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[BOOM] ePhilippine Basketball Association Sign-Ups

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The ePhilippine Basketball Association Sign-Ups are almost done and we only have eight teams. Many players are interested at first but then backs out. Please join the league.

Now, we can't start the inaugural season without team managers. They will be responsible in drafting, trading, and signing players in their teams. For those who are interested, fill up this form. Deadline of Applications will be on March 31.

As of March 29, eight teams have joined the league:

1. Red Horse Energy Kings of Commissioner Boy Pick Up.*
2. Petronas Cules of Malaysian Owner Leo Syahmessi.
3. Malaysia Al-Mirsat of Malaysian Owner RyuYuki.
4. Jollibee Stingers of Filipino Owner Al Raposas.
5. Durex Philippine Eagle of Filipino Owner BaZ GraveDigger.
6. Red Guards of Turksish Owner Eldarion Sionnodel.
7. Manila Rockets of Filipino Owner Warlie Zambales Diaz.
8. Vienna Pinoy Queens of Filipino Owner Marie von Gablitz.

* - Association Owned Team.

For discussions about the Philippine Basketball Association, you can go to the forums by clicking here.

We have already set up the ePhilippine Basketball Association Wiki Page. If you want to visit the page, just click here

* Season Champion: 7 Gold and 2500cc
* 1st Runner-Up: 2 Gold and 1500cc
* 2nd Runner-Up: 1 Gold and 1000cc
* Most Valuable Player: 1 Gold and 500cc

Boy Pick Up
Grand Duke of Visayas
Minister of Culture and Education
PBA Commissioner

Vincenzo Roque
Grand Duke of Palawan
KMP Party President
PBA Assistant Commissioner


CobraaAn Tag 1,957, 01:21

Fight here for India -> http://www.erepublik.com/en/military/battlefield/39863

Easy bhs, all divisions -.-
Come on, join fight, grab your medal and flag!

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