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New eCountries? [EN]

Dia 1,959, 09:47 Publicado em Cyprus Espanha por NueveOcho

There are two places in the eWorld where there are very few countries and military activity: The Middle East and Africa. This can change if the admins started the creation of a few countries where there is a big amount of registered internet users:

eNigeria: there are 48,366,179 registered internet users in this country, most than some eCountries; with a decent game propaganda in this country a baby boom could be started and then with some foreign help a new eCountry could be born. It could have border with eBrazil, eSouth Africa, eVenezuela and eUruguay.

eKenya: with 12,043,735 registered internet users Kenya ranks among the top in Africa, due to it’s RL location it could have border with eSouth Africa, eIndia, eYemen, eAustralia and eSudan.

eSudan: they have 6,499,275 registered internet users. This eCountry could be a brigde between eKenya and eEgypt due to it’s RL location, and also it could have border with eSaudi Arabia and eYemen.

eMorocco: there are 16,477,712 registered internet users in this country. This country could have border with different countries like eSpain, ePortugal, eArgelia and eUSA.

eArgelia: this country has 5,230,000 registered internet users, the ideal borders could be eSpain, eTunisia, eItaly and eMorocco.

eTunisia: with 4,196,564 internets users, this country could have border with eArgelia, eItaly, eGreece and eEgypt.

eSyria: they have 5,069,418 registered internet users. This country (alongside eJordan) could make a big impact in the middle east as they can create bridges between many countries.
eSyria could have border with eCyprus, eTurkey, eJordan, eIsrael and even eIran.

eJordan: even though this country has a more limited number of users (2,481,940 users) its RL location can be essential to this eWorld area, as it has border with eSyria, eIsrael, eEgypt and eSaudi Arabia.

eYemen: with 3,691,000 internet users, this country could make more impact in the pacific area. eYemen’s ideal borders could be eSudan, eSaudi Arabia, eKenya and eIndia.

eVietnam: I know this country doesn’t belong to this area, but it can also be a good eCountry, as there are 31,034,900 internet users. Due to Vietnam’s RL location, it can be a bridge between eThailand, eChina, eMalasya and ePhilipines.

All data obtained from

Just in case the admins find this hard to understand lets say this way: more eCountries mean more fun, more fun means more players, more players mean more gold buyers, ergo, more eCountries mean more gold buyers.

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VOODOO ePOPEYE Dia 1,959, 09:51


Capitan Segundo Redondo
Capitan Segundo Redondo Dia 1,959, 09:53


NueveOcho Dia 1,959, 09:53

ola k ase

Capitan Segundo Redondo
Capitan Segundo Redondo Dia 1,959, 09:56

ya no me mandas los articulos para hacer poles ya no me hamas :_

NueveOcho Dia 1,959, 10:00

Ter sigo hamando pero el Serbio se adelantó :3

o.ç plüto görmezden gelme siyahi gardaşlarımı

Dr. Packesel
Dr. Packesel Dia 1,959, 09:58

I dont care about them all... All I want is eLuxemburg!!!!

NueveOcho Dia 1,959, 09:59

And eMongolia?

Dr. Packesel
Dr. Packesel Dia 1,959, 10:02

Isn't it already in erepublik? I dont know.. The Country, between eGreece and eIran xdxd

Gixeska Dia 1,959, 09:59

add morocco

Mister Y
Mister Y Dia 1,959, 10:03

Long live Africa!

Mafch093 Dia 1,959, 10:03

v + s. Ecuador, Etiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Panama, Guatemala, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Rep Dominicana, Bangladesh, Papua, Kazahtan (or something like that). All of theese counetries have more internet users than Macedonia, Uruguay, Chipre or even my country Paraguay and thet don't have a place here. It would it be more fun with more and more countries

NueveOcho Dia 1,959, 10:07

Let Plato be Plato 😛

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Dia 1,960, 15:56

San Salvador is the capital city and the country is called El Salvador 😛

depici Dia 1,959, 10:16

add e-Cuba and i leave Cyprus only for that reason xD

NueveOcho Dia 1,959, 10:19

xdxd knki

Dr. Packesel
Dr. Packesel Dia 1,959, 11:26

you will leave anyway farewell 🙁

adamjensenn Dia 1,959, 13:08

siktir git gominik

ElRoi Dia 1,959, 13:31

i understand very well "siktir" and i agree 100% XD

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Dia 1,959, 10:30

nolth kolea is the best kolea

adamjensenn Dia 1,959, 13:09

argelia siker

punta Dia 1,959, 10:56

pues la verdad es que ya es hora de añadir mas países.

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Dia 1,959, 11:03


Isibu Dia 1,959, 11:32

Greetings and luck.

Minino. Dia 1,959, 11:39


elMengu Dia 1,959, 11:43

Que pongan Narnia, la Atlántida, Mordor y la Estrella de la Muerte.

Mangusta Carpatina
Mangusta Carpatina Dia 1,959, 14:53

🙂 you forget santa claus country ,there are many elves who have facebook and use the internet

Soloks Dia 1,959, 12:33

retra o k ase?

NueveOcho Dia 1,959, 15:25

xdxd knki

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Dia 1,959, 12:46

Add Sao Tome & Principe

NueveOcho Dia 1,959, 13:05

And Kirguistan

ElRoi Dia 1,959, 13:34

I agree about Kenya. We can also go for safari-trips. I love lions... xD

pampuan reyis
pampuan reyis Dia 1,959, 15:56

somali plissssssssss 🙁

sayma21 Dia 1,960, 05:32

uno votico

Vesko Petkov
Vesko Petkov Dia 1,960, 08:17

I absolutely agree with ya. Plato needs to think about this. If he advertise the game and add new eCountries he will earn more money ... Why the ePople need to make their own Baby booms? Every game's admins are advertising their game and they're winning more players, which brings to more money for them. That is a logic, but Plato is different.

NueveOcho Dia 1,960, 08:52

Plato is really weird : /

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Dia 1,960, 13:41


CamiIo Cienfuegos
CamiIo Cienfuegos Dia 1,960, 14:04


Tugra Osmanoglu
Tugra Osmanoglu Dia 1,961, 09:46

sen sus camiryo sakin ol

iaberis Dia 1,961, 05:13


Yoshino Sakurai
Yoshino Sakurai Dia 1,961, 10:34

not for Vietnam.
They have a conflict with Philippines and China for South China Sea in RL.
It is better to not add a country with have a conflict in their RL.

If Vietnam added that means Palestina can be added too, right ?

NueveOcho Dia 1,961, 11:09

Palestina has very few Internet users, and we could say the same about Pakistan-India, Serbia-Albania or N. Korea-S. Korea

Yoshino Sakurai
Yoshino Sakurai Dia 1,961, 23:32

then why North Korea added ?

India had a few internet users ?
i don't think so.
Cause i know many friends from India and i chatting with them through internet even I am in Malaysia.
You can't just trust anything from Internet surveys

One thing, I don't agree
If Admins added a new country whom have a conflict with another country who had been added long time, then eRepublik can be closed because "state sovereignty" reason.

Clydeo Dia 1,961, 12:27

I would like to see a ton of countries added.

Mr. Heisenberg
Mr. Heisenberg Dia 1,962, 09:31

I want to see eJordan, eSyria, and eCuba added!

Zer0Xx Dia 1,973, 12:43

Add eHonduras :3

Haleybailey Dia 2,017, 17:45

I would personally like to see an eLuxemburg added :3

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