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Founded in 2008 in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Seeking the Holy Grail is a long running relic in publishing. It's a magazine that covers mostly the topic of history, and seconds as a political insider.

The Time has Come; Will you make a difference?

13 Dia 810, 21:27 Publicado em North Korea North Korea

We really need to start working together if we ever want to actually regain political control and influence over North Korea. We need to unite under one flag and one party, with one goal. This goal is liberty and prosperity. We need to organize

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Congradulations Mr. President, Now We'll Impeach You

10 Dia 748, 17:01 Publicado em Switzerland Switzerland

Oh those sneaky, sly, and oh so two faced Swiss Librals. Aren't they just so sincere? Nearly 2 days after Nicktheh won the Presidential Elections in switzerland in an almost landslide vote, the congressionally dominent party, The Swiss Libral Party

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Phoenix, the Imminent Threat To Our Well Being

9 Dia 746, 05:39 Publicado em Switzerland Switzerland

As I have observed throughout the past weeks, many of PEACE's former superpowers had resigned from PEACE. People were confused, many thinking EDEN had won the war. Well it turns out my theory was correct. All of the superpowers left PEACE to drop

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