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National Organizations - Plato's unfair game.

Dia 1,992, 13:54 Publicado em Poland Polônia por Mr QRCZEBLADE

Once upon a time the god of whole eRepublik - Plato, decided:

On Day 1535 at 00:00 eRepublik time, all the remaining organizations (except the national ones) will be deleted from the game. Make sure you dissolve them so that you won’t lose your properties.

As you can see on a screen below, there was an announcement at day 1526 of the New World, regarding National Organisations (orgs). Today we have day 1992, so Plato gave this clear message 466 days ago.

Few days ago I sent a question to ca. 80% of CPs of eWorld. It was about National Organisations in their respective countries...

Regrettably not all of them decided to answer. However, based on 30+ replies some general conclusions can be drawn:

1. All CPs know what is the number of orgs in his/her country (or at least they claim so)

2. In more than 60% cases orgs are managed by private individuals (CP or Government don't care about assets of his nation)

3. Only a few countries (ex. Poland, Ireland) have created internal regulations concerning orgs.

As a summary - take a look at a chart. The currency symbol represents a country:

List could be incomplete...
In more than 60% cases orgs are managed by private individuals.
It's kind of re-privatization, incompatible with the eRepublik Laws....Plato....

And finally something really special - for Germans and their friends - a list of National Organisations in Germany - 12 (this time):
Treasure Chest
Bundesamt fuer Migration
Deutscher Waehrungsfonds
Gryphon eUniversity
Waehrungs Waechter
Bundesamt f. Verfassungsschutz

In the next article, the next lists - write in the comments which country you choose!



Yook Dia 1,992, 13:59

Poland! o7

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,992, 14:01

Nie ma! o8

Yook Dia 1,992, 14:04

fail! impicz!

hubertuses Dia 1,992, 15:20

Polską listę to chyba każdy ma.

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,992, 15:44

Nie from mła - niech sobie kongres karze kogoś innego ;P

zmeuNY Dia 1,993, 01:00

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xenophob Dia 1,993, 07:04

Nic nowego nie piszesz - Plato doesn't care. Nie będę wyliczał ile ticketów na ten temat było wysyłanych...

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,993, 12:11

Napisał autor kreatywny.
Nie wyliczaj, ...

xenophob Dia 1,993, 15:36

Riposta ostra jak żyleta.

Ivan Blok37
Ivan Blok37 Dia 1,992, 14:10

Anybody selling org? LOL
: D

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,992, 14:19

No. It's kind of re-privatization, incompatible with the eRepublik Laws....

Ivan Blok37
Ivan Blok37 Dia 1,992, 14:29

Of course it is against the law, but that doesn't mean that you can't buy an org illegally. I saw a few shouts with people offering 40 golds for an org, and I think they bought them. No evidence, though.

Ivche Dia 1,992, 14:11

serbia. that wil be big article dough

St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski
St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski Dia 1,992, 14:22

eBosnia "300 legend" in spite of serbia 😛 😃

BlackStormChR Dia 1,992, 14:25


Mistrz Arkadiusz
Mistrz Arkadiusz Dia 1,992, 14:41

straciłem bananakanapkę wtedy 🙁

XenthuS Dia 1,992, 15:00


staruszek Dia 1,992, 15:18

Cut the number of orgs to 5 - 6 per country and everybody will be happy !

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,992, 15:24

Great idea! In next art : D

moonshinemaker Dia 1,993, 01:29

1 or 2 will be enought

Redrumovy Dia 1,993, 04:16

staruszek sam próbował ucinać liczbę orgów sprzedając je albańczykom

hubertuses Dia 1,992, 15:19

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Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Dia 1,992, 15:26

Well you should know that many military units asked their home country presidents to make their organizations national too. That was done so that they would be more efficient in certain cases.
So yeah not all "nationaled" organizations were even then owned by the government of that country but by those individuals ie. commanders of military units.
Yes some were taken for personal gain and that should be fixed but again game doesn't really offer anything to help with MU organization expect with those organizations so it would be really hard blow to some of them if organizations would be just taken away...
That could be all be fixed with implementation of certain options in the game and removing organizations as they are right now once and for all but again it is all neglected and will be till administration finds some time to fix all that mess...

ManInDaWood Dia 1,992, 15:34

But what with new MU's. Those got no chances to get an organization and some of them doin fine without it. Orgs are not very important for units.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Dia 1,992, 16:26

New units get help from their country and get 1,2 or 3 orgs.
Countries that were in some way smart registered a lot more orgs than they needed just to be safe for future....
Also I didn't see that many organized/serious military units were created in last year or two or so... 😛

ManInDaWood Dia 1,993, 00:09

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ManInDaWood Dia 1,993, 00:11

We got few in ePL. And more than few that doin fine wothout orgs.

ManInDaWood Dia 1,992, 15:28

A ja to mam gdzieś te orgi.

Zamiast wyraz "incomplite" chyba miał wyglądać inaczej;] Chyba, że jest taki z założenia...

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,992, 15:36

Poprawione, dzięki.
Ja mam gdzieś nabijanie leveli itp.. Ten temat zaś bawi mnie jak żaden inny.

Stolch Dia 1,992, 15:34

Romania has 208 national orgs this is a travesty on the part of the admins.

Basically those who respected the rules of the game like Bulgaria who did not make private orgs into national ones have been punished and scammed by the admins for years now.

They will have to fix this real soon or loose their income and unlike the drama queens this will be for real.

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,993, 17:34

24h later = +17 -> 133 N.O.

Yarpen Dia 1,992, 15:34

Wystarczy znieść ograniczenie na 10 golda na dzień i cała ekonomia ruszy. IMHO bez negatywnego wpływu na ilość RL kasy wydawaną przez mastercardów.
IMHO ta decyzja rozwaliła grę - orgi (to że tam nie ma ograniczeń) to tylko rykoszet tamtej decyzji

Muchozol Dia 1,993, 09:43

Ja powiem więcej: to wraz z tą decyzją o ograniczeniu wymienialności do 10 g. ta gra przestała być grą-symulatorem życia społeczno-polityczno-ekonomicznego, a stała się grą typu farm ville

vejderr Dia 1,992, 15:43


Ramirez.Andres Dia 1,992, 17:23


Tio Lucho
Tio Lucho Dia 1,992, 18:00


B E R L I N .
B E R L I N . Dia 1,992, 22:48

vote, look monatery market, all of them
they are controlling gold prices.

Mr.Sahrex Dia 1,992, 23:58


malazgirt01 Dia 1,993, 00:11

i agree

mitkokriqviq Dia 1,993, 02:44

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Dobro powraca
Dobro powraca Dia 1,993, 04:05

Very good article!

ilphen Dia 1,993, 07:13

You missed 16 German orgs :3

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,993, 17:38

24h later = +4 N.O. -> 16. Update will be in next art ;P

Tototwalker Dia 1,993, 07:31

We want our orga back ♥

nimnul Dia 1,993, 07:48

Wrong data about Russia. And you didn't message me.

Mr QRCZEBLADE Dia 1,993, 08:26

Exactly. I sent a question to ca. 80% of CPs of eWorld.
About data - 4 example ZAR = at the chart -1, now i record another 12...

Victor Manikin Dia 1,993, 07:54

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dezynteria Dia 1,993, 07:56

phi, look at this:

- gold can be injected from outside to this game,
- currency as well,
- damage done by citizen,
- any amount of factories of any kind,

so that national org issue is a nail...

xenophob Dia 1,994, 07:51

No its not, because the only way u can make money in this game without buying it for euros is by trading on MM, and as it is now you need org for this.

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