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Weapon Price analysis, or why you should buy Q7s

Dia 1,944, 09:51 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por Elvis Trout

Part 2 available now

This is just in case any of you think you're saving money by buying cheaper weapons, or perhaps you produce lower quality weapons and use them rather than buy weapons.
Truth is you'd be better off selling them and buying top quality. If you can't afford enough Q7s for all your fights it's actually better to buy Q7s and then fight barehanded when they run out than buy cheaper weapons, here's why:

These are the current prices (averaged for the first cheapest 100 weapons on the market)

Q1 0.54
Q2 1.09
Q3 1.74
Q4 2.40
Q5 3.25
Q6 3.80
Q7 6.96

and this is the power and durability of each weapon

Damage% duration
Q1 20 1
Q2 40 2
Q3 60 3
Q4 80 4
Q5 100 5
Q6 120 6
Q7 200 10

Now if we look at cost per hit (this is the cost of 1 hit with each weapon) obviously Q1 is cheapest, and interestingly Q6 is cheaper than Q5.

cost per hit
Q1 0.54
Q2 0.55
Q3 0.58
Q4 0.60
Q5 0.65
Q6 0.63
Q7 0.70

However when we look at the damage you get for what you spend the picture changes.

cost per % damage
Q1 0.027
Q2 0.014
Q3 0.010
Q4 0.008
Q5 0.007
Q6 0.005
Q7 0.003

You pay almost 3p for every 1% extra damage you get with a Q1 weapons and only 1/3 of a penny for every 1% extra damage with a Q7.

therefore tl;dr
It's better to sell lower quality weapons and buy Q7s, or even to buy a few Q7s and fight barehanded for some fights than to buy lower Q weapons

Disclaimer, I have no Q7 factories I just like maths 🙂



LevK0 Dia 1,944, 11:05


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,944, 13:32

Voted hard \o/

Jny123 Dia 1,944, 14:12

"Disclaimer, I have no Q7 factories I just like maths"
lol you get a vote for that. good read on the whole really

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Dia 1,944, 17:43


0shin Dia 1,944, 18:29

voted \o/

nice article 😃

Gary Halliwell
Gary Halliwell Dia 1,945, 03:12

voted o7

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,945, 09:46

Good article, but don't forget to add in the cost of two lots of VAT when considering whether to sell low Q and buy high Q weapons.

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Dia 1,946, 08:52

a good point, I totally forgot! however Q7 is 40% better value than Q6 when buying with 1 lot of vat, so I don't think it will matter until prices converge more. Thanks for keeping me on my toes though.

shipamogli Dia 1,945, 09:50

Nice article, voted!

Strength and Honour

TTXXX Dia 1,945, 12:17


mick cain
mick cain Dia 1,945, 16:06

Interesting `read

mittekemuis Dia 1,945, 23:37

good to know

CaffeineHit Dia 1,946, 09:08

A more important factor that cost per hit is the experience vs. rank/strength trade off.

The key to an individual making an impact on the battle field is having higher strength and rank relative to their experience level.

Every hit regardless of Q creates the same experience.

Therefore, using lower quality weapons means experience increases faster proportionally that either rank or strength, pushing you up to the higher divisions earlier.

Younger players particularly should never fight with lower quality weapons. Far better to save up the cash to buy higher Q as this increase rank more with the hits you do. Plus this has the added benefit of having strength build up while you wait to have the cash for the higher Q weapons.

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