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[Ashwamedh] SPECIAL OFFER Pay Outs

Tag 1,900, 02:54 Veröffentlicht in India Serbien von Ind1anMartyr

Alright guys, based on responses and generally observing who's been online and active, this is the final list that I have come up with. (Many thanks to SHockwavve for helping me)

As you would notice I had earlier said 15 people BUT... a couple of cool dudes have come up to lend a helping hand ... Many MANY thanks to them for being the awesome dudes that they are! o7

1. Sepultura

2. Lysander Spooner II

In short its great to see that many new players working towards a stronger India and its only fit to give them a small token of appreciation!

1. SCBose
2. davidselva
3. sibeesh
4. ajay bhasy
5. Ashish Raghav
6. hem Sharma
7. Nilesh123
8. games.k67
9. Hrishikesh Krishnatreya
10. Stranger Prathik
11. Ramanan viswa
12. Bon3fang
13. Bharmal
14. Manikandan Kaliyamurthi
15. Theinvisiblelight
16. sourabhkmr (could only donate 9.2 gold)
17. Dahiya
18. Ferdrik
19. nervesofsteel
20. xicor13
21. mahesh17
22. Dinesh Raju
23. Shockwavve
24. humble57
25. Karan korgaonker
26. MikeEhermantraut
27. MJA88
28. Cadfan
29. Subashree alice
30. Superstrik

All the above have been paid. I hope they make good use of it!

If there is someone else who thinks they deserve it, PLEASE put your name in a comment below. Remember time is at a premium, so you best hurry!



Also, other mentors if you think I have missed a genuine person, please feel free to add him/her AS A COMMENT BELOW...I will try my best to accomodate.





Dranze R
Dranze R Tag 1,900, 03:20

pertamax o7

Akshay.IN Tag 1,900, 03:32

I need mentor i have two options 1) Upgrade Climbing Center (30g) to Q3 2) Build Rubber plantation Factory(35g) out of above which should i choose ????

lHonouR Tag 1,900, 04:04

Thanks to all 3 of you 🙂

Ind1anMartyr Tag 1,900, 05:28

pls note that ALL of the above have been paid up : D

Lysander is waiting for a few more names... anyone else active?

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Tag 1,900, 05:51

Thanx for help bhai

plz also donate to MuAkhtar http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/6956660

he is playing daily frm cell

MikeEhrmantraut Tag 1,900, 05:53

I haven't been paid

Ind1anMartyr Tag 1,900, 06:24

@ Mike - sorry dude I completely forgot! paid you now

Ind1anMartyr Tag 1,900, 06:24

@ Hem - Lysander will pay Jaskaran : D

RD1234 Tag 1,900, 06:40

/me searches for RD1234's name on the list

Ind1anMartyr Tag 1,900, 06:50

/me forwards your name to Lysander : D

MikeEhrmantraut Tag 1,900, 07:40

thank you 🙂

Lonqu Tag 1,900, 09:15

Awesome job! o7

o7 to Lysander and Sepultura too.

off whisky
off whisky Tag 1,900, 09:50

Day 1,539, 12:43
Hi, I'm new. Nobody around here does not help me. Please send me some bread and some weapons do not have no weapon and no bread. Please please help me. pleaseeeee !!!!!!!

Ind1anMartyr Tag 1,900, 14:20

@ mekong.... hahahahahhaha

Blast from the past o/

Nervesofsteel Tag 1,900, 19:23


mahesh17 Tag 1,900, 19:44

thank you 🙂

sathish.c Tag 1,900, 22:14

I like to upgrade my training center. It will be g8 if u donate some gold for me.

rGun amar
rGun amar Tag 1,901, 00:21

i'm left out 🙁

Sujithra Gopinath
Sujithra Gopinath Tag 1,901, 00:44

hi im playing continuously....🙁

ayush121212 Tag 1,901, 04:26


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