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Offers! Offers! and more Offers!

Dia 1,786, 06:08 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Lord Penguin

Hello eCanada! (and the rest of you cretins)

I'm Penguin your resident honey badger, and have I got a deals for you!

My first awesome offer, that totally ruin this game!
Join my MU and receive absolutely nothing!

My second awesome deal is this!
Send me money and gold and receive 44% of my fucks for this game!

And new this time! (Although I probably should keep it under wraps to avoid outrage)
Make up a name for our loving Admins! The best one will receive $0.69 CAD 😃 (or maybe nothing)
Some examples are these!
Cock (that is a rooster obviously) sucking Ebola ridden leeches
Bunch of maggot infested parasitic wasps!

Good luck everyone!



Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,786, 07:46

~hyuu~s and hugs will now be 1 gold each.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Dia 1,786, 08:35

penguin is wearing his +2 sardonic cloak and sassy boots of sarcasm today.

TheBurningMan Dia 1,786, 10:23

Doin anything in this game will require 1 gold soon, better save up

M. Loiselle
M. Loiselle Dia 1,786, 10:44

You know, you can just leave if you hate it that much...

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,786, 10:49

But if he left we'd miss him. 😛

Corona Dia 1,786, 12:18

Who has the other 56%?!

I demand to know!

Lord Penguin
Lord Penguin Dia 1,786, 12:19

I would leave but that would save them server money, also people seem to like me

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,786, 12:43

like Pengiun??!? I love Penguin!!

Lord Penguin
Lord Penguin Dia 1,786, 13:12

Yay! :3

Muglack Dia 1,786, 14:01

"also people seem to like me"

They certainly SEEM to...

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dia 1,786, 14:01

There should be an offer to get ppl to join the game and 2 click for life without ever buying or spending gold

to use the server space of course

Uncorporated Dia 1,786, 16:51

I would leave a comment but it costs 1g...

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Dia 1,786, 17:07


Ryan Southcombe
Ryan Southcombe Dia 1,786, 22:46

very nice i would like to call the admins bumble beet and rotten ham spread san-wiches

Verzus Dia 1,787, 00:56

I approve this article!
Skillz was here!

Pants Magee
Pants Magee Dia 1,787, 05:52

I say Adminicons, like Decepticons but not quite. plus the suffix could be amusing aswell.

Why are you so angry today Honey-Penguin-Badger?

P. Magee

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Dia 1,787, 08:44

lol James, voted

Marshal858 Dia 1,787, 14:55

Well if no one else is entering the contest for 0.69 CAD or nothing! I will (In a year that could equal like 100 Gold!!)

Admin Nickname1: Useless as sweat glands on a civil servant

Admin Nickname2: Wally Cleaver (a synonym for Nickname1)

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