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[AFA] few borring and one interesting stuff here

Tag 1,846, 11:41 Veröffentlicht in USA Serbien von Hanibal LA

Day 1846

Dear eAmericans,

I'll do this as short as it possible. I forgot how looks like when i write about regular eRepublik stuff, and i miss that. So from now on, i promise to all of you, and to myself, i'll try to write more abot those stuff and less about politics.

In this article, i will sumarize what we done in last period.

-CP elections

Presidential elections are done, AFA really did great. After winning 33% on Congressional elections, we did even great on Presidential. You must realize we fight against Unity candidate and 5 parties, so, result of 40% is more then great. That's far more then 33% we reached on Congressional, and now I'm sure our victory is closer then ever.

I must notice one more thing and that's AFA approved 76 passes between Nov 6th and Dec 5th, 33 people left eUSA, and still we won 117 votes more then on Congressional. Total number of votes on Congressional and Presidential are almost same.

That means that other eAmericans, not just AFAers and our supporters voted for us. Does this means eAmericans finaly reazlite which side is right...well, stay tuned, and we will find out 😉

-PP primary

Few months ago AFA started with democratic processes in our inner politics. One of most important for sure is primary. Every legit AFAer have chance to show his capability and to candidate himself. Who will be next AFA PP is only on AFAers.

Primary process started 2 days ago, and currently we are on discussion thread. Tmorrow we will start with nominations and i'm calling you all, AFAers, to join forums and help us to elect new AFA PP.


All stats showing we are bigger and stronger with every day. That's enough for us. Sooner or latter we will prevail. We are not in hurry. Our main goal were and will be 51% of Congress and PotUS position, so i'm calling all of you, who are sick of current US Gov and borred with doing nothing, to join us and help us to prevail in future.

Future of eUSa is in AFA hands.


I got this great idea, and i'm calling every AFAer to put on new uniforms. Soon, i hope, whole eUSA will have same, unique avatars. Be one of us...be AFAer.

and special surprise for all members of Neutrality, Revolution, AED and Legend3 MUs. Brand new uniforms adapted to official AFA frame.

That's all for now folks. From now on, expect more interesting stuff from me.

For shout:

[AFA] few borring and one interesting stuff here



Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Tag 1,846, 11:42


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Tag 1,846, 11:44


K1tho Tag 1,846, 11:45


BrandonJ Tag 1,846, 12:03


bigcdizzle Tag 1,846, 12:04

Hanibal only wears that uniform because it's the closest thing to a Marine he can be.

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Tag 1,846, 12:06

We should do a citizenship test for the so called patriots!

John Largo
John Largo Tag 1,846, 12:07

uniform theives

The-Comedian Tag 1,846, 12:07

The marines will crush you.

MadiMadeleine Tag 1,846, 12:07


StreakyTyphus Tag 1,846, 12:08


Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Tag 1,846, 12:09


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Tag 1,846, 12:10

our uniforms are asesome \o/

Cstarlight21 Tag 1,846, 12:11

if you want to be unique, get your own uniform design instead of stealing ours. Disgraceful.

snake dr
snake dr Tag 1,846, 12:13

not so original if you ask me, neither in colors nor in design

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Tag 1,846, 12:18

Starry, im sure it's uunique. and i dont know who stole that style u wearing. u from canadians, or canadians from u ?!

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Tag 1,846, 12:18

and i think u guys are just a jelaous !!!

faugnero Tag 1,846, 12:18

not so "unique"

LongLiveTheElitists Tag 1,846, 12:19

Yay Hanibal!

DonH0mer Tag 1,846, 12:28

You did a great job creating multies. Gratz

Artemis Bane
Artemis Bane Tag 1,846, 12:28

Save that the Canadian design features our beloved maple leaf, is dimensioned and spaced slightly differently. Trust me on that one.

logamac Tag 1,846, 12:30

The AFA is a band of immigrants in one party. I don't mind immigrants but if you want to be accepted then join the Americans if you want to be American...

o Gravy
o Gravy Tag 1,846, 12:30

learn to English derp

Tiacha Tag 1,846, 12:32

*Files for copyright infringement*

Bia Pandora Tag 1,846, 12:44

Kommentar gelöscht

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,846, 12:51


Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Tag 1,846, 12:54

ours uniform is more dark blue and the marines is more green
plus a unique feature in the lower right corner
and all of us will be able to clearly differentiate,
but if it's still a problem ok
Avatar will change if the majority of comments being negative
and the problem is solved

sonix Tag 1,846, 12:56

OMG Fags!!
Lies ... Lies ... Wanna be Marine .. Bullshit

E a g l e K i n g
E a g l e K i n g Tag 1,846, 13:00

great uniform ! thanx Hanibal!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,846, 13:02

Of course they are negative twit ITS A COPY OF THE eUS MILITARY FRAME.

You people have ZERO honor. Nothing but liars and theives, stealing what you can't earn the right way.

Our avatars arent green, they are RED, WHITE AND BLUE. Learn your American colors for the love of God.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,846, 13:03

Taking our frame, altering the color slightly and slapping that ugly PTO avatar on it is not "unique", it's pathetic.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,846, 13:05

And it is intended to TRICK newer players into thinking you belong to an MU with honor and history.

You don't.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Tag 1,846, 13:09

This does look a lot like the marine 'vatar. The spacing is different and the bg color too, but the core design is the same.

Theocratic avatar (you have it inside the box of my avatar) could be used as a template for AFA. For example, set BG to red+white (just replace green with white in my avatar) and add AFA logo in the lower left corner (instead of the cross and half-moon). If you don't see what I told you, tell me, I'll customize it for you in almost no time.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Tag 1,846, 13:13

@Bia: red+white+blue are quite basic colors. Appart from being colors of the US flag, they are also colors of Slavic unity, Russian, Yugoslavian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, ... (due to Slavic unity), but also French, Netherlands, Thailand, and so on. Thus, I believe RWB is not too much of a US-defining factor. Not that those colors are not used in the US flag, of course.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,846, 13:18

Hostilian, no matter how much time you spend trying to pretty them and the situation up, they are still ugly thieves whose intent is to lie, cheat and steal whatever they have to, to take over this country.

They have no shame, no honor and no integrity.

All they care about is tricking new players into unknowingly helping them through LIES and treachery. This is just another perfect example for the world to see.

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Tag 1,846, 13:20

look, the AFA is lead by a bunch of people who cant speak English OR create their own avatar frame!

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Tag 1,846, 13:21

Bia, I agree, the avatar they designed looks almost exactly as the marine avatar you're wearing. That's what I said in the first comment along with providing them with a new & different design template.

The-Comedian Tag 1,846, 13:37

Negative comment.

BugsBunnyz Tag 1,846, 13:39

DAMN YOU GUYS QUIT stealing everything!!

especially Maine Avatars!

Legolas555 Tag 1,846, 13:44

Kommentar gelöscht

HEARMERAWR Tag 1,846, 13:48

No honor No respect

Iamnameless Tag 1,846, 13:48

How about a border that says

"The AFA isn't fit to carry a Marine's jockstrap?"

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Tag 1,846, 13:51

You dun goofed Hanibal.

e5anderm Tag 1,846, 13:56

I won't get into the whole copying the marines thing

But why is the AFA badge angled and distorted? it makes the whole thing look fugly when the only circular part of the uniform is not actually a circle...

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Tag 1,846, 14:03

They were wearing an actual eUS Mil frame with the AFA emblem. They have recently (in the past couple of hours) come up with this darkened version.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Tag 1,846, 14:07

I was thinking of something like this:


just replace the black line with a red one, place regular stars instead of these mockups + put the afa logo instead of the AFA text.

I believe this would be a better avatar for AFA.

Not that I understand why a party would have avatars, I thought that was only for MUs.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Tag 1,846, 14:09

Btw, I just realized I have no red pencils in my house... It's my birthday next Sunday, so you know what I don't have ; )

Kellman Tag 1,846, 14:13

>Click to download unique avatar frame
I do not think that word means what you think it means...

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Tag 1,846, 14:13

Oh my.

Real Marines don't have to PTO their government.

Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Tag 1,846, 14:22

your stolen ava is bad and you should feel bad.
negative comment

Krimpie Tag 1,846, 14:38

It's kinda flattering that the shortbus brigade have to copy my marines.

It proves my point tho that the whole damn gang dont have enough brains or originality between them to fill a boot

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