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60 Dia 614, 02:52 Publicado em Italy Italy

L'italia non conta proprio nulla in Peace, i vostri amici ungheresi e i vostri alleati hanno preferito andare a fare take-over in giro piuttosto che salvare l'Italia, siete ancora convinti che sono vostri amici?
Io ne dubito, è ora che ne prendiate

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One year of eRepublik, thanks to all!

75 Dia 612, 03:24 Publicado em Romania Romania

I am writing this article in Romania because I was born when Romania and Sweden were the great giants to beat.
Sweden had just conquered Saarbrucken, Romania began to dominate the world, Spain was exiting from MA. One year has passed and many

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You will not have to surrender

30 Dia 606, 08:24 Publicado em USA USA

Losing your original regions: Alaska and Washington is a hard blow for you, I can only imagine, but you will not have to surrender, war is still very long.
I must admit that PEACE have a good strategy of attack and have some aces in the sleeve to

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134 Dia 605, 03:51 Publicado em Indonesia Indonesia

It says in the Charter of the PEACE GC:

Section 1.1.3
The PEACE Global Community shall be established as a defensive alliance that will pursue peace in good faith.

I was impressed by PEACE for its choice, for this I have fought until

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Good job brothers!

38 Dia 603, 08:23 Publicado em Switzerland Switzerland


Switzerland fights 807 damage 94509

Great brothers! we did a good job!


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