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[CP] Battle Orders Day 1820

Tag 1,819, 15:52 Veröffentlicht in Canada USA von Derphoof

Click the icons below to get straight to the battles that will help Canada & her allies!

Fight for CANADA in NWT!!!

Help to reclaim our regions in the resistance wars! We'll need all of the damage we can get!!!

Fight for NETHERLANDS against POLAND!

If you have the money to move, do it and help the Dutch!!!

ElPatoDiablo & Klop123
CP of Canada & MoD of Canada


chewytaz Tag 1,819, 16:08

Finally awesome graphics for the battle orders.

But don't we have an org for this?

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Tag 1,819, 16:08

Oh that crown is just soooo ugly :PP

Derphoof Tag 1,819, 16:11

@Chewy: I've been waiting for the org to be reset but Plato was taking a bit too long.

OneJuan Tag 1,819, 17:57

Hail Colombia
Hail Argentina
Hail Canada
Hail Eden

chriswen Tag 1,819, 18:39

What about Ireland, we need Quebec and Ontario back

Derphoof Tag 1,819, 18:48

We are beating the Irish in Quebec, and I believe that they have been instructed at times to fight for Canada. We will get Ontario back when the opportunity arises. We are easily able to beat the Irish in RW's, anyways.

We need to focus on the Polish RW's because those regions are much harder to get back.

TheSmoke Tag 1,819, 22:12

Awesome job, looking forward to seeing more!


NoobPower Tag 1,820, 05:03

Need Quebec and Ontario back for weapons bonuses!!!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Tag 1,820, 08:30

'easily beat the Irish in RW's'

Well, we'll go out of our way to help you with that if you need us to

Zappie Tag 1,820, 09:51

Helping us would help a lot! That way we can keep focus on Poland. Right now the RW in Ontario is very close as many of us fighting vs Poland.

Eric Last
Eric Last Tag 1,820, 10:11


These images actually debuted while I was MoD under Rylde, and credit for them goes to Doctor of Souls. They didn't get much use, though, because Rylde fired Simon and I not too long after they were first used, lol.

They are definitely the best order images we've had, though, and I'm glad to see they're in use again.

chewytaz Tag 1,820, 12:23

"under Rylde"
that's why i didn't see them before.

Plugson Tag 1,820, 19:41

A message from one of our allies:

Help eNL:

FromL: van Spijck | 12 minutes ago

"Friends and allies, I'm calling out to you! Please come and help us fight the pink imperial bastards, that will attack us in 6 to 7 hrs. We need your help! o7

They've killed our NAP, because they "need" anotherone of our 2 leftover regions.

Let's give them HELL! o7"

fyi: pink = Poland

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