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[CW] Canadian Pres prelim results for Feb 2013

Tag 1,900, 14:50 Veröffentlicht in Canada Kanada von Oinyo

The Clan Wolf prelims have now ended and I am happy to announce the results from the poll.

Colonel Sanders 66.67%

Rylde 11.11%

CW is not to support anyone this month 33.33%

Abstain 44.44%

So with a healthy lead we have Colonel Sanders as our official candidate. He will be placed as our candidate at this time.

Please look for more articles from Colonel Sanders in the next few days showing what he has to offer our country if he wins this term 🙂



Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,900, 14:55


Oinyo Tag 1,900, 14:58

ha ha Auk. Everyone had the option to vote for 2 options. First vote for who they wanted and second for their second choice or they can toss it into the abstain bucket if they didnt want to use it (Or just not second vote)

This way we would have less chance of a tie if we have a low voter outcome 🙂

Funky 24
Funky 24 Tag 1,900, 16:00

Is the CW on its period? Who the hell is this Kentucky huckster?

Edmond.D Tag 1,900, 17:03

Colonel Sanders, as evidenced by this forum post, and some previous articles, you can learn that Sanders used to go by Sanchez Shortie. In my last article, Dierios made an interesting comment claiming a link between Sanchez and Venoms III. While on IRC I recall Venoms mentioning something along the lines of, I'm in the CW and I don't even know what's going on! (Sorry, no pix @_@), yet Venoms is clearly MDP.

Those are just my observations and speculations. I bet Sanders doesn't even know this Venoms character. Good luck~

Funky 24
Funky 24 Tag 1,900, 17:24

Well, if CW needs some public relief, I guess getting a DALf** to let them choke down some chicken is the way to go.

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Tag 1,900, 17:47

Colonel Sanders gives me diarrhea

crisfire Tag 1,901, 00:17

you guys read his articles right?

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Tag 1,901, 00:32

@Auk, CW put 154% into everything

klop123 Tag 1,901, 12:47

A different system may be required, what if 66% of CW voted Sanders as their second choice and the rest of the first choices were split up?

Plugson Tag 1,901, 14:33

Rylde also referred to Sanders as Venoms in the infamous Ingsoc thread.
strange huh?

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Tag 1,902, 09:39

Why wasn't my name on the ballot? I was the SoA candidate during your primary. Shenanigans!

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