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Re-Elect Rylde 4 CP

Dia 1,898, 22:02 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Rylde

Well as I outlined during last months campaign I intended for there to be back to back CP terms for myself. I had a plan and wanted to follow through with it.

We successfully threw in our loyalty with a new alliance and its been good so far. The budget has been sorted and payments to MU's have been running smoothly. Our MPP stack has been straightened out and prime countries are on the list.

Of course we got a little sidetracked with a few wars as is per usual with me at the helm. I'm not one to back down from any fight no matter the odds. Canada is losing slowly but holding its own vs a superpower. I hold true to that statement.

Its come to my attention certain individuals wouldn't mind seeing us wiped so the war and my leadership can be considered a failure. My only reply to that is I dare Spain to wipe us. Every territory they take makes our RW's that much stronger and ties them up that much longer.

Our allies are thrilled Spain is caught up in a useless war against us. If Spain thinks the cattle are worth that much I say keep it comin. Were not Portugal. Were Canada and we don't surrender.

I've had talks with Spain this weekend and they want it to be seen that this war wasn't a failure. Even though there now buying mercs as well and relying on support from allies. There terms are 3 maritime provinces to have Cattle and control our only path across the Atlantic.
Negotiations quickly went downhill after that because how do you rationalize with the irrational?.
How do you intimidate those that don't fear being wiped out. Our stubborness and unity are our strength.

If anyone checked out the UK media while we were steamrolling them they were almost rioting over there after 2 losses. Canada come's from a far superior breed. We don't divide under pressure we flourish and thrive on it.

Until they offer better terms along the lines of leaving our nation entirely and perhaps signing a NAP the war will continue. I don't negotiate from a postion of weakness.

I've already said it and I'll say it again there's only one way out of this war and we have to fight for it. Anyone else who says they have an easy path to freedom is either a fool, a liar or flat out ignorant.

So for good or ill i ask for another term to see where I can take us in this continued war with Spain.

Whats a wipe besides another chance to prove ourselves in another arena of war. Were not wiped yet though so if they want it lets make them earn it. I don't fear it and neither should you.

The road I plan for you won't be the easy one but its guarenteed to be the most entertaining.



Cesare Vino
Cesare Vino Dia 1,898, 22:04


Plugson Dia 1,898, 22:06

"Our stubborness and unity are our strength."

Grin and bear it. : )

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,898, 22:08

Fortune favours the bold!

Eric Last
Eric Last Dia 1,898, 22:15


I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dia 1,898, 22:53

This country is the strongest and is always the most exciting with you the helm.


crisfire Dia 1,899, 23:02

This country is the strongest and is always the most exciting with you the helm.

o7 x2

eLycaon Dia 1,899, 23:05


T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Dia 1,899, 23:45


Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,899, 00:04

This country is the strongest and is always the most exciting with you the helm.

o7 x3

MCA421 Dia 1,899, 02:07


JeguljaM Dia 1,899, 02:33

Voted and supported

The.Dude Dia 1,899, 02:34

No contest really. Easy decision.

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Dia 1,899, 04:13


Funky 24
Funky 24 Dia 1,899, 05:12

We're so much better than those Portuguese surrender monkeys.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dia 1,899, 05:57

Fortune favours the bold!

William Steele
William Steele Dia 1,899, 06:30

You have my vote. o7

TheCanadianPunk Dia 1,899, 06:43


TheBurningMan Dia 1,899, 07:34

This country is the strongest and is always the most exciting with you the helm.
o7 x4

Rona1d Dia 1,899, 07:41

If You want to be wiped,fine, at least we tried to reach an agreement, so don't blame us in the February 25.

panzer1990panzer Dia 1,899, 08:13

^^an optimist

Good luck in a second term Rylde it's been fun

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dia 1,899, 08:44


Anotherlamedrunk Dia 1,899, 09:20

MDP - Ever forward.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,899, 09:31


ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Dia 1,899, 09:54

im ready to draw more spanish blood!
Rylde for CP,
Audentes fortuna iuvat

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Dia 1,899, 10:08


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dia 1,899, 11:05

Contact us again Spain when you have had enough. No one controls the true north, strong and free but us.

TheyCallMeBugs Dia 1,899, 12:15

Give up the Maritimes ... NEVER!!!!!! Are they freaking nuts. Give them the finger and tell them to shove it where the Sun don't shine!

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,899, 12:36

Hands off the East Coast you dirty Spaniards. That is Gawd's country. Good luck Rylde.

barili maghsoud
barili maghsoud Dia 1,899, 12:46


Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,899, 13:19

In Peace we Fight, in War we Unite.


Dale Marks
Dale Marks Dia 1,899, 15:48

Great article, voted and GB the eCan society.

Unum Dia 1,899, 16:58

They want to wipe us? Well, first they can wipe our arses.

SaraDroz Dia 1,899, 20:07


Adrastos Amon
Adrastos Amon Dia 1,899, 21:00


MercBaker Dia 1,899, 22:10

Lets all be total badasses, because we cannot die online like in the real world! YAY! Voted! 😃

Damien Wolf
Damien Wolf Dia 1,900, 00:56

Rylde ever forward!

xLil Ninjax
xLil Ninjax Dia 1,900, 07:31

Canada is definitely most interesting with Rylde at the head! o7

Andrew McKenzie Caine
Andrew McKenzie Caine Dia 1,900, 07:55

o7 Give 'er!

Utat Dia 1,900, 08:27


Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,900, 08:59

Vote Rylde as fun as last month, but this month there is an eMarriage...

Technician Dia 1,900, 10:51

Sure I will vote you .....

you do not seem like a guy that would take any BS

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dia 1,900, 14:11


Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Dia 1,900, 15:28

"Canada come's from a far superior breed" - in the sense that the UK doesn't have British and French ancestry?

klop123 Dia 1,900, 20:04


It's a game mate, try not to overthink things eh ^__^

Dozzer_x Dia 1,902, 07:13

Fail, you're not a candidate.

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