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The walls came down but the light came in.

Dia 1,814, 23:17 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Muglack
Today, I find myself standing in rubble.

Here we stand on the 6th of November on the other side of another Presidential Election. First I'd like to congratulate ElPatoDiablo on winning his second term as President of eCanada. Hopefully this month you'll be able to actually keep us on the map.

The election yesterday has done a lot of things. It has shown that in a country which historically has had one juggernaut party (DAL, EPIC, etc..) and has in recent history gone without a true powerblock has moved back towards that political balance and the vacuum at the top has been filled. Congratulations to the CPF on achieving a role that few parties before have managed to achieve. Soon you'll see the downside to being at the top. Everyone is out to get you, and there's nowhere to go but down.

Now that the kudos are out of the way it's time to get down to brass tacks.

There were a lot of failures in the election this month. The most glaring and obvious is the lack of an MDP nominee on the ballot. While Rylde's appearance and campaign may have made the nomination obsolete since he would have almost assuredly been given the nod from the party which he started, the fact that he wasn't is inexcusable.

What do I blame for this happening? While the list of reasons is long what it boils down to quite simply is a vacuum at the top. A weak leadership leads to a weak party, especially in a party that was designed to be an arch with the dictator assuming the role of keystone, rather than a pyramid where the strength comes from the base.

This vacuum is completely unacceptable. Months, and perhaps years of slow decline has left the party completely devoid of strong and decisive leadership. While occasionally a person will step up to take on the roll and excel for a short time, or a person from the past will once more pick up the mantle and drag the party behind them for a time, the hole at the top has slowly grown and the erosion of the party has reached an all time high.

As I made clear in my last article I intend to change this. On November 15th I intend to take back the party who's weight I carried for so long. But this time I come into it with fresh eyes, and can see what I did wrong the first time.

A picture of me rescuing the spirit of the MDP.

When I retake my position as Dictator of the MDP I will take the following actions:

1) Restart the Council. This tenet has gone forgotten for far too long. It was written for a reason, and the decline the party has seen in recent months it's clear evidence why it should of stayed in place.

2) Recruit up and coming players that can help not only the MDP but the country as a whole. To simply say we need new blood would be insufficient. We need new talent. The same 6 voices, saying the same 6 things, will most likely come up with the same 6 results. That will no longer be acceptable.

3) Actively reinvigorate the existing membership. This will be done through a series of articles, contests, and basically any means necessary to get the wheels of this party moving again. Too long have they sat stationary and rusted.

4) Bring to task those in this country that have adopted an "Us and Them" attitude. This country is done being divided. It's time that the choir of idiots are silenced, and those with an eye to the future who are willing to do what it takes to move this country forward are heard.

More to come between now and 15th.


Uncorporated Dia 1,814, 23:32

I just might rejoin MDP for this.

Mason Grey
Mason Grey Dia 1,814, 23:51

Goodluck, Muglack!

crisfire Dia 1,814, 00:02

good news for the MDP

klop123 Dia 1,814, 04:42

Finally Muglack mounts a comeback!

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,814, 05:27

Huh? I'm having a bad case of deja-vu. Mugsy, good luck. MDP needs it.

The epic failure of PoM-PoM this month should be testament enough, MDP is has finished its circling of the toilet bowl and is now in full flush.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,814, 05:58

I'm up for silencing idiots.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dia 1,814, 06:23

Yes, Venerable seemed to want the job, I guess it was too much for him. Or maybe a RL reason caused his disappearance. It wouldn't be the first time that happened to a player.

Time to move forward, I wish you luck in your bid for title of Dictator Muglack, with no successor anointed by the current dictator, this could turn into a dog fight.

MaxMaher Dia 1,814, 07:27

like it.

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dia 1,814, 07:34

i think this is the right direction for the MDP

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Dia 1,814, 07:45

"While Rylde's appearance and campaign may have made the nomination obsolete since he would have almost assuredly been given the nod from the party which he started, the fact that he wasn't is inexcusable."

Thats RL for ya

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Dia 1,814, 09:47

Voted for "Mad World", my favourite song of all times, and the saddast song I've ever heard in my life.

screamingslave Dia 1,814, 10:26

at least muglack is from the party and has put in his dues.

Not like the so called deja vu thit eIndian guy is talking about where somebody who used to hate and fight against the party dropped by parachute from an eUSA military plane leaving from their previous conquest attempt for a brief shot at the leadership before running off again when the attempt failed....

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,814, 10:27

"Or maybe a RL reason caused his disappearance"

It was RL enough a reason to use it as an excuse yet it wasn't reason enough to keep him completely away from the game. He has been active since he was elected, MDP simply wasn't his priority, or it wasn't the priority given to him by the Coalition Leadership Group.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,814, 10:28

People used that same excuse with Rylde, that he had RL issues, but he was active enough despite his issues in RL to move an Embargo motion against eUS. When RL constricts your in-game activity, what you do with that activity speaks to your priorities.

Muglack Dia 1,814, 11:16

Honestly, if something came up and I knew I wouldn't be able to fulfill my duties as PP of a top 5 party I'd take the 15 seconds required and resign as President so at least someone else could do the job.

And if it was a computer issue that's kept him away he could of used ANY computer to log on, it's not like a computer is hard to find in this day and age. It would take no time at all to nominate someone for CP, or to just step down as PP.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dia 1,814, 15:21

"It was RL enough a reason to use it as an excuse yet it wasn't reason enough to keep him completely away from the game."

Well, I can tell you I've seen hide nor hair of the dude for 2 weeks.

@Muglack, agreed, he could have done that, but he didn't. Knowing what I do today, I would still vote for PoM last month, if only to keep the stench of MOO away from MDP.

Utat Dia 1,815, 09:34


Code-Y Dia 1,815, 19:38

i lub muglack

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