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March 2013 New Era

Dia 1,943, 11:50 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por Alphabethis

Thanks for trusting me, and letting me hold the reins of New Era.

First of all, some words about the election. Although there's a winner and a second most voted, I am not going to ignore the the support given to Wigibob.

He'll be an active and a "de facto" co-leader. He'll be consulted. Our methods of growing politically will be the same implemented by Goku, and, probably, one more that includes quorums, minimum votes required to get a decision and "negative voting", e.g. : "do you want to support candidate X? If not, vote no, if you all don't give 15 negatives votes then he'll be supported".

My idea about Congress members is this:
- 1/5 th will be drawn by random among members wishing to run for Congress ( even if they are "inactive").
- 3/5 th will be drawn by active members ( those taking part in the policies groups).
- 1/5 th will be people from other small parties (such alliances).
- 1 member will be a senior New Era member

First voting will be positive (normal), second voting by no having
enough quorum will be a disapproval voting.
This idea will be voted soon ( today or tomorrow), the method of voting will be "negative voting": raise your
hand if you are against, 15 NO VOTES REQUIRED ( QUORUM OF 15), and then we would switch to "positive" voting
"a la Goku".

My idea about relationship with other parties:
- Keep being close friends of PCP
- Ensure a seat to WRP
- Keep friendship with UKPP ( but at the same time, asking them to provide excellence to eUK politics).
- Support to small parties
- Restain of wounds with "Independence Alliance" ( our own prodigal son).
- Pragmatic (but tough) approach to ESO and TUP. For example, pointing out the very same mistakes they usually accuse us (or UKPP) of making. You know, our traditional FAIRNESS.
- Neutral or positive with UKRP

- Obvious good relationship with British Army.
- More natural (and neutral ) relationship with Legion.

My current TODO list is :

1. Finish or yield the last Goku's votings on our policies.
2. Setting up a working group to assist me in the proposals and works, (with Wigibob right at my side).
3. Continue the programs of helping young players.
4. Set up our own "shadow" cabinet. ( as matter of fact there's little difference)
5. Make other guys work too in party/government.
6. Change to our first logo (it's cleaner and stress the idea of a new "label", a new "product", bold and provoking, combining that with the Union Jack is a bit misleading, just you are adding a full set of ideas, it's just a marketing stuff).

The level of leadership set by Goku is very high, but I'll try to cope with it.

Negative voting is also called disapproval voting:



CptChazbeard. Dia 1,943, 12:19

You've set yourself some high targets there but all seem to be geared towards improving relations outside of the party; so I wish you the best of luck o/

Dratharr Silkins
Dratharr Silkins Dia 1,943, 13:56

A serious comment from Chaz?

Bohemond4 Dia 1,943, 12:43

does this mean you will hold votes for CP candidate and not merely choose yourself?

Alphabethis Dia 1,943, 13:26

I won't run myself. In fact, the only occassion I run it was in a emergence state caused by the leave of Huge.

howdyho Dia 1,943, 13:51

I don't want the confusion of last time im in the military political so write it down lol good luck alpha and wigi im sure you will lead new era into well a new era

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Dia 1,943, 16:16

I don't think the Congress methodology is quite there yet and negative voting sounds well dodgy.

alexg737 Dia 1,943, 18:01

Sounds like busy and fulfilling term ahead of you, Alpha. Good luck!

myheadstone Dia 1,943, 18:32

Congrats on winning New Era PP election. You have a busy month ahead of you, but i'm sure you are fully committed to your position which can only be good for NE and EUK in general.

wigibob Dia 1,944, 05:30

congratulations on winning, I will help you as much as I can

wigibob Dia 1,944, 05:42

I think that I should work on our relationship with other parties as-well as helping you out in general

Alphabethis Dia 1,944, 09:47

you have that as a personal assignment for you.

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Dia 1,944, 05:45

I'm not convinved re the change back to the old logo - I think the newer one looked awesome. Why no Union Jack? Further, I'm concerned re the prospect of "negative voting" but understand its benefits - it may however put too much power in the hands of the PP. Finally, I was also a little taken aback that you have changed the political alignment of the party without so much as a "how's your father?". The policy groups Goku started indicated a clear majority that wanted "New Era [to] have a strong socialist/communist ideology, fairly and equally divding wealth between rich and poor players." (see his article on Policy & Democracy - )

Alphabethis Dia 1,944, 06:48

far-left = communist, center-left is strong socialist ideology. Strong is not a complete communist ideology.

Alphabethis Dia 1,944, 06:52

the question wasn't :"Is New Era a communist or pure socialist party?" Strong bias to socialism , that's what it was voted. Far-left symbolizes "no further to the left== comunism".

Alphabethis Dia 1,944, 09:47

we'll refine and vote the logo and "exact" ideology, but I 'll ask it bluntly: Is New Era a far-left party ( communist, anarchist(I know it's not the same,... ) ?

Bardokva Dia 1,944, 07:31

Voted! Congratulations on winning!

DannyCrowley Dia 1,944, 08:17


Billyscaff Dia 1,944, 08:25


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,944, 09:19

Electing "random" "inactive" people to congress? Put the UK first, elect people who will do/say something.

Alphabethis Dia 1,944, 09:45

"inactive"? many people hasn't got engaged yet to work, have little idea, I like the randomness ( in limited ammounts).

Bohemond4 Dia 1,944, 12:48

inactive people in my experience tend to do nothing, in other words your wasting votes in congress on people who hardly care...if they cared a little they would at least make an effort to prove it. Which is why we have our signups on the forums, if you care, you will make a tiny bit of effort to register and then step up with your name, it takes like, what, 10 minutes the first time, then its like 2 minutes every other time to show a little care for the UK...

NT Games
NT Games Dia 1,944, 09:38

I run for Congressman first time, and this is a great way to climb on high peaks!

Derek Gladstone
Derek Gladstone Dia 1,945, 03:29


I'm not so sure about the inactive member to congress. Surely it defeats the point?

Carnconnor Dia 1,945, 06:11

Voted! Not sure about negative voting as such can create rifts between players and such is never good. Also not sure about the possible inclusion of in-actives in congress positions as that doesn't help us or the eUK. But overall a good basis to get on with!

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