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[Ashwamedh] Slowing Down

Tag 1,900, 12:26 Veröffentlicht in India Serbien von Ind1anMartyr

Let me get right to the point.

My previous article was tongue in cheek and basically for fun. This one isnt.

I came back from the dead, gave all I had... but my time is running out. Its really sad and pathetic how lame our media is, when I can have multiple articles on the front page.

To the relief of most losers, I am about to go dormant... (within 10 days) will miss it all but I have kind of had enough.

The Media inactivity is sad and I seem to be labelled as a true old fag and Mr. Acid. Im kinda tired now and dont have much will power.

15 days bros... swim or sink.. ideally please push me to oblivion with awesome articles.

oh and support Xrodin for CP



Stolch Tag 1,900, 12:33

you're going nowhere you oldfag, you brought me back in the game, no freedom for you! : P

Ind1anMartyr Tag 1,900, 13:41

lolzzzzzzzzzz : D

Patanjali Tag 1,901, 04:26

yep, and Richard parker bring me back, so it is your responsability too.

So, keep the course or we will all go back to our Ashrams 😃

Dranze R
Dranze R Tag 1,901, 06:43

*Conditions Apply

Drunk Articles are not to be taken seriously

Xicor13 Tag 1,901, 09:49

You leave,I leave : /

No Arguements in that : /

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Tag 1,902, 00:07


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