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[AMP]Chief of Awesome Address - Statistically Speaking

Tag 1,914, 21:14 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von Crimsonninja

Today marks the end of the term! So how about we close things with a little bit of statistics!

Battle Buddies
As you know, this term, we introduced a Recruitment program called Battle Buddies, an incentive for members to invite their friends to join the party, allowing them to get tanks as a reward for their service to the party.

For the month of January 2013, 11 people were invited to join the party by AMP members! A total of 440 tanks were given out to the new members as well as the referers! Great job, AMP! Let’s keep this up!!!

It’s always hard to recruit new people to join the party and it’s even harder to get them to sign up on the forum, but we managed! For the month of January 2013, we managed to get 24 new AMP members to sign up on our forum! We need to keep this up! Let’s get some more recruiting done!

Members Retention
At the beginning of the term, the number of members started out at around 470 eUSA citizens. Time passes by, as it always does, and we see some changes to those numbers. As usual, we see people come and go. Unfortunately, we saw more people leaving the party than joining the party. As of today, February 15th, 2013, the AMP members count is 433. We can do better than this people! Recruit as many people as you can!

AMP Charity Drive
This term, we had a charity drive going. We have received many donations from our faithful AMP members! For that, we, the Round Table, thank you! This term, we collected....

Q2 Food: 5903
Q3 Food: 10234
Q5 Food: 892
Q7 Food: 500

Q7 Weapons: 525

Money: $100 USD

That’s a lot! Thank you, once again, for all of your generous donations!

Remember to check out the forums and if you haven’t already, vote for Dr Luis Sentieiro in the PP election!

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Crimsonninja Tag 1,914, 21:15

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