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No orders for now

29 Dia 601, 13:20 Publicado em Switzerland Switzerland

We are evaluating the current situation in the world and we are moving diplomatically. Please, you hold high your wellness, soon we will be called to arms, and we expect a war difficult.
We love war difficult because in case of victory the glory

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Together you can save your country

50 Dia 599, 13:18 Publicado em USA USA

Is clear that PEACE wants to invade your country, Hungary come into your country through Canada, Indonesia come to hawaii through Japan and Russia with its activated MPP's will attack from the north-west, you have to prepare for a big war, I advice

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12 Dia 594, 14:37 Publicado em Switzerland Switzerland

I forgot to add a part in new citizen message and I must correct the chan, tomorrow or Wednesday I must rewrite. -.-'

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Thank you theocratics, thank you lazocrazy

35 Dia 594, 03:37 Publicado em Switzerland Switzerland

Thank you theocratics brothers for having elected president me, I hope that I will be a good president. I want thank the brothers lazocrazy for their help against italy, we do not want the french-area. Theocracy&Lazocracy CO-Operation!

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La fine della politica in Italia

46 Dia 593, 09:52 Publicado em Italy Italy

Ormai è chiaro la politica in italia non serve più, il congresso non conta niente, il capo supremo italiano è l'hq.
Ma Ragazzi che sta succendo?
Cioè il congresso deve sottostare alle scelte dell'hq? Deve essere l'incontrario da come la vedo io.

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