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[CW] Clan Wolf Party President primaries winner Neo

Tag 1,821, 11:26 Veröffentlicht in Canada Kanada von Foxfire

Results are in and counted. Long time party member Neo has won the primary elections for Party President of Clan Wolf for November/December.

Neo for Party President

Neo received 46.2% of the vote. Oinyo was a close second with 38.5% of the vote and Foltof followed with 15.4% for the vote.

As a former Clan Wolf Congressmen and veteran eRepublik player, Neo will be counting on your support and votes in tomorrow's election for Clan Wolf Party President.

As a thank you for participating in our party’s electoral process, Kokosz Jajko (voter #70) was selected as our lottery winner from a random number generator.



Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Tag 1,821, 11:31

how was this primary done?

Foxfire Tag 1,821, 11:33

Survey Monkey with passwords given to each party member. Survey Monkey prevents the same IP addresses from voting more than once, and the passwords verify the party member.

Oinyo Tag 1,821, 12:07

grats Neo

Come in the feed and give us a speech! 😃
What can we expect in the next month and so on 🙂

N e o
N e o Tag 1,821, 12:12

It's N e o. With spaces 🙂

I'm working on it.

Armour144 Tag 1,821, 12:33

I just have a suggestion to potentially improve that system... do another vote between the top 2 candidates if nobody has more than 50% of the votes after the first round. In a case like this I expect N e o still would've won, but who knows?

Oinyo Tag 1,821, 12:46

N E O won fair and square 🙂
People feel his path will be the one that drives Clan Wolf further into the direction the clan would like to see things go and in the end that is what matters.
I know N E O is incredibly active and will be moving things forward. I have no doubt at all in that.

I wish him the best and look forward to the direction this will bring the clan.

foltof Tag 1,821, 13:14

Vote for N e o, vote for Canada.

TheBurningMan Tag 1,821, 13:16

Alrighty, congradations N e o

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Tag 1,821, 13:22

Best of luck N e o.

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Tag 1,821, 15:47

what happened to Drust

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,821, 16:39

Good luck!

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