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NueveOcho's Magazine #7

Dia 1,868, 06:45 Publicado em India Espanha por NueveOcho

Hello everyone, today I release the 7th edition of my magazine, I hope that you like it.
Saludos a todos, hoy saco a la luz la 7ª edición de mi revista, espero que os guste.

Music for today’s article

Is not a secret that CTRL (the alliance project created by USA, Brazil, Spain and Poland) was not successful, since USA former CP ,Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, destroyed the relationships with Poland by writing an ultimatum to them because they signed a MPP with Hungary and Serbia, and then starts a nonsense war versus Macedonia and Hungary. But, can we say it was a waste of time? I don’t really think so, as the CTRL legacy is a prove of it.

For example: Brazil and Spain were enemies to the core, but ever since they get along really well, which turned the Spanish-Portuguese war into an easy war for Spain. Also, Brazil and USA leaving TERRA meant the destruction of the alliance, which turned EDEN a little weaker.

But the main impact appeared a few weeks ago, Brazil invading Taiwan, a full EDEN member, and USA joined Brazil, which meant that the MPPs they had with EDEN countries disappeared, and both countries started signing MPPs with CoT and some other countries (like Spoland and Germany). The many wars that involved CoT vs EDEN suffered a 180º twist and CoT started winning those wars, like Greece being wiped away from Europe, Turkey losing most of their colonies and Taiwan losing their home regions.

About the Brazilians, by joining CTRL their relationships with Argentina got gradually worse, and a couple of months ago their relationships were totally destroyed. This lead into Argentina losing all their colonies and Chile turning into the new South American superpower. Peru also started having a good relationship with Brazil, which leaded to them having the chance to hold 2 regions and having congress.

So, even though CTRL failed its legacy is still alive, and it turned several wars upside down and even disabled a whole alliance.

No es un secreto que CTRL (el proyecto de alianza creado por USA, brasil, Polonia y España) no fue exitoso, ya que el expresidente de USA, Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, destrozó las relaciones con Polonia al escribirles un ultimátum por aceptar el MPP con Hungría y Serbia, y luego empezar una guerra sin sentido contra Macedonia y Hungría. Pero, ¿podemos decir que fue una pérdida de tiempo? No lo creo, pues el legado de CTRL es una prueba de ello.

Por ejemplo: Brasil y España eran enemigos a muerte, y ahora se llevan muy bien entre ellos, lo que convirtió la guerra contra Portugal en un paseo de rosas para España. También, el que Brasil y USA abandonaran TERRA significó el fin de la misma, lo que debilitó a EDEN.

Pero el mayor impacto apareció hace poco, Brasil invade Taiwan, un miembro pleno de EDEN, y USA uniéndose a Brasil, lo que significó la desaparición de los MPPs que tenían con países de EDEN, y ambos países empezaron a firmar MPPs con países de CoT y con otros países (como Spoland y Alemania). Las múltiples guerras entre CoT y EDEN sufrieron un giro de 180º y CoT empezó a ganar dichas guerras, como puede ser Grecia borrada de Europa, Turquía perdiendo muchas de sus colonias y taiwan perdiendo sus territorio originales.

Los brasileños, al unirse a CTRL sus relaciones con Argentina se deterioraron gradualmente, hasta que hace un par de meses se destrozaron completamente. Ésto conllevo a Argentina perder todas sus colonias y que Chile se convirtiése en la nueva superpotencia sudamericama. Perú también empezó a tener buenas relaciones con Brasil, lo que les dió la oportunidad de mantener dos regiones y tener congreso.

Así que, aunque CRTL fracasara, su legado sigue vivo, y dio un vuelco a varias guerras, e incluso desmanteló una alianza entera.

Ok, today’s interview is with Uv Ajed [Sam], current eIndia CP, I hope you enjoy it.

For how long have you been playing eRepublik?

My first attempt at the game was way back in March, 2009. I played the game for about 4 months before quitting. My second tenure started from February 2012.

Who do consider the best and the worst Indian CP?

Well we are all people of our own Ideology, something that might seem wrong to one, would be right to other. So in my opinion at least I am not competent enough to judge a human being in the standards of the worst and the best. But yes there have been some CPs who have done really bad things and some who have done extremely nice things.

Which was your inspiration for becoming CP?

My inspiration was a zeal in me to do something about the dying community of eIndia and an obsession to infuse new life into the virtual country of ours in an attempt to make it bigger and better.

Do you think you will next election and become a 2-term CP?

Yes, I am running for the Second term and the decision wasn't an easy one. As of being re-elected is concerned, it's up to the people to decide.

How do you consider eIndia in military terms?

We are an upcoming country and we are slowly getting up their.

What do you think about the war vs Thailand?

We are still trying to find a diplomatic solution to this. Yes, we are little weak in terms of MPP, but still we have the eagerness to defend ourselves. We tried a lot to have discussion with them but unfortunately that hasn't happened till now. I hope once the thais are done with Indian fascination and are willing to sit together, then we will be able to find an amicable solution to this issue.

Not so long ago India left EDEN, Do you have in mind joining any alliance or just stay neutral?

The current game mechanics makes it important that we join an alliance sooner than later. But right now we are trying to judge our options and identify our friends. We can't be neutral forever.

We can all agree that India's best friend is Bulgaria, would you like to be able to sign a MPP with them?

I Would love to have an MPP with Bulgaria. Yes it is true that Bulgaria has always been India's Best Friend and I would love to see this friendship being taken to the next level.

Do you have in mind promoting a baby boom in India?

We started working on the project last month, it is still in it's nascent phase, but we are trying our best and working hard to achieve it. One aspect was to give the community a new lease of life which seems to be working, since the game itself can be a little boring. The second aspect was promotion in social media, which again has been showing positive signs. We made youtube videos, promoted our facebook page, etc. The third aspect was to take the game to the real level through organizing meets of current players and organizing gaming competitions with real cash prize, etc. to tap in new players. We already had our first meet organized last month, this month we are looking forward to having gaming contests.

Is there anything else do you want to say for my readers?

All I have to say is don't ever give up on Hope, Honour and Patience. People will try to pull you down, people will attempt to push you up. You are who you want to be and only you can complete yourself.

Do you want to upload an advert? It is way easy, just send me a PM and we can arrange it

Get on with it already!, by Ashwamedh (EN)
Ronald Gipper Reagan for CP, by Ronald Gipper Reagan (EN)

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Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,868, 06:53

excellent article!!! o7

Dont forget Indonesia ... who are also one of our good friends ! : )

Minino. Dia 1,868, 07:00


Capitan Segundo Redondo
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NueveOcho Dia 1,868, 07:11

diploma fail 😃

Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Dia 1,868, 07:14


Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Dia 1,868, 07:16


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Mr. Scrat
Mr. Scrat Dia 1,868, 08:59

98 towels seems nice! \o/

Wildrunner Dia 1,868, 09:52

votado, true analysis

NueveOcho Dia 1,868, 09:55

Thanks Wildrunner

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Dia 1,868, 10:01

Well done 98! Let's do more more MOAR!

Salahudin el Ajub
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Norbengo Dia 1,869, 01:07

Voted. Good stuff

off whisky
off whisky Dia 1,870, 21:14


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