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We're Coming Back

Dia 1,922, 23:00 Publicado em Ireland EUA por Raven Anarcho

Peace is brought between two rivals while things heat up even more in South America. The tables turn in the Middle East as nations across the world fight for regions before election time.


Romania and Hungary have signed a Non-Aggression Pact, ending their most recent war. The war had gone almost entirely in Hungary’s favor, with Romania losing region after region and occasionally winning a resistance. Surprisingly, the treaty is equally beneficial to both nations: Romania will gain back all regions lost, and neither country shall declare war on one another.


Australia won its most recent Resistance War against New Zealand, in part of a final wave of RWs before congress elections. Fighting three enemies has proved challenging for the Aussies, as regions have been won and lost with every passing day. Recently, Australia and Ireland signed an MPP, in hopes that the two neutral nations can better relations and help one another in times of need.


After gaining back its regions, Greece has taken the fight to Bulgaria, hitting strongly. Since the attack, Bulgaria has lost two regions to Turkey, one to Saudi Arabia, and one to Greece. Luck has finally began turning in Iran’s favor as well. Recently they’ve gained back two regions from Russia. It seems EDENs core members left are giving all they have, while Colombia fights on in South America, with primarily only Argentina and Uruguay’s support.


Things have gone into further chaos in South America, as now Paraguay has attacked Argentina. The small nation has put up quite a fight, taking one region as a result of Argentina being concerned with Brazil. As it stands, Colombia is continuing its battles with Mexico and Venezuela, Argentina is continuing its wars with Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay, and Uruguay is preparing to attack Chile.


I have fought hard for Australia lately, racking up the most damage done for a campaign. I will continue fighting here temporarily, and move to and from Canada to try and assist against Spain. I have also been selected for the Irish Immigration Committee.


Issue Song:
Cock Sparrer - We're Coming Back

"There are periods in the life of human society when revolution becomes an imperative necessity, when it proclaims itself as inevitable." - Peter Kropotkin

The Irish Radical issue #28



Jeffrey Skilling
Jeffrey Skilling Dia 1,922, 23:15

May our friendship with eIreland last for a long time.

You are a great eCountry.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dia 1,922, 23:24

HUN-ROM treaty 😮

Tim_Holtz Dia 1,922, 23:34

o7 Ireland

James Keiller
James Keiller Dia 1,922, 00:54


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dia 1,922, 02:59

This article is blessed by The Word....

moomoohead Dia 1,922, 08:24

good article as always

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Dia 1,922, 08:47


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Dia 1,922, 09:37

good article as always mate

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dia 1,922, 14:11

Class Article again

MUFC992 Dia 1,922, 19:40

Good work brah

Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Dia 1,923, 12:03

Another great article.

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