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[CP] Time flies

Tag 1,872, 18:41 Veröffentlicht in Switzerland Bulgarien von chukcha

Dear citizens of Switzerland,

this is my last message to you as your President (for now 😉). A month has gone by quickly and when I reflect back on the promises I made, I’m happy with the results. We have achieved our goals for this mandate. Switzerland has made a great progress in CoT, having Military Commander and the Supreme Commander the same month and it is my pleasure to see it was an important month and everything in the alliance went according to plan.

Especially I would like to thank:
- Hoffman12 for being one of the most active MoFAs over the past few months and writing great articles;
- plasmakp, for being a good successor of mine in the MoD department;
- Trogdorthetroll100, for great work as DoE and making it work like a charm even with a small amount of people;
- and last but not least Lotus Black, for all the time and efforts spent on CoT this month.

I hope you will think back on my mandate as one of the successful ones and that it was a remarkable one in swiss history.

I cannot stress enough, that it is important, now more than ever, that we stand together and fight. To be united. Therefore I give my full support to our united candidate, who has always been there for Switzerland. The official watchdog for many months, that has decided to fight in the front lines once more. All my support goes to Rican for the next CP of Switzerland!

Thank you Switzerland!


Trogdorthetroll100 Tag 1,872, 18:47

We were honored to have you serving us as president!

Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Tag 1,873, 00:05

We were honored to have you serving us as president! x2

Rican Tag 1,873, 00:30

We were honored to have you serving us as president! x3

& thanks for your support

Rican Tag 1,873, 00:32

you are one subscription away from your 2nd MM medal !!!!
somebody subscribe now

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Tag 1,873, 00:51

We were honored to have you serving us as president! x4

Hoffman12 Tag 1,873, 04:21

Thank you Chukcha o/

It was such a great month 🙂

Lotus Black
Lotus Black Tag 1,873, 05:24


VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Tag 1,873, 07:22

Congratz TT and thanks ; )

VESTITEL Tag 1,873, 12:24


Bilioner Tag 1,873, 15:55

Thank you Chukcha for your support

Kliment E. Voroshilov
Kliment E. Voroshilov Tag 1,874, 07:57

It was good month Тодор! Good job.

prostokreten Tag 1,876, 10:08


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