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[CP] Official Farewell

Tag 1,842, 15:43 Veröffentlicht in Canada USA von Derphoof

Congressmen, citizens, and all others who pledge themselves to Canada throughout the eWorld, I come to you today during my last day in the seat of power. Yet, I come before you with humility and great pride in our country.

These past two months have been fun, Canada. Although they have sucked precious time from my life, I will remember these months fondly.

We have made some progress and had some fun, but we’ve also had our fair share of setbacks. I take full credit for all of my actions during this term. All actions, right, wrong, and everything else, I stand by them.

Now, Canada marches forward. With the newest international developments, whether we join EDEN, another bloc, or remain independent, Canada will continue to make progress. Hopefully, the decision our new CP makes will bring prosperity to Canada as well as happiness and entertainment in its wake.

I am confident that Canada will be smart in the upcoming month and will make some fairly good decisions. There will likely be more challenges and more setbacks to come. Yet, Canada will make it through them all. The President will likely have to deal with a congress that will furiously question him at almost every turn. There will be those across the aisle and those perhaps among his own supporters that will questions his methods and policy.

Such is the way of the Canadian Legislative process.

No one can deny that the legislature is a necessary and productive weapon in the arsenal of an efficient government. It is necessary to investigate before legislating.

There will be tax crusaders, for both lowering and raising.
There will be bickering, both trolling and productive
There will be those who are Pro-EDEN.
There will be those who will be Anti-EDEN.
There will be those who are in it for 5 gold.

It will be the job of the executive to try to convince those stubborn people that his way is the right way. For, in the end, the power of this government is in its legislature. They will have the right to approve and the right to deny. The executive who forgets that will be the executive who has lost the people. For the power of the people lies in the representatives which they elect to serve in that legislature.

So here are some tips for the incoming CP:

-- Release an article every 3-4 days or so. Communicate. Even if there is absolutely nothing to talk about, give them something. They’ll be happy to just see a little thing every now and then.
-- Get on IRC. This is going to be a very useful tool. It makes communications between countries much easier, as well as communication with the people, if they so choose to log on.
-- Announce any intentions you have at the moment you make that decision. The people have a right to know.
-- Don’t be afraid to go back on what you’ve said. If you think you’ve made a grave mistake, or something could very well go horribly wrong, man up. Right the wrong. Take the criticism. Move along. Don’t let ego or pride get in the way.
-- Don’t be afraid to lead. When faced with heavy opposition in Congress, don’t just give up. Fight for your ideas. It is your job to set policy and convince Congress of that policy.
-- Get some fresh air every once in awhile. It can be very easy to get attached to the game and the duties that come with being the CP. So take a day off every now and then.

In the end, it is a rewarding job. You meet a lot of people, and you can have a lot of fun. Yet, it is only for those with the time to commit and the passion to lead.

Now, I’d like to thank my cabinet for their help this past month:

Shoi and Mary: You two have been wonderful advisors during the past two terms. I cannot thank you enough for the endless conversations during the early hours of the morning as we discussed the possibilities for Canada. Although, I probably should have been doing actual work...

Thankfully, my term is ending just as finals really start up. I’m sure Mary and others know my pain and share in this great struggle.

Klop: Thanks for updating battle orders so routinely that I barely ever had to do it. It was a good show of dedication and certainly took a burden off my shoulders.

Smoke: Thanks for the internal help. Sure, there wasn’t that much to do, but at we least got that welcome message through!

So to round up my term: I REGRET NOTHING!

Now, what will i do? I’m not sure. Enjoy some nice free time? Go to a different country? Fingerguns keeps pestering me to move to the USA...

In any case, Canada will continue to move forward.

So, I guess this is the time when I bid you all farewell. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to serve you in the past two months. May Foxfire lead us in the right direction for the month to come.

Our history will be what we make of it. A great future lies ahead, if you can shape it to be such.

Good Night, and Good Luck.

CP of Canada



Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Tag 1,842, 15:53

o7 Good run.

Wally Cleaver
Wally Cleaver Tag 1,842, 15:55

"Get on IRC"

Ya, cause that's the first thing Foxfire's going to do.

Mythacat Tag 1,842, 15:56


Edmond.D Tag 1,842, 15:58

Shiny days to you sire.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Tag 1,842, 15:59

o7 no regrets.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Tag 1,842, 16:01

"Release an article every 3-4 days or so."

ya, cause the CP-elect tried to use month old articles as his platform. Cabine-what?

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Tag 1,842, 16:02


TheBurningMan Tag 1,842, 16:07

Good run EPD.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Tag 1,842, 16:49

I've never known a CP who has been so obsessed with foreign policy, and yet has so little to show for it. Could've used a Congress to guide you in your quixotic quest I suppose.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Tag 1,842, 17:12


ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Tag 1,842, 17:18


Foxfire Tag 1,842, 17:31


Venoms III
Venoms III Tag 1,842, 17:35

The future of eCanada
will not be so bright.

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Tag 1,842, 17:55

10 pts to funky for using quixotic

bdlueck Tag 1,842, 18:32

Listen to fingerguns!!!

klop123 Tag 1,842, 18:54


Bucephalus92 Tag 1,842, 19:26

Move to the US, its an...interesting time here

chewytaz Tag 1,842, 19:29

No Order of Canada,


Derphoof Tag 1,842, 19:39

@Chewy: I thought about that, but I was in a hurry. So I didn't go see who all is in it and who isn't. I assume there's an updated list on the forums somewhere?

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Tag 1,842, 20:24


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Tag 1,842, 21:17


Irrelevant note: I think I'm seeing Nosyt's ghost with all my ~hyuu~s...

Derphoof Tag 1,842, 21:21

Nosyt has spiritually become one with you, Mary....

Its the only way to explain it!

Internet Republik
Internet Republik Tag 1,843, 16:21


MCA421 Tag 1,843, 21:07

o7 good term man

Lord Julian Moretti
Lord Julian Moretti Tag 1,844, 23:50

L0... whoops.. i mean o7!!!

TheSmoke Tag 1,844, 15:27

o7, now the real derping begins!
Good stuff bud!

another tip is not to steal

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