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why do i keep coming back...

Dia 2,127, 13:13 Publicado em Romania Tailândia por tasos maximous

Summer is over long ago.

Some players went small trips others went bigger trips, few stayed in their home. Some of those who left had some quality time with family others did some crazy things with friends and there are those who had some romantic vacations with their other half. All of us have one thing in common, we are back in erepublik.

A game that has no extreme graphics, a game that has many bugs, a game that is full of hate, a game that now is very unbalanced and last but not least a game that if you want to play in a “pro” level is way to expensive than any other game.

Sometimes this makes me wonder why I login every day, why do I spend money here and most of all why do I keep coming back. These are few questions that made me think a lot the reasons that I keep coming back. For a new player considering all those I mention before is highly unlikely not only to come back but even to be here for a large period. For an old player like me things are quite different.

Been here for more than 3 years makes erepublik the biggest long term task I ever had. I was in other games before and during my presence here. The one thing that kept
me here is people that I met and people that I never met 🙂 . I know that this is that what everybody is going to say, but it is the truth.

I will never forget the time when I was still new player, something really bad had happened to me in real life something that normally would had made me quit not only erepublik but many other things at this point I was shocked because people that I met only 2-3 months ago offered me help. I was and still am very proud and stubborn to accept any kind of help in any issue and I never accept it but I realized that here I can
find some good people.

As the months became years I had started going into meetings. Going out with strangers is not something that I am used too but it was fun. I can say that I had quality time with people that I met for first time. The next step after local meetings was international meetings. I was in one of them in Romania and I had the rare opportunity to meet people from other countries people that I still talk. This was a life time experience, one that I will talk for many years.

Beside those I met in real life there those which I talk almost every day in chat or team speak. I am having good time there. These are people mostly from other countries people that share common dreams and thoughts with me, people older or younger than me. People married or still at school or college. People that stopped me from quitting erepublik. People that I shared my secrets, my pain and my joy. People that I know that there are here now with me and that they will always be no matter if I keep playing or not.

I think that i can write many many things about all those people i met here things that we said and in which way some of them changed the way i think in real life, but some things are mend to be private. All i can say is thank you for been here for me.

For all those people I am here and I am really happy for that.
As for those that I never met in person I hope that one day I will.

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R3spect0r Dia 2,127, 13:28


tasos maximous
tasos maximous Dia 2,127, 13:30

1 τέταρτο προσπαθώ να κάνω comment και ήρθες αμέσως να κάνεις 😛

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Dia 2,127, 13:29

1st denied

turturica Dia 2,127, 13:30


alzena Dia 2,127, 13:32


ghishae Dia 2,127, 13:32

good. next time you'll go romanian on me, right? 🙂

alfagamma Dia 2,127, 13:33

once a friend, always our man 🙂

Kane 007
Kane 007 Dia 2,127, 13:34


Thessaloz Dia 2,127, 13:35


CRIS 99 Dia 2,127, 13:36


mide13 Dia 2,127, 13:36


Fedor DSD
Fedor DSD Dia 2,127, 13:36

b v

AggelosPnS Dia 2,127, 13:37


Monaxoulis Dia 2,127, 13:38


Kradlivi Bulgari
Kradlivi Bulgari Dia 2,127, 13:38


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Dia 2,127, 13:39

just .......... a smile ....

poseidonsr Dia 2,127, 13:39


erepub1ik Dia 2,127, 13:42


Panikk Dia 2,127, 13:43

V, no kiss on the lips.

nikolaosnikolaosnikolaos Dia 2,127, 13:47


GX99 Dia 2,127, 13:49


VOIDOKOILIAS Dia 2,127, 13:53

delighted to meet u taso.maybe u wont believe it but u changed my life.really.thank u o/

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Dia 2,127, 13:54

Voted. : )

Alina V
Alina V Dia 2,127, 13:55

Welcome, Tasos 🙂
Good luck and thank you! 🙂

titziano Dia 2,127, 13:56


ardealu Dia 2,127, 13:58


Angelique.A Dia 2,127, 13:58

So true Taso...Behind those pixels are some good people. I'm happy to have met you here, and I really really hope to meet you iRL soon. You are a great friend.

NikThe Greek
NikThe Greek Dia 2,127, 13:58


Eva Rosalene
Eva Rosalene Dia 2,127, 14:03


Adieu. Dia 2,127, 14:20

Keep Going On \o/

msriasu Dia 2,127, 14:42

Big Vote!

stronggrekk2 Dia 2,127, 14:51


oboj Dia 2,127, 14:51

votasos 🙂

Lakis Gavalas
Lakis Gavalas Dia 2,127, 14:57


Nukeru Dia 2,127, 14:57


lef-7 Dia 2,127, 14:58


Ilias the Greek
Ilias the Greek Dia 2,127, 14:58

Στο foreign office απευθύνεται ή σε ελληνικό κοινό?

Βαριέμαι να μεταφράζω....

not voted

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Dia 2,127, 16:06

Αν είχες κάνει τη μετάφραση θα έβλεπες ότι είναι για διαγωνισμό της Ρουμανίας 🙂

googoodoll Dia 2,127, 15:29

It got us Mesmerised

Slider Dia 2,127, 16:25


notterosa Dia 2,127, 22:28


zedkar Dia 2,127, 22:33

It's amazing Tasos o7

LeRoiv77 Dia 2,128, 03:05

....a inceput articolul pe un ton plangacios, si sincer, credeam ca pe final ne spune ca a fost violat:)

LeRoiv77 Dia 2,128, 05:51

But a nice story;)

Petrica Somalezu
Petrica Somalezu Dia 2,128, 06:17

Lol, I wonder if he will use Google Translate for this 😁

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Dia 2,128, 07:41

I am using translators all the time 😛

TheYakuzini Dia 2,128, 06:51

ce glume de autobaza

LeRoiv77 Dia 2,128, 07:09

🙂 hai sa plangem toti in cor pentru un articol, mai trebuie si cate o gluma pe ici pe colo, dar se pare ca sunt unii care nu le totusi, de autobaza de tractorist de santier, cum vrei tu sa fie, e gluma mea si nu te obliga nimeni sa razi, si nici sa o apreciezi...aja ca, baga mainile in buzunar si planji in continuare.

TheYakuzini Dia 2,128, 06:52

o7 tasos.

Sad because we didn't meet in Thessaloniki.

Maybe another time. \o/

LeRoiv77 Dia 2,128, 07:12


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