Impeachment cause for sanction of James Rellori
The sanction is now in the Inspector General's Office, we should see a answer some time tonight. [Senate Sanction] Illegal Impeachment cause for sanction of James Rellori

[Discussion] Tax Rates and Deficit
Senator Reximus proposed we change our taxes structure which showed the changes of;

VAT & Import Taxes: Food
Value added tax (VAT) to 15% from 10%
Import Tax 10% from 1%

VAT & Import Taxes: Weapons
Value added tax (VAT) 15% from 10%
Import Tax no change

Income Tax
Income tax change from 1% to 5%

VAT & Import Taxes: Grain
Value added tax (VAT) no change
Import Tax 10% from 1%

VAT & Import Taxes: Iron
Value added tax (VAT) no change
Import Tax 10% from 1%

All laws passed in game

The senate forum vote:
[Vote] Amend Taxes
Yes - 16
No - 1
Abstain - 0

Proposal for Law on Foreign Affairs Discussions
Minister Vyrin the First put a proposal forward for a law to be created against normal citizens speaking to other countries officials without the eAustralian Cabinets knowledge. After a heated discussion speaker DraimAlexander as per request by Vyrin the First the post was locked.

[Discussion] Loaning an org to Roboa and Valentyme
Senator michaelkitselaar brought forward a proposal to loan orgs to citizens of eAustralia. In this case Roboa and Valentyme were asking to loan one.
The senate forum votes:
[Vote] Australian Organization Citizen Rental Act (02/13)
Yes: 10
No: 0
Abstain: 0
[Vote] Rent National Organization to Roboa and Valentyme
Yes: 10
No: 1
Abstain: 0

[Discussion] MPP's
Senate Speaker DraimAlexander brought a discussion to the senate to question the CP and his teams on what MPPs are planned for eAustralia. A topic was later started by Country President Tim Holtz for a MPP towards South Africa: [EO] South Africa MPP

[Immigration] Draft Proposals
Minister Arthur Cole brought to the senate a proposal for eAustralia's Immigration: I quote "Immigration Proccess to eliminate any claims of bias and increasing the effectiveness of ATO by broadening information and sources available."

eChile meeting
Minister Witherd1 published logs from the eChile meeting to the senate. I suggest you read those logs to see Chile's take on the current situation.

[Proposal] Budget for Holtz Cabinet Feb 2013
Minister Venja posted this terms budget for the senate to review.

[PTO Threat] Upcoming PP elections
Senator Mr Crumpets brought a topic to the senate regarding a PTO threat inside Green and Gold party. A quote from Mr Crumpets; "A level 17 player with a dodgy looking avatar called max elbourn has decided to run for PP."

Senator Molly Jo brought to the senate a concern that eIndonesia have just recently declared a Natural Enemy law on us. Currently the voting is 4 yes, 4 no. 22 & 1/2 hours left.

Just a note from Senate Speaker DraimAlexander All are welcome to bring up and discuss country issues in the Public Gallery.

Cabinet Reports

Deparmtment of Foreign Affairs

So far this month, we have been doing the usual tasks of touching base with the new Governments around the eWorld, and introducing ourselves. Myself and the other Ministers have also been getting ourselves familiar with CP Tim Holtz's game plan for the month, and establishing viable options.

We have had a meeting with Chile to determine our relationship after last months falling out, and the treaty being broken, and it seems that Chile are not willing to reconcile our differences at this point, so we will be moving to strengthen our position via another means, and perhaps seeking arbitration for the breaking of the treaty by Chile last month.

This means seeking out other countries that may be willing to help us, they may be from any alliance we are at least for the moment trying to be non specific.

There will be reports directly from the Foreign Affairs department released soon.

Chile meeting logs

eAustralian Cabinet for the Tim Holtz Administration - February

Department of Defence

So far the Defence department has been debating on which MPPs to sign, many suggestions were thrown around from all alliances in the game.

This was prelim stages before asking them.

Luckily for us Molly Jo of the ARP suggested South Africa which we always thought of as a perfect choice, since they had battles with Brazil from region swapping it was a perfect opportunity to get a battle or 2.

Currently we are analyzing more countries to sign with, the goal being battles for Aus.

Western Australia Resistance War
South Australia Resistance War
Out of our own citizens pockets we had some very close battles against Chile and Indonesia. Unluckily we just couldn't hold the battles by the time we all went to bed. Good effort by all regardless.

[AusDoD] - Orders

Department of Finance

"The department of Finance has prepared a budget and sent a proposal for the Senate to consider. The budget is set for breakeven with a continuation of austere spending.

The economy seems to have found a settling point where prices for WRM are 0.02-0.03 AUD. Needless to say it is increasingly difficult for government terasuries to fund what thay have doen in the past. Our MPP requirements can be covered by our tax income but there is precious little else. As pressure mounts on many countries, look out for a raft of game changes from Plato."

venja - Minister of Finance

[Proposal] Budget for Holtz Cabinet Feb 2013

Department of Internal Affairs

After the last month in Internal Affairs some ideas have been put to the senate in regards to Immigration procedure for the purpose of potentially cancelling out any possible bias when dealing with the approval of new citizens to our Country. This includes the ideas of having senators being included in the immigration process in the form of a committee and the idea was also raised in having an Inspector General approved Immigration assistant or something to that effect.

[Immigration] Draft Proposals

Department of Social Services

Department plans:
1) Start reposting about Centrelink.
2) Update noob news article and keep reposting.
3) Try to start the mentoring program you put in your plans Tim.
4) Request donations for Centrelink again.
5) Going to try my hand at an article on noob playing strategy.
6) Run at least 3 comptetitions TBD

Centrelink is continuing to do its work, and New Players are being messaged again now that eGov is back up and working. The Mentor Program and Contests will be up and going soon. a number of cabinet members have already volunteered to be Mentors. If you wish to be a Mentor please contact Vyrin the First.

Education is also up and running with both old articles and new articles being released on a consistant basis. The issue of game mechanics in regards to the war module is being worked on and will hopefully soon be up. Hopefully this will help both young and older players learn the fine tricks of the ways wars work now.

[DHS Centrelink] New Player Tutorial - Pleas Read!
[DHS Centrelink] Day 1907 New Players for Supplies and Friends!
[DHS Centrelink] Begging Here!

Education Articles by ronnyJnrJnr
Fighting and Military Units
Weapons Types

Current Cabinet

Prime Minister/Country President: Tim_Holtz
Deputy Prime Minister/Deputy Country President: scottty the NUKE

Chief of Staff: Ranger Bob

Deparmtment of Foreign Affairs

Senior Minister: witherd1
Minister - Americas: Reximus
Minister - Pacific: Aussie Bloke
Minister - Europe, Middle East and Asia: roboz
Deputy Minister: Teijiro

Department of Defence

Minister: Majester
Deputy Ministers: Roboa, Arfman, irule777

Department of Finance

Minister: venja
Deputy Minister: Mickskitz
Deputy Minister: Valentyme

Department of Propaganda Communication

Minister for Media: Tim_Holtz
Ministers for Information: scottty the NUKE

Department of Social Services

Minister for Education: ronnyJnrJnr
Minister for Centrelink: Vyrin the First

Department of Internal Affairs

Minister for Immigration: Arthur the Elitist Cole
Minister for National Security: Detroit34

Minister of Information: scottty the NUKE

The eAustralian National Library

Please subscribe to the Government Department Newspapers, Join the eAustralian Forums, and take a look at our National Library run by the Department of Human Services to aid our New Players.


scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Tag 1,910, 20:48

\o/ Info!

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Tag 1,910, 20:48


Valentyme Tag 1,911, 04:47


CrackShotNZ Tag 1,911, 05:08

A Comment within a Comment, within a Comment.
Commentception anyone?

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Tag 1,910, 22:39

~Bloke Aussie~

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,910, 22:57

What idiot in their right mind would propose the drop of import taxes? Our own citizens can't get rid of their own RMs other than for bottom dollar. Bigger countries have been able to domestically sell Food RMs at 0.03 -> 0.04cc while we appear the dumping ground for all and sundry merchandise.

Look after eAussies first!

DraimAlexander Tag 1,911, 22:35

what do you mean? ... the import taxes were just raised not lowered ...

Reximus Tag 1,912, 16:21

Is that meant as a jab at me... 'cause it makes total nonsense.
We are expecting a 19% increase in tax income this month.

CyberVirus07 Tag 1,911, 11:19

Kommentar gelöscht

infin Tag 1,911, 17:32

Lower prices is looking after Aussies - Aussie consumers.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,912, 16:22

"This means seeking out other countries that may be willing to help us, they may be from any alliance we are at least for the moment trying to be non specific."

how about us?! o7

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