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Tschüß, eÖsterreich!

Dia 1,516, 13:08 Publicado em Austria Áustria por Jeanlouis

Hello eAustria,

Over the past year, since coming to eAustria from eNew Zealand, I have grown more and more active politically and economically.

A year ago, I never even considered running for Country President nor owning my own businesses.

.....also, I actually liked the yeah, BIG changes.

I also made many new friends, unfortunately I had to say goodbye to alot of them but I shall continue to cherish the ones that I still have.

However, I believe it is yet again time for a change, this is why I am leaving eAustria.

But just because I am leaving, does not mean I won't be on IRC to still talk to all of you. I will always have close ties and strong feelings toward eAustria with which I could never even think to part.

Thank you, citizens of eAustria, for supporting me in all my congress campaigns, my monarchist proposal and to those who supported me in my recent presidential campaign.

I shall truly miss all of you.

Rot-weiß-rot bis in den tod!



A.Emmerich Dia 1,516, 13:17


Good luck in your endevaurs!

Neznainiqotkrainiq Dia 1,516, 13:47

Vote and subscribe from me too. I wish you luck no matter where you go and dont forget to have fun : }

Yhamilitz Dia 1,516, 17:49


and good luck

Schwrzwolf Dia 1,517, 05:15

Au revoir!

erdoni Dia 1,517, 11:39

Good Bye : /

Rangeley Dia 1,517, 19:38

Sad to see you go - good luck in your next adventures.

OEBernd Dia 1,518, 02:00

)-: Good luck!
I wish you the best and hope you will come back.

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